Sunday, September 24, 2023

Baby Buffalo Check ~ Sew & Tell ~ 9/25/23

This week's mini-quilt is a baby buffalo check #39/52... Inspired by one of Alycia's recent finishes, I thought a mini would be pretty cute.  Turns out, I was right... at least in my humble opinion. 😉  Dave and I recently discovered that the 90s sitcom "Home Improvement" is now on Roku and it has been come our latest "just before bed, light-hearted" show to watch... I think Al's flannel plaids may have had an influence on me as well.  

We have our own "home improvement" going on in our shower...

A few weeks ago, as I cleaned our shower, I discovered a small crack in the fiberglass basin... again.  Dave has attempted to repair it several times over the past few years.  This time the repair meant removing the basin and lower tiles.  When this was done, we discovered that there was mold, as I had suspected, below the basin.  With the big mess cleaned up and the mold removed, we were ready to move forward.  Tile has been selected for the new floor, and the extra tiles we had from the original install have been pulled out. 

Between our "regular" jobs and this minor remodel, we were exhausted... so we unplugged from the world and relaxed.  We took off for a few days to escape.  Since we are self-employed and working right at home (my studio is in the house, and Dave's shop in the yard) we find ourselves in the constant state of "work"... even on the weekends.  

Our time away was pleasant... It was the last days of summer and we enjoyed a hike.  Wildlife was present all around the campground.  Deer could be seen each evening, a skunk scurried across the road not far from our site and we nearly bumped into another on a trail.  We waited for a short time, but it was in no hurry to move away allowing us to continue on the trail.  We turned around and took the trail the other direction.  

This was the view from the top of the mesa that we ascended...

And this was the sunrise on the first day of Autumn... What a spectacular kick-off!

I had plenty of slow stitching time... I'm caught up with my Camping Journal blocks.  I am ready to start roundin' the corner of the bottom border.  

While Dave practiced his fly-fishing, 
I dressed up a few of the quilted hearts... 

And read my personal copy of the Susan Magoffin diary of her trip on the Santa Fe Trail.

That's all I have for my Sew & Tell... Vicki from Vicki's Crafts & Quilting shared two fabulous quilts.  I am not a huge fan of Halloween, but I know many are... If you happen to be one of the many, you need to follow the link above because she shared the cutest little patchwork jack-o-lantern.  She also shared a pumpkin runner that is quite attractive.  I personally prefer pumpkin themed items because they are suitable for all of fall, Halloween and into Thanksgiving.  

Now it is your turn to Sew & Tell... Join the linky party and then be sure to visit a few other links and leave a kind word or two.  Ready? GO!

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  1. Aaah a mini Buffalo plaid quilt how adorable. It will look so sweet in a Christmas display as well. I am so sorry to hear about the home repairs. Doesn't seem like one project leads to another? It is nice when you are able to step away and enjoy time at camp and enjoy nature. Have a blessed week, Melva.

  2. Aww thanks, Melva, for the feature!! Love your mini buffalo check, certainly does remind me of a flannel shirt.

  3. Your buffalo plaid is PERFECT!! I love it - and that show - thanks for reminder its out there - I loved Al ( that is my nickname)

  4. Wonderful hikes and such a sunrise! (I get a 500 error message when I try to add my blog post. )

  5. I love seeing your little mini quilts each week! The Buffalo plaid is such a fun idea. Looks like you had a nice getaway, too. I sure understand the need for that!

  6. So fun to see the progress on your camping journal quilt! Thanks for sharing on my weekly show and tell, Wednesday Wait Loss.

  7. LOVE the buffalo plaid mini! It is sew cute! I don't blame you for heading in the other direction of the skunk. I would too!

  8. Hi Melva, I'm glad that you were able to get away and have some nature, unplugged time. It's important! Love the buffalo plaid mini. Thanks for linking up to Free Motion Mavericks.