Tuesday, March 30, 2021

In The Garden

I feel like I have been repeating myself for weeks - like a broken record that just skips and skips and skips... Vintage Flower Garden Quilt, Paper Dolls, Santa Fe Trail Blocks.  While I have made progress on all of them, I haven't had an official finish in weeks!

This!  This is why I don't like to have more than one project going at once.  I feel like I am stalled.  Grrrrr....

There are 80+ "flowers" in the vintage quilt... As of Monday afternoon, I finished all of the vines and leaves are done and I have about 75% of the the flowers quilted.  I am so close to being able to move to the binding.

Would the current generation even understand the statement "broken record"?  Would they think it was a one upping of a previous best time or score?  

As I quilted the free-motion flowers I recalled the hymn, In the Garden... It seems as though I have been "in the garden" for weeks.  Life has been busy and a few times I put the quilt and the machine into time out because the top thread was breaking (way too often!).  I can deal with it when it happens once in a while.  But there seemed to be an issue when I was going in one particular direction.  I still haven't figured out if it is the direction, the speed, or just me.  But it was after an ugly temper tantrum that I set it aside for two days and worked on block designing and pattern writing for the Pieces of the Santa Fe Trail Sew Along.

But yesterday hearing that old hymn playing in my mind brought peace to me and reminded to tarry there...

I come to the garden alone
While the dew is still on the roses
And the voice I hear falling on my ear
The Son of God discloses...

And He walks with me
And He talks with me
And He tells me I am His own
And the joy we share as we tarry there
None other has ever known

Of course, I couldn't help but chuckle because of the joke about God's name being Andy... "Andy walks with me, Andy talks with me, Andy tells me I am His own"...

But mostly the song brought peace and calm.  It seems appropriate to be thinking of being in a Garden during this Holy Week recalling the time that Jesus spent in prayer the garden... "Not my will, but Yours Father".

 So my time in the garden is being well spent.

As much as I look forward to this finish, I also look forward to a new beginning.  The beginning of a new sew along!  The Pieces of the Santa Fe Trail sew along.  The "formal" announcement will be on Thursday!  Watch for it...

And with that I am reminded that there are just two more days to link up for the Quilt Parade of your Pieces From the Past quilts.  Remember... there are FIVE copies of the Kansas City Star Sampler up for grabs.  So far I have just one top that has been linked up.  No need for a blog post to link... you can use an instagram link, a fb link or you can always email me a picture of your quilt top and I will link you up.  Use the hashtag #piecesfromthepastsewalong so that everyone can see your beauty!

Time to return to the garden quilt... I am so close!

Stay calm and keep quilting,


P.S. ~ If you missed it and might be interested... I was nominated by two quilty friends last week as an "outstanding blogger".  With each nomination I was given five questions to answer.  You can see what the questions were and learn a bit more about me by following the link above.  It really was an honor to be thought of.  πŸ’•

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Sunday, March 28, 2021

It's An Honor ~ Outstanding Blogger

It was with surprise and excitement as I read a few posts last week to find that I was considered an "Outstanding Blogger" by two different fellow bloggers - Roseanne at Home Sewn By Us and Kathy at Living In Rapid City.  

With each nomination, five questions from each, were offered for my answering...

Roseanne asked...

Have you had any major quilting/sewing successes that you’d like to share with us? (Please toot your own horn!)

When I quit my job in 2009 because of health reasons, one of my lofty goals was to have a pattern published.  This dream was realized in 2013 when my first block that I designed was included in Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, volume 8.  The block is called Pieces of My Heart and is one of the reasons I have an obsession with the term pieces in my sew alongs.

Are/were you influenced by family members to get into quilting and have you passed on the love to the next generation?  

Yes!  I have a family full of quilters.  It was the fact that spurred my idea of the Quilters Through The Generations series that ran from 2017 to 2019.  I started with my own family and then interviewed other quilters and recorded their family’s stories.  There is a tab at the top of the blog page that has links for all of the quilters I featured.

Do you have anything on your bucket list that is quilting-related?  

Bargello quilts are always beautiful, and I have yet to make one myself.  “Art quilts” are always deeply admired at quilt shows.  Perhaps someday I will attempt one larger than a postcard.

Do you have any short- or long-term goals that you are working toward that you can share with us?

I will be kicking off my second sew along very soon.  It will feature stories of Marian Russell as she traveled the Santa Fe Trail in the late 1800s.  Each excerpt from her memoir will have a block to accompany it.  There will be 12 blocks, all 12-1/2” unfinished, all traditionally pieced (I think… I am still in the designing stage) and suited for beginners to intermediate quilters.

Have you done any pattern testing for other bloggers or would you like to? If so, do you enjoy it?

I have done pattern testing.  It was really the beginning of my growth as a quilter.  I was a tester for Quiltmaker Magazine first and have since tested for other bloggers and designers, and have even enlisted the help of others to pattern test for my sew along blocks.  It is an invaluable step in the designing and publishing stages.

Kathy Reeves asked...

How do you learn best? Lessons, watching, a mentor…..

My learning style is a combination of watching and trial and error.  A video is always helpful, but if that isn’t available pictures are suitable.  If I have only pictures, no written or verbal instruction?  Trial and error is it.

Did you do post high school training to prepare you for a career? If yes, what was it, and are still doing that? If no, tell us how you got to the career you are doing! (Or did, as the case may be.)

I did receive a “Secretarial Certificate” at a junior college.  You can tell how archaic that really is since “secretaries” are a thing of the past.  The certificate program consisted of shorthand, typing, business language, data processing and basic accounting.  All skills that I still utilize (except for shorthand) with our small business.  I am Dave's personal assistant, bookkeeper, marketing director and "Girl Friday"; my education has served me well.

What do you look for in a friend?

Honesty, authenticity and dependability.  I am a people watcher and can pick up quickly whether one’s actions align with their words.

Early Bird or Night Owl?

Early bird!  I have always been a morning person and while I may not be up and ready to rock and roll like I used to, I am always up by 7 a.m.  My mind is usually much busier that my body is… and I am okay with that.  If it is necessary to be up, dressed and ready to go, I do so without complaint.  
Keeping me up past 9 p.m. is a different story.  Hahaha!

Favorite Instrument to Listen to?

Guitar by default since that is what my husband plays.  Piano music is second.

Now for the fun of passing on the honor of Outstanding Blogger...  These quilters are a few of the bloggers I follow on a regular basis... 

I nominate:  

Alycia from Alycia Quilts

Here are your five questions...

★  How did you get started with quilting?
★  What is your favorite block?
★  Do you participate in a quilt club or guild?
★  Have you ever entered a quilt in a competition?
★  What is something you enjoy doing outside of the quilting world?

It is always fun to get to know an individual just a bit more... I look forward to hearing from my nominees, and I hope that you do to!  Thanks for joining in on the fun.

Piece out,

Monday, March 22, 2021

Monday Ramblings

The first finished quilt top of the Pieces From the Past Sew Along has emerged!  Did you see my share on facebook ?

Karen Wang from LilyPadLoveQuilt presented it and linked up last week.  She resized most of the blocks since she had a limited amount of fabric that she planned to use for the quilt. 

"The fabrics that I used in the blue quilt top were all up-cycled:

one cotton white shirt that my son worn twice for his piano recitals:

one cotton one-piece skirt that my daughter loved but didn't get to wear too often;

one pair of my "big size" maternity pajama ..."

There is still time for you to link up and be included in the random drawing for one of five Kansas City Star Sampler pattern books by C&T Publishing.  No need to have a US mailing address with this give away!

Last week I had sandwiched the vintage scrappy Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt but didn't get started with the quilting until Saturday.  I have a good start on the vines and leaves...

You may wonder what I was pre-occupied with...  It was those cute little paper dolls!  They have all been machine appliqued and and ready for facial features.  After cleaning my machines I thought I would just stitch a few of them.  And then the next thing I knew I only had a few left.  LOL!  The only snag I had was when I encountered bobbin issues.  I was using clear nylon thread and I do sometimes have issues with it feeding properly... but the issue was getting progressively worse and quite frustrating... and then I discovered the problem!

The bobbin was in two pieces!  Well no wonder the machine was having issues!  I salvaged what thread I could and tossed the rest... and then I continued on with finishing those dolls.  

Since the beginning of the Santa Fe Trail Sew Along is just around the corner I decided I should be getting blocks made and patterns written...  three blocks pieced and two patterns written.  Here's a little tease...

So what will life bring this week???  The usual household responsibilities, of course, but I think I will be offering the bulk of my attention to the flower garden quilt.  The customer selected option E with an open center.  We will be going with a soft scalloped edge to bind on the sides and straight on the top and bottom. 

Happy Monday folks!  Monday's have had a bad rap for years... but what if... What if we approached Monday with the same attitude that most of us approach Friday?  Yes, I know that Monday generally means "back to work"  but what if we said "I GET to go back to work" rather than "I HAVE to go back to work"?  It's all about attitude.  I know that I can get into a slump and have a ho-hum feeling about life, but life is what we make of it.  Be a positive influence to those around you and watch the smiles increase and the joy be spread around and sprinkled all over the place like glitter! 

Your mind is a garden.  
Your thoughts are the seeds.
You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.

What is one of your favorite positive quotes?  

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear from you!


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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Pieces From The Past - Final Wrap Up

WWII ended in 1945 and the German soldiers left Camp Trinidad in January 1946 ~ 75 years ago.  The most fortunate ones returned to their homes.  The less fortunate discovered that their home and family were no longer there, and the least fortunate were captured and held in Russian POW camps. In October 1946, the Army ordered an appraisal of the camp facilities. It was the opinion of the appraiser that none of the facilities, structures or buildings would be of much use at the current site. Rather, all of the material and equipment was very much needed in the vicinity and could be repurposed and put to use.

As told by Kurt Landsberger in his book Prisoners of War at Camp Trinidad, Colorado 1943 - 1946: Internment, Intimidation, Incompetence and Country Club Living:

It was necessary to move the structures and buildings on flatbed trailers, either as a whole or in sections. The buildings could also be taken down and removed as salvage.

There were two main groupings: The mechanical or installed equipment, such as light fixtures, switches, heating and ventilation equipment, and plumbing fixtures attached to the building; and the building materials, which included lumber, insulation board, doors and windows, and sheeting.

A complete physical inventory had to be made and then unit prices had to be obtained for a total value.

In 1948, the Trinidad public school moved the former nurses’ quarters and used the building as a permanent classroom unit. It also retained various surplus, such as steam boilers, steam radiators, doors and window frames, for the new junior high school being built, and used plumbing equipment in several schools. Bent County schools also acquired buildings, doors, windows and plumbing equipment.

In June 1964 there was a five day event – Operation International Friendship - held in Trinidad. It was an opportunity for former German POWs that had been held at Camp Trinidad and US Officers and soldiers that worked at the camp to return to the remote (some stated desolate) location. A location that so many of them had come to love. (Below is a photo of some of the attendees - none of them had written letters to Phillip & Katie.  The quality is poor, but it is scanned from the newspaper - with great appreciation for my Mom and the Carnegie Public Library)

The POWs grew to love and appreciate the vast views of the landscape – The Sangre de Cristo Mountain range, the Spanish Peaks (Twin Peaks) and Fishers Peak, the flat butte that stood so prominently before the Camp. There were many art pieces that featured the landscape that had been on display at the Camp. At least one painting made its way to Phillip & Katie. But there were several letters that mentioned the gift of artwork that had been presented to them in appreciation for the kindness that had been shown to them while working in the sugar beet fields at the Schleich Farm.

Landsberger shared…  “Numerous letters by prisoners (to their loved ones) survive. From one: “I have never as a soldier been as well off as I am here; we are being treated very decently.” Another one compared the camp with a rest cure, the author being surprised by barracks with electric lights and individual cots complete with quilts. “The food is excellent and plentiful. Particular attention is given to the state of our health.” Yet his is the exact opposite of another letter written complaining about the lack of tables.

SIDE NOTE::  I wonder who made/provided the quilts that were on the beds???  How many were there?  Did each bed have a quilt?  And what did they look like???

It seems that most of the men grew to appreciate the facilities and the manner in which they were treated while at Camp Trinidad. But I am certain that their appreciation grew even more so upon their return to their war-torn homeland, as evidenced by what they wrote in their letters and their desire to return to America.

How interesting that it was the same year that pieces of Camp Trinidad were being redistributed and repurposed (1948) that my Grandparents, Phillip and Katie, began a new chapter of their lives as well with the purchase of a small farm between Trinidad and Model.

I am saddened that we have reached the end of this journey… a 15-month journey that took assorted pieces from the past – vintage quilt patterns, letters from former German POWs, family stories and recipes as well as lessons from history.  And with each piece we have had the opportunity to create a quilt that represents each facet and step of this journey.  

From the introduction (The Signature Block) of my family to the first letters that were filled is gratitude on that they were back in their homeland (The Mayflower), to the sad news of families being unable to locate their family (The Lost Goslin')or simply being separated from them because of the various "zones" (The Flower Garden) and as the time passed, the news in the letters reflected complete despair, as in the letters with Double T, The Blockade and Pride of Ohio, yet repeatedly the men mentioned the kind treatment they had experienced while at Phillip & Katie Schleich's farm.  

And let's not forget the numerous mentions of the delicious and generous amounts of food they were offered when they were at the Schleich Farm (Russian Sunflower)!  Or the recollections of Phillip's & Katie's family members as in the letter from Rudolf Salulke (Indian Star).

The most fascinating bit of historical information I learned of in my research was the information regarding C.A.R.E. Packages (Dragon Fly).  The most exciting "lead" that was stumbled upon by my translator was the information of Klaus Hesselbarth (Rolling Stone).  My favorite block to piece was Modern Broken Dish but the block that I am most pleased with in the quilt is the Friendship Block.  The most challenging blocks??? No doubt they were the Russian Sunflower and the Pine Burr Block!

This sew along has been a journey I have enjoyed making with you. And it is my hope that you enjoyed the journey as well.  If you happened to have missed the "journey" as it unfolded, you can find all of the letters, patterns, stories and recipes by clicking on the Pieces From The Past tab located at the top of the blog page.

Perhaps it has even inspired you to record the stories of your own family.  If you would be interested, I have compiled a document entitled "Priceless Conversations".  It, as well as all of the patterns from this sew along, are available on the products page of my Payhip "store".  

Last spring as the stay at home status was encouraged, my Mom and I (safely) ventured the 20 miles to Model, Colorado for a photo shoot with the quilt.  

There isn't much left to see in Model.  There is an old Mercantile building that is standing, but is no longer in operation.  

The school that my Dad  attended was lost in a fire and nothing really remains of it.  

The home that Phillip and Katie and their boys lived in while farming in the area was torn down long ago.  It and any other identifiable landmarks had also been demolished so long ago that even my Dad, while he was alive and before dementia had set in, was unable to tell us where he lived.

I just felt right that the photos were taken there... in a sense, returning home.

As I  considered various options for finishing the quilt I thought that it needed something that was reminiscent of the past, yet a tie to the present time as well.  It was for that reason that I selected a "Baptist Fan" design for the quilting but rather than having the quilting lines so close together as they would have been done traditionally, I chose to super-size them and make them 2-3/4" apart and the largest arc of the quilting as large as 10-1/2".

The binding is made up of left over fat quarters from the blocks, and stitched down with big stitches on the back.  Leaving a traditional, finished look to the front of the quilt and a modern look on the back.  That red thread really pops!

So, here are the final details you need for completing the borders...

Border 1 - 
Cut 2 strips - 2-1/2" x 58-1/2" for the sides of the assembled rows (58-1/2") 
Cut 2 strips - 2-1/2" x  73-1/2" for the top and bottom.

Cut eight 1-1/2" wide strips for a second border.  Piece two strips together to create four long strips.  Add to each side and then top and bottom.

Cut eight 3-1/2" wide strips for a final border.  Again, piece two strips together to create 4 long strips.  Add to each side and then top and bottom.

Layer, quilt as desired and bind.  

Binding - Using scraps from the fabric you used in your blocks, cut 2-1/2" strips, join, using a 45 degree seam, to make a strip 300 inches (8-1/3 yards) long strip.  

When your quilt (top only/flimsy) is complete share on instagram, tag me (@MelvaLovesScraps) and use hashtag #PiecesFromThePastSewAlong or post on my fb page - Melva Loves Scraps. And don't forget to link up for the give away!  C&T Publishing is generously giving five copies of the Kansas City Star Quilts Sampler to five individuals.  I can't wait to see your quilts!

But, before you run off... Tell me...

Leave a comment with your favorite block in the quilt.  And why it was your favorite.  

Was there a story that was your favorite?  I'd like to hear from you about that as well.

Piece Happy!


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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Letters and Packages

The last few visits from our mail carrier have been... well, let's just say I was busy ordering needed items that I had added to my "shopping" list while we were away at the goat farm.  We have kept her busy!

One of the items received was the letter that I had sent in October to the son of Klaus Hesselbarth, (his letter accompanied the Rolling Stone Block in the Pieces From the Past Sew Along) Tillman Hesselbarth.  How disappointing it was to see that it was back in my possession.  

I did a quick search for Tillman, thinking that, perhaps, with such an uncommon name, I might find some info on him.  I had success!  I located a picture and press release that stated that he retired in 2017 for "personal family reasons".

I have sent an email to the communications director of the company that released the announcement... so, again, I wait. In a way, I did, get my original wish granted, sort of.  I had wanted to have a response from the family (a far reaching wish) before the end of the Pieces From The Past Sew Along.  The end of the sew along is very near... just a few more days!

So, I didn't hear from the family.  But I did have the letter returned.  I no longer have to wonder if the family had received it and discarded it, or if it ended up in a dead letter section of some post office.  Having it returned spurred me to try a different avenue. I have my fingers crossed and have whispered another prayer that there will be a response.  🀞

Other mail received...  a wonderful quilting book from a high school friend and customer.

Chris had commissioned "The Legacy" quilt last year and gifted it to his Godson and fiancΓ©e and has a great appreciation for heritage as well as art.  

The book was from the library of his Mother who passed away a year ago.  

The title of the book is intriguing... it was derived from the story that a couple was making a move from Ohio to Colorado Territory.  The husband's plan was to open a small mercantile so the wagon was loaded with the building supplies he was going to need for his endeavor.  The wife was told that there was no space for excessive personal items, including clothing.  Her solution was to wear layered clothing.  Because the wagon ride was so rough they walked much of the way... for at least three months!  

After their arrival to their destination, and after some time passed and the clothing that she had brought with her wore thin in spots, she used the better sections of the dresses and skirts to make a quilt.  Thus the name!  I haven't had time to read the entire book, but I look forward to reading more as I get time.

I can't help but think that there is a story with each and every quilt... I think that most quilters can relate to this, but what about non-quilters?  Do they realize the significance and meaning behind each quilt?  It is our job to share the stories and inspiration behind each one!  And that is one of my passions.  

When I gift a quilt or complete a commissioned quilt, I like to share all that has been poured into it.  In a sense, it is the frame to finished piece of artwork.  

Do you share the reasons for a pattern and/or fabric selections of a quilt that you gift?  

One example is the quilt that was a wedding gift for our nephew and his wife in 2016.  The story of making the quilt, True North, was printed out and included with the gift.  After sharing it here on MLS, one of my sisters-in-law commented that it was an incredibly well thought out gift.  You see, without knowing the story it is just a "blanket"... it is the love and care that makes it more.

If you haven't ever considered telling "the story" behind your quilt, I encourage you to do so.  It doesn't need to be long and elaborate or for the world to read, but it will undoubtedly be appreciated by the recipient.

Let me know your thoughts... leave a comment.  I love to hear from you.


Coming soon!  Pieces of the Santa Fe Trail Sew Along.
Beginning April 1, 2021

Monday, March 15, 2021

Productivity Level at an All-time High

After a week away with our friends my productivity level upon my return was astonishing!  And I didn't even work hard at it.  I had planned on doing a Friday Finish post, but I was on such a roll I didn't want to stop.

✔Hanna's name bunting is adorable, if I must say so myself... and will be a perfect addition to the shower decorations and the nursery.

The labels for the two commissioned t-shirt quilts were added to the quilts and shipped off.  This is the message I received from my customer...

"They are beautiful!!!      I could never have gotten even close to that!     I know I am going to reach out to you again.   You are so talented.   We hid them and need to get an occasion to give them!

The recipients of the quilts have not received them yet so I have removed their names from the top of the labels...  But it is so nice to hear back from a happy customer. πŸ’—

I have finalized the wrap-up for the Pieces From the Past sew along and sent it off to C&T Publishing for them to post as well.  It will be released on Thursday.  Instructions to finish the quilt are included and will go quickly.  

✔The first three blocks for the Santa Fe Trail Sew Along are pieced!  So far, they are all easy blocks, as I imagine that they may have been blocks that were simple enough to be among some of the first blocks a child just learning to sew would piece.

And as bonuses for the week... 

I have ALL of the paper doll blocks (both quilts) with underwear and hair.  They ready to outline stitch and give details to the bodies.  

On top of all that...  I sandwiched a vintage Grandmother's Flower Garden  quilt that followed me home from Texas.  I have auditioned several quilting options and am waiting for feedback from my customer of her preference.  You can see the options below...

Now I know what I will be doing for the week...  But first I MUST clean my machines before I do any more sewing.

Which quilting design is your favorite?  

I know for certain I will be doing vines and leaves in the green sections.  Leave a comment... I will find interesting to see which designs are the most popular.  However, in the end, my customer will have the final say.  But I would like to hear from you too!

Quilt Happy!


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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Why I Quilt

March is National Quilting Month and Amy from Amy's Creative Side is hosting the Instagram Quiltfest.  Each day she has the "word of the day".

Today, March 11th, she wants to know "Why do you quilt?"  

As I ponder the question, I find that I have so many reasons.  My love language is quilting! I love being able to pour love and prayers (and sometimes blood, sweat and tears) into a quilt.  {{don't bleed on the quilt, don't bleed on the quilt}}  It matters not whether it is a gift or a commissioned quilt for a customer... the same amount of effort and love is given to each quilt.

It doesn't matter the size.  It could be a 3" block featuring vintage flour sack fabrics from Grandma's collection turned into a pin cushion...

or a hand-sewn hello card or mug rug >> that measures as small as 5"x7" featuring local prominent landmarks, as shown below; 
A baby quilt or a king-sized quilt.  Size does not matter!

Scrappy quilts are my jam.  Scrappy Log Cabin blocks are among my most favorite with little to no attention paid to the width of the strips or seam allowances. 

"Art" projects that stretch my creativity and my mind are rewarding and satisfying... being able to capture the feeling or emotion of a moment, like the soundwave of laughter with friends, feeds my soul.  

Preserving a piece of a family's or individual's memories in special "memory" quilts, such as a quilt from a loved one's clothing; 

a pillow made from a shirt; 

or a quilt for a child to grow up with something of the Mom that didn't survive childbirth; 

Or a quilt that features a table cloth and ties of Grandma and Grandpa and seems to almost transcend time. 

So.... why do I quilt?  It is a creative outlet.  It allows me to connect on a very personal level with others.  It preserves memories of special times and people.

Because it is a gift I can share with others.  I stitch in love and prayers that another can then wrap themselves in to feel loved... not just by me, but by God.

Quilting is my love language and a gift from above!

Why do YOU quilt?

Leave a comment... I love to hear from you!


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Monday, March 8, 2021

Monday's Musings

Last week's activities at the farm were entertaining, awe inspiring and exhausting.  After witnessing the miracle of 40+ baby goats be delivered and the rapid changes from newborn wet to nursing and hopping and playing, including head butts and chasing, it was time to return home on Friday.  If you want to see an assortment of cuteness, click on the link on "farm" above.

One reader last week asked about the triplets in the feed bin... "Do the little goats climb into that basin or were they put there to snuggle together in sleep?"

These cuties had been born the previous day and when "Farmher" went to see how everyone had done overnight she found them this way.  Snuggled up and protected from the wind since the bin was just taller than them... perhaps it also offered a feeling of security and being back in their Momma. πŸ’“

I am grateful that I was able to be a part of kidding season and happy to offer a helping hand where ever I was needed... in the pens helping with weighing, clipping ears and care of the nannies post-birth as well as in the kitchen.  My personal favorite picture is this one... two sets of triplets.  I love the patchwork of colors!  You can't see it in this picture but the kid behind the light-colored multicolored center front, has a white heart on the side!

Saturday was filled with loads of stinky goat farm laundry, but in between loads, I was in the studio working on the name bunting for our new grand-daughter.  The baby shower is still a month away, but I was excited to get it going.

Goal #1 for the week:

Finish the bunting.  I only need to get it on the binding/string and make the bows.

Other items on my list:

Create and sew on labels for the two t-shirt quilts that I recently finished.  This is a sample of the label that my customer has requested.

Other items I will consider?  

Finish up the border instructions for the Pieces From the Past Sew Along.  Have you made the final block - Pride of Ohio?  Have you linked up?  There is still time!  In fact, if you work diligently, you could get all 20 blocks done before the final post on March 18th when you can link up a pieced top for a chance to win one of five Kansas City Star Sampler books from C&T Publishing.

Begin the blocks for the Pieces of the Santa Fe Trail Sew Along.  I'll be ready to announce the schedule very soon!  Watch for details. 😚  Here is the logo created for the sew along (I think)I'm not 100% settled on it...

What do you think of this graphic?  

Leave a comment...  I'd love to have some constructive feedback.

Keep piecing to keep peace in your soul,


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