Friday, September 1, 2023

Creators Create for JOY!

Life is full of seasons... and just the same as in nature, the seasons change.  As summer comes to an end, children return to school, the temperatures become more tolerable and as the overnight temps dip lower, the leaves change.

I have been wandering around in between large quilty projects, life circumstances and technological challenges.  I never doubt God's timing of projects.  As I finished the three custom t-shirt quilts for my customer, I suddenly had a detour (the health challenges of my Mom with shingles and helping my daughter process some disappointing news).  I am thankful that I don't have any deadlines looming over me!  

The other day, I had an open afternoon and wanted to create... 'cause that's what creators do... they create!  It is something that sooths their soul, energizes them and brings them JOY!

This little mini quilt was something that I "dreamt up" in an early morning "snooze" session when Dave was getting up before 6 a.m.  It is a 2" wide double flying geese strip flanked with confetti fabric that was leftover binding from a customer's quilt.  Following the lines of the flying geese, I quilted the angles to create an on-point square grid.

Purringcottage left this comment... "Amen! Break out the beautiful tea cup, make the gorgeous mini-quilt, put on the extra colorful blouse and it's party time. 😊"

With the disabling of my FB account, I have been reflecting on where I am in my quilting/business journey and where I would like to be.  {Remember, I now have extra time on my hands. :)} One of the best things to do to begin is to take a look back to where I started.  I started right here on blogger as a relatively new empty-nester with just a few followers.  It slowly grew as I got a few patterns included in Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks publication.  

Then I joined a "New Quilt Blogger" group that was led by a few of the leading modern quilters.  Hives were formed to offer peer reviews of blog content, layout and more.  As I cleared out some old messages in my email, I located the folder that contained all of the messages about this... from 2016. 

I became curious as I looked over the list of bloggers that participated (18 in all).  I wondered "How many are still actively blogging?" To my surprise... only 6 still have active blogs. One turned their page into an on-line shop.  

As I look back at the transformation of this blog and what I have done with it over the years and various facets that have been formed I am a bit surprised. From my first series, Quilters Through The Generations, to the various quilts that I have made myself, or quilted for others, to dabbling in fabric dyeing, to hosting sew along events... I realize that I have a great passion for history and the preservation of memories that become quilts and the stories that they tell.

Having the chance to fulfill a request from a client to transform a simple, embroidered tablecloth into a quilt has got to be one of my all-time favorites.  Turning a collection of old-fashioned hankies into a quilt for a grand-daughter was another.  And taking a collection of assorted high school 
activity (or concert or Harley Davidson) shirts into a quilt for the student to enjoy in their new dorm room is among the most popular requests I get.

Preserving a childhood quilt that has some spots that have been worn thin, but still has plenty of good life in it is the current project.  

When the idea for the Pieces From the Past sew along came to me, it was a wonderful, historical and natural project/fit for Melva Loves Scraps.  

I have started to explore some options for evaluating and setting some goals for a more targeted direction for my future.  To better help me with this, I will be creating my first formal mailing list and asking you to offer feedback and opinions.  The mailing list will be compiled with info collected in my payhip store.  If you have acquired any of my block of the month patterns, you will be included.  If you choose to not participate in the survey, that is okay as well.  

Enough of my ramblings... I have plenty of more ideas floating about in there, but I'll spare you of that mess. Just know that I am looking forward with some new goals. lol!

This sweet carousel quilt has been modified to remove the most worn blocks. Leaving a 1/2" seam allowance, I cut off the damaged section all the way across the quilt. Pinned the bottom section (again with 1/2" seam allowance) into place from the outside edges, matching the brown borders and points.  The center section had a little extra.  

Using a running stitch, I gently gathered the extra in and pinned into place.  

After sewing, the seams were pressed open.  Using a 2-1/2" section of the portion I cut out, I removed the quilting stitches so that I had just the backing piece to cover the opened seams.

Using a blind stitch I sewed the backing piece into place, as well as small portions of the binding.  It had a label on it - Especially fashioned by Helen - that is still intact.  It is ready to go!

This would be an adorable wall hanging in a child's room or nursery, or even on a toddler's bed.  The fix is not perfect... but I will accept it.  I'm a recovering perfectionist.  I could have easily spent many more hours on this, but I would have driven myself crazy!  As Dave and I have learned in home repairs/remodels, you have to pick a stopping point and call it good.  Otherwise, it snowballs, and it is never "done."  This same method is recommended at an auction as well. lol!

Happy Friday! Keep Piecing,


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  1. That really is a sweet quilt and you did a lovely job repairing it. Many of the blogs I followed years ago have disappeared, or in some cases just lay dormant. Makes me sad!

  2. Hi Melva! Oh, this is so darn cute. Look at those polka dots!! And the carousel quilt is so precious. It's a great save. You know, one door has closed . . . now you get a chance to choose which door or window to open next. You have several options, and a lot to consider. Opening a store on your website is an option that might just be perfect for you. Whatever you choose, He will have either led you there or steer you through it. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. It is easy to be tempted by the latest trend in marketing. Just as it is easy to tempted by QALs, challenges and eye-catching patterns. While I'm at it - chocolate and other favorite treats. Confession don't think I have ever passed on a cheese doodle which is why they have never ever resided in my house. If blogging is enjoyable and does what you are trying to achieve, then stick with it. I appreciate how posts give a window into the author. They feel more intimate and as though you are having conversation.

    Love the mini quilt, especially those double offset rows of flying geese.

    1. Thank you Gwyned. :) It can be tiring trying to keep up with the trends. It can be like chasing a rainbow, when all you really need to do is sit and enjoy it while it is there. Reels and video channels simply are not my thing. Like you, I enjoy the feel of having a conversation. :) Blessings!

  4. What a cheerful and joyful mini quilt! Good job at reparing the cute wall hanging too. I'm blogging since more than 10 years, and still find it like a great way to document my quiltmaking. Blogs are easier to follow than social networks too, no obscure algorithms here to choose who appears in the timeline, or not ;) And they are still a fabulous way to interact.
    Thank you for sharing this post, and linking up!

  5. A Recovering Perfectionist is perfect (ha ha). I say this being one too. I am now blogging regularly for 6 years, people have come and gone but I don't love Insta or Facebook....too many other adds in the way and it gets worse each day.

  6. Laughing so hard at the common problems we have being "a recovering perfectionist". I really started blogging in 2016 and much more so after the New Quilt Bloggers in 2017. I miss some of those who have moved on. I am strongly pro blog - I find Instagram and Facebook changing too much with things I don't want to do...videos and reels. The feeds and ads almost send me over the edge - so I won't be giving up blogging - even if all around me do.