Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A Little Bit of Everything - Including the Kitchen Sink...

Adventures of cooking in the Nolan Kitchen continues... I will get to that, but first... QUILTS!

As the kitchen renovation continued, I made two special little quilts for a couple special little girls!

I dug into my scrap bin, using 2-1/2 inch blocks and pieced the crosses - basically four-by blocks made up of 16 pieces (4x4) and then created the backgrounds. This was another simple, easy to move in-and-out of project that didn't require a lot of attention or detail. 

I am certain that the little gals that will receive these for their first birthdays - yep, twins! -  will enjoy rolling around on them and my prayer is that they know and understand the love of their Father as grow up. 💗

 Back to the kitchen...

The renovation continues.  And while pictures show little to no progress, we really have moved forward.  

We now wait on our counter top and sink.  BUT, the walls are flat, smooth and painted and ready for a back splash... that we have not yet settled on.  We know what we want after looking at Lowes, but need to spend more time at a real tile shop to find the exact pattern and tile size.

It will be a few weeks until the counter top and sink are in, but I have plenty to keep me busy in the coming weeks.  I just received some vintage hankies to be made into a quilt for the customer's grand-daughter.  It should be a fun project!  

This is just a quick picture of the layout - We agreed that they would look better with a bleached muslin border (unifying the block size) and blue sashing strips, along with blue corners.  

Have you ever made a Hankie Quilt?  
Any tips or suggestions?
Let me know in the comments...

But before I can work on the hankies, I have finish up a University of Michigan and Raiders quilt for a special young man. More to come on this one - it is ready for a Raiders border!

Sew, there you have it... a little bit of this and a little bit of that - including the kitchen sink!

Happy sewing,


Thursday, January 12, 2017


This week has involved high winds (approximately 40 mph sustained winds and 70+ mph gusts), power outages and the beginning of a kitchen renovation.  (Some of the power outages were caused by downed power lines in the storm and some from the renovation.)

Thankfully, the sink was quickly replaced and the dishwasher was connected before the end of the day.

As I sat near the kitchen for Dave's need of assistance (much as a nurse awaits the Dr.'s need in an operating room), I longed to be in my sewing room.  

I currently have a plywood countertop.  

And the lovely green black splash has been removed to the extent that it can be removed - it is a linoleum type product that was glued to the walls.  And when all the tools and various pieces of equipment are removed, I have an operational kitchen.  In fact, I prepared lasagna this morning before the reno started up again!

But as I sat waiting for the opportunity to get back to my studio I contemplated the many options of projects...  

I considered pulling my Grandpa's ties out of the closet to see what I could pull together.  But I wasn't quite mentally prepared for that project...

And I am waiting on the last few items from my daughter for the Baby's first year quilt that I started last weekend.

After five hours of no power and the fact that it was nearly our normal bedtime, we called it a night... And then I laid in bed after being awakened at 2 AM by the gusting wind and thought of the Mug Rug of the Month that Jen over at Patterns By Jen is doing this year.  

I thought of all the possibilities! I thought of many ideas of my own (Hearts for February... a shamrock in March... so many options!) and the prospect of these being a new item to sell at the Farmer's Market this summer.

These Mug Rugs turned out to be perfect for a quick project and one that didn't require a lot of attention and is easy to pick up again if interrupted.

I have a love for log cabins and thought that a log cabin house would be a perfect size for a mug rug.  I gave it a whirl!  the log cabin rugs could be done "quilt as you go", too!  Oh, the possibilities!

 They are a bit smaller than Jen's but they will work just fine.  

Well, that was fun!  And I hope that you will stop by PBJ on the first of each month to see what her "Muggamo" pattern is.

Happy Quilting!


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I Am A Softie!

I am probably lucky that rescuing unfinished quilts is not equal to rescuing stray cats.  You see, when ever I see an unfinished quilt that someone is interested in giving away I graciously and excitedly drag it home and show it some love!

Can anyone else relate to what I am saying?  Let's take a look at what I have rescued over the years...

This 1980's BOM type quilt came to me with the completed blocks and all of the fabric for the borders and the backing, but the blocks varied in size, from 12" to 12-1/2"... I remedied the inconsistent size problem by making a border on each block and trimming them to 13 inches.

This one was supposed to be much larger (Queen-sized maybe?)  It came to me with the 18 stars complete, the HST setting squares and the border pieces that needed some assembly... you can read the entire story here.

And the biggest and most challenging rescue I made was this Broken Star Quilt!  It was a task that helped me grow immensely in patience and as a quilter... But what a beauty it turned out to be.

These three tops came to me and only needed to be sandwiched, quilted and the binding... But what lovely pieces they were - Imperfections and all.  I fell in love with them!

And this brings me to my most recent rescue.  I received a Civil War reproduction log cabin quilt kit from one of the local quilters.  It had three blocks completed and all of the pre-cut strips for nine more.  One block was a little mis-shapen and did not have 1/4" seams and was, therefore, a little smaller than it was intended.  My guess is the quilter did not want to rip out the stitches for the entire block at the time, got frustrated and set it aside... and never went back.  

This is where I stepped in... I pieced the remaining nine blocks and then picked out stitches of the original three blocks - yes, all three because they were slightly smaller than the nine that I pieced and I wanted they to all be uniform.  

I dug into my stash to find borders...

And then I proceeded to practice my free-motion feathers!

So, there you have it... I am a big ol' softie when it comes to others UFOs... I am not be the "Crazy Cat Lady", but some have called me the "Crazy Quilt Lady". Haha!

What are your feelings on UFOs?  Love them? Hate them?
Do you have UFOs?  Do you, like me, love UFOs from other people? 

Leave a comment.  I love hearing from my followers!

Happy Rescuing!


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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017 Goals and Give Away Winner Announced

Well, I was late in being able to participate in the linky party for sharing plans and goals for 2017 that Yvonne over at Quilting Jet Girl.  Perhaps next year...

While counting I realized that the number of spools used in 2016 was down - the 2015 total was 73 spools... the actual number of spools for 2016 was 38... but remember I started using larger spools and with the "conversion" that was equal to 59 spools. Still down... 😞

So what happened???  Well, I think part of it was a concentrated effort in growing my blog and posting more frequently... another thing that may have "stolen" away some of my studio time was the revamp of my husband's web-site for his business (Nolan Quality Customs).  And the final thing that occurred was my decision to not increase my "stock" for the farmer's market and shows.

All in all, 2016 was an interesting year and I look forward to seeing what is in store for us in 2017.

My "Quilty Goals" for the year include...

1)  A Wedding Quilt - this will be for our youngest daughter.  Pattern to be determined.

2)  Psalm 23 wall hanging - You may recall that I received six panels and completed two last year.  

3)  I want to try a new technique - English Paper Piecing.  I received this adorable little set, along with the assortment of patterns. I think this will be a great little travel project.  

4)  I have had a collection of ties that belonged to my Grandpa hanging in my sewing room closet for several years and I think this is the year that I finally do something with them.

5)  Along the same lines, I have long wanted to do a Dresden plate quilt.  

6) And, for my final quilt project, I want to make a sweet raw edge teddy bear quilt that was recently shared with me on social media...  I have a collection of clothing items in my closet (right next to the neckties) from our two-year old grand-daughter that will be perfect for this.

And as a final item on my Quilty Goal list is to, again, participate in our local Farmer's Market.

As far as blogging goals... I'll try to continue with posts and updates about once a week, as well as an occasional blog hop or linky party - I think this will be a good balance for me, offering me plenty of time in my studio.

So, the winner of the spool guess is Janice H. with 35. Congratulations!  

Do you have a new technique that you want try?  

We are NEVER too old to learn!  Go ahead - Give it a go!

Have a quilty year!  💗


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