Quilting Services

Do you have quilt tops that are completed and ready for quilting???

I am here to help you out!

I offer custom quilting.  This is an individualized treatment for your quilt.  Specific designs and motifs will be quilted in your blocks and borders and may include echoing, stitching in the ditch etc.  

All quilting is done on my Babylock Jazz.  There is no computerized pattern or panto-graph patterns - Free-motion and original... Every quilt will be unique.

You can e-mail me at MelvaLovesScraps@NolanQualityCustoms for quote, or call me at 719-846-3873 to discuss the details of your quilt.

Options available:  

All over straight line quilting (3" to 4" spacing) - .02 per sq. inch 
(recommended for t-shirt quilts) 


All over meandering and loops - .03 per sq. inch

All over stippling - .03 per sq. inch
Feathered borders or wreath - .05 per sq. inch
Vine border or sashing - .03/Linear inch

Custom block quilting for sampler or BOM quilts - .05 per sq. inch 


I recommend that the same color thread be used on front and back. Please indicate color desired on the customer form. A light grey thread blends well with all colors and is my standard "go to" choice.  If no color is specified, this is what I will use.

I use Hobbs Heirloom Fusible Cotton Batting.  It is 80% cotton/20% polyester and can be quilted up to 4" apart.  When laundered, it offers a soft, scrunchy, heirloom look to the quilt.  If you prefer a different batting, you must provide it as well as basting spray.

You provide the backing fabric.  It must be 6" larger than the quilt top.  I can help you calculate how much fabric will be needed.  Some tips in calculating and preparing the backing can be found on the AQS blog and I am more than happy to assist you.

You must provide the fabric for the binding.

1. The fee to half bind in $.15 per linear inch. (Half bind is where we attach the binding to the quilt front and you sew down the back.

2. Complete binding, finishing on the machine the fee is $.25 per linear inch.

3. Complete binding, finishing by hand the fee is $.30 per linear inch.

Yardage required for binding: 60” x45” — 1/2 yard: 90” x 72” — 5/8 yard: 81” x 96” — 2/3 yard: 90” x 108” — 3/4 yard: 120” x 120” — 1 yard.

Turn around time for finishing quilts is generally 3 to 4 weeks EXCEPT during the Christmas rush which runs from October through January (see note below).  If you require quicker service, there will be a minimum "Rush Job" fee of $25.00.  This fee may be larger depending on how quickly you require it and the intricacy of the quilting pattern requested.

If you need it for Christmas, it must be received in our shop by October 12th.  If received after that date, I cannot guarantee it for Christmas, but should you wish to "rush order" it, a minimum surcharge of $35.00 will be added to the bill and I will work evenings to make certain you have it in time.  Surcharge for Christmas quilts is based upon the date received it and the intricacy of the work requested.