Friday, October 16, 2020

Finishes... Finally!

 It seems like it has be eons since I shared an actual finish!  Truth be told, I really have had several, but there was secret sewing involved and custom quilts delivered without "finish" photos, so I had to wait... and wait... and WAIT.  Lol!

First up was the baby quilt of "Papa's T's" - Papa sacrificed six of his Harley Davidson t-shirts.  I rushed to get it finished before Grandma and Papa made the trip to visit Greyson, but as promised, Grandma sent photos!

I think that the first story Papa shared with Greyson about his ride to Silverton, CO and the little guy is already planning his first ride there.

Below is the back of the quilt featuring some fun novelty fabric of vintage license plates...

He seems to love it as much as Grandma and Papa did! 💖

Next up was the pattern test of "Wild Blossoms" by Jen Shaffer at Patterns By Jen...  the pattern is available in four sizes.  I tested the baby size that is 36" square.

The borders and the backing are from some fabric that my sweet sister-in-love so kindly shared with me after I expressed my love for it (read that as I was drooling over the luscious goodiness of the flannel tie-dyed stuff.)  It was the inspiration for the color choices of this quilt. 

I selected a solid purple, but used random scrappy teals and turquoises for the contrasting color.  I chose to do a "big stitch" binding to finish the quilt.  

At the current time, this quilt is hanging out in my "inventory" until the perfect recipient is revealed.  

It may be for the new grand-baby that we are expecting in May.  Look at the adorable "announcement" 🠊
Finish number 3 was another t-shirt quilt.  It was another graduation gift and was just delivered this week, via USPS.

And here's how it looks on her bed... Perfect!  She loves it, by the way. 💗

Last up is another pattern test... though it is not a completed quilt, it IS a completed flimsy.  The Shattered Star was designed by Shannon at Shannon Fraser Designs.  In fact, she just kicked off at Shattered Star Sew Along!  
Recently my husband requested a quilt to sit atop the work table in his shop.  Ok, his work generates a lot of dust, metal chips and various oils and cleaning products... not the ideal place for a quilt to live.   

But what he requested was for one side to be a solid grey with the business logo on it with the idea that it would be used for photos of the various projects he works on. This Shattered Star top will be the reverse side of the logo.  It has been placed on the To-Do list and is working its way to the top.

Well there you go... my big finishes that can finally be shared!  There is one more that was another pattern test but has not been released yet.  Here's a little teaser...

Happy Friday!


Have you ever, like me, delivered a quilt and then realized that you didn't get any photos of the finished quilt?  What do you do to remedy the problem?  

Most of the time I let it go, but I am so thrilled that I didn't "let it go" with Papa's T's.  Leave a comment... I love to talk with my readers. 

Melva Loves Scraps - Home of the Pieces From The Past Sew Along
that features vintage Kansas City Star quilt blocks!

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  1. Three awesome finishes, Melva, and congrats on the new grandbaby coming next spring!!

  2. Oh, I love the pics of the baby on the Harley quilt! Looks like it is reversible too?

  3. heck fire - when you have a Finish... you have a FINISH!! those are so great - and the baby on the quilt!! love it so so much!!

  4. Great T-Shirt quilts - and the baby is so precious! Hugs

  5. Hi Melva! WOWEE - what a great post. Oh, that baby!!! On the t-shirt quilt!!! Yes, the plans to go to Silverton is definitely in the works. What a sweet little pumpkin. I'd love to pick him up and wrap him in that quilt. The colors you chose for Wild Blossoms are so vibrant and perfect. What a sweet way to announce an addition to the fam! And your last t-shirt quilt is so cool too - so glad you got to see it on the bed in use. Sneaky way to share one last finish that no one can see! HAHA! ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Great post. Congrats on the new coming soon grand baby. That is a super cute announcement. You’ve been busy!!

  7. Melva you’ve got some beautiful finishes here! I will be featuring “Wild Blossoms” and the t-shirt quilt graduation gift in this week’s Creative Compulsions.


  8. So many great things to love! The t-shirt quilts are perfect and the quilts you're testing are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.