Sunday, September 10, 2023

Three in Green ~ Sew & Tell ~ September 11, 2023

My therapy sessions throughout the weekend as continued as I quilted the orphan blocks into useful decor while practicing/refreshing FMQ of feathers and stippling.

It is with ease that I can do one side of the feathers, but for a reason I cannot explain, the opposite side comes with a little challenge.  

The 2nd side took a little longer than the first, but in the end, I am pleased with the outcome... The final dimension is 43" x 9".  It will look beautiful down the center of a long dining room table. 💚

The second finish was the square table topper.  It was an easy finish with stippling in the negative spaces, rounded corners and a pretty purple/green print for the border to match the purple backing. It measures 29" square.

The third orphan project... I had several suggestions for some curvy quilting.  Great suggestions!  However, I had already started the matchstick quilting lines before getting them.  I was working on this one as I prepared my thoughts for a difficult conversation with my aging Mom.  She is nearly 83 years old and living alone.  She does really, really well. However, just this week I heard from a friend about her mother's fall while doing something she did every day.  The fall resulted in a broken hip and earned her a stay in a rehab facility.  Her father had a broken hip at the beginning of the year and was really unable to do anything for his wife other than call 911. 😢  I am told that she is doing well physically as well as being in good spirits. 

This prompted me to initiate the conversation at a time that my brother was present for it... and... it seemed like the right time since we had been in the ER just a few weeks before.  The close stitching that didn't need to be precisely spaced or perfectly straight soothed my nerves and my spirit.

Following the conversation (which was received relatively well), I returned to it and finished the lines.  Ahhhhh... The texture that happens with that close stitching is somehow comforting.  the finished dimension is 58" x 10"... again perfect for the center of a long dining room table.

The final project that my hands found in therapy was mini-quilt #36/52... I settled down to watch the new season of Sweet Magnolias on Netflix.

My needle and thread moved along following the direction of the improv pieced orphan.  The colors of thread were chosen to contrast all of the colors... navy blue in the pink sections and pink in the navy-blue sections.  White in the black and tan in the floral.  Again, the texture that developed with the close stitches was calming to me.

And my reverse tie-dyed fabric made a beautiful background, don't you think? 💗💙  I'm still trying to decide what project that fabric will be used for...

It is now your turn for Sew & Tell!  Join the party.  Everyone is welcome.  All I ask is that you make mention on your blog that you have done so... sharing the link back.  Take time to visit one or two others that have joined the party and offer an accolade or word of encouragement or compliment.  

This week's randomly selected feature is from Melisa at Pinker & Punkin Quilting & Stitching. Her summer days quilt blocks are all quilted and she is ready to move to the borders. 

As I turn my attention to the coming week...

1) I will be making some phone calls to inquire about some of the future options for Mom... for when she is no longer able to live in her home alone.  

2)  I'll work on mini-quilt challenge #37.

3)  Tackle a few more green orphan blocks.

4)  If I need something new and different to work on, I'll pull out the t-shirt quilt that our daughter started a few years ago.  Now that she has 4 children, and a full-time job, she simply does not have time to work on it... nor does she have the space to save/store until she does have time.

Keep Piecing and Have a Blessed Week,


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  1. Love the stitching on your new runners. I too had a hard time with the feathers on one side of the spine. After much practice it got easier, and now I haven't done much feathering in a long time!

  2. If you find a place that is suitable for your mother to move to eventually, often they are willing to put her name on a list and contact you when a place is available. If she's not ready to move yet, they'll call the next person on the list. It's not easy moving an elderly parent, at least your mother was receptive to the talk. Quilting is a good way to work through life's challenges, happy stitching!

  3. Your FMQ looks amazing! Those table runners are just beautiful. Ah the difficult conversation - I'm sure our kids will be doing that talk with us in a few years. We never had to have that conversation with Mom, thank goodness, as she was more than willing to come live with us for her last 8 years. :)

  4. I like your Therapy!! Ha - now only helpful to you, but beautiful to us as well!! Great projects!!
    Feathers - I was like you - and then I figured I had to stop looking at the one I was quilting, and quilt ahead of my needle and for some reason that took pressure off and I could do the other side as well... maybe??

  5. Oh gosh, I know about those family conversations- we had to have one with my mom over Zoom in 2021 when she was going to be 90. We convinced her to move closer to me, and she has been doing well there for a couple years. Hope all goes well for your family! Your sewing therapy looks like it took you in fun directions - the tablerunners are a great way to try different quilting techniques.

  6. Happy Monday, Melva. You certainly had a very busy week . Your new table runners and toppers are adorable and your quilting looks awesome. Quilting is my therapy as well. It certainly brings comfort it times of stress. I hope all goes well with your Mom . Have a lovely week. Hugs.

  7. Melva, I also wanted to thank you for the sweet feature this week. You made my day!!!. Hugs.

  8. Quilting is definitely therapy for me! We say our Wednesday sew day with a few friends is definitely therapy! I'm glad that talk with your mom was received relatively well. We went through that after our stepdad passed and mama wasn't able to stay by herself and really couldn't afford it. Love the new mini. Your FMQ is great! I have always had trouble with feathers on one side. It does get a little better as you practice more. Yours look great! Thanks for linking up with Monday Musings and hosting Sew & Tell! Have a great week!

  9. Hi Melva, I love your feathered runner. It looks really wonderful - and I think that most people don't make feathers the same on both sides - I sure don't but they still look great! Your tie-died fabric is really nice. Have a great week. I'm looking forward to seeing your link to Free Motion Mavericks. I've just published it. Take care.

  10. Those conversations are difficult, but much better when started well before they are urgently necessary. We were so fortunate with my dad, he was such a realist, and made transitions like that so much easier for us. Having a project to provide therapy is such a blessing too! Your finished pieces are great!

  11. Thank you for coming to visit my blog and asking me to share. You are on my list of linkies to visit, but I just missed you. I appreciate you hosting so we can check each other out. Your FMQ looks great.