Thursday, October 22, 2020

Pieces From The Past - The Owl Quilt

Today's letter is short and sweet...

Oberseifersdorf uber Zittau 2
January 12, 1947

Worthy Mr. Schleich!

As the father of Gotthart Hauswold, who worked for you two years ago, I would like to inform you that he has arrived back in Germany.  Unfortunately, he did not reach his homeplace, since he is away again in a Russian prison camp. On account of that, it seems that he is unable to get any messages to you either.  I would like to hear if you were happy with my son’s work effort, and how his health and general mood were.

You are sure to know from the newspapers how things look in Germany.

With best regards and in the expectation of hearing from you sometime, I remain, 
Mase Hauswold,
Postal Inspector a.D.

Mase Hauswold, a father desperate to know of the well being of his son.  He had obviously been in touch with his son, and perhaps aware that his physical health may have been poor, but seeking some sort of comfort in knowing his son's mental health, his spirit, was not in the same state - at least while he was held at Camp Trinidad.

As I researched the Russian POW camps I was deeply saddened, once again...  this bit of info is from The Vintage News.

By the end of 1946, a significant number of German POWs had been released; the Soviet Union prisoner of war number was less than Britain and France combined. With the creation of a pro-communist state in the Soviet occupation zone of Germany – the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) – in October 1949, all but 85,000 prisoners of war had been released from the Soviet camps and repatriated to Germany. Most of the remaining German prisoners had been convicted as war criminals; given long sentences – usually 25 years – and sent to forced labor camps. In 1956, following the intervention of West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer in Moscow, the last of these war convicts (Kriegsverurteilte) were repatriated.

An estimate by one British historian is that 356,000 prisoners of war died in Soviet labor camps from a total of 2,880,000 captured German soldiers.

It seems very intentional to me that Mase Hauswald, a Postal Inspector, was hoping to have some sort of influence, or make an impression with his position. 

Do you think there is a deeper meaning to this detail?   

As I reviewed the patterns to partner with this letter the Owl Quilt block, published May 5, 1937 seemed appropriate.  I personally thought of Winnie the Pooh's friend, The Wise Old Owl.  I found these personality characteristics associated with an assessment test...

I have slightly modified the Owl Quilt block to make it a 12" block rather than the original 11" block and I eliminated the necessity of any "Y seams".  The only tip I have to share is that you will want to pay close attention the placement and direction of the corner four-patch blocks as shown in the pattern diagram... better attention than myself.  Ooops! (this error of mine was not noticed until AFTER the quilting was complete... so it stays. πŸ˜”)

Now is the time for you to download your pattern (link above) and piece your block.  Be sure sure to come back to link up for the opportunity to win a fat-quarter.  If you are sharing on social media, be sure to tag me, (Instagram is @MelvaLovesScraps and facebook is Melva Loves Scraps) and use the hashtag #PiecesFromThePastSewAlong.  It is such fun seeing the variety of fabrics and colors chosen for each block.  

With the completion of your Owl Quilt block you can gather up these additional blocks -  #1 (Signature Block), #10 (Russian Sunflower), #9 (Dragon Fly) - and assemble Row 1.

After the completion of Block #12 (Pine Burr Block) I gave cutting instructions for sashing strips.  

For Row 1 you will need three 2-1/2" x 12-1/2" strips.  Join the sashing strips between the blocks to complete the row.  While you are at it, you can add a horizontal sashing strip - 2-1/2" x 54" long - to the bottom of Row 1 and to the top and bottom of Row 4.

You are making progress!  Way to go!  My excitement to see the completed quilts is growing with the release of each pattern and letter.  Thanks for joining me in this journey through history.

Piece on,


Melva Loves Scraps - Home of the Pieces From The Past Sew Along
that features vintage Kansas City Star quilt blocks!

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Friday, October 16, 2020

Finishes... Finally!

 It seems like it has be eons since I shared an actual finish!  Truth be told, I really have had several, but there was secret sewing involved and custom quilts delivered without "finish" photos, so I had to wait... and wait... and WAIT.  Lol!

First up was the baby quilt of "Papa's T's" - Papa sacrificed six of his Harley Davidson t-shirts.  I rushed to get it finished before Grandma and Papa made the trip to visit Greyson, but as promised, Grandma sent photos!

I think that the first story Papa shared with Greyson about his ride to Silverton, CO and the little guy is already planning his first ride there.

Below is the back of the quilt featuring some fun novelty fabric of vintage license plates...

He seems to love it as much as Grandma and Papa did! πŸ’–

Next up was the pattern test of "Wild Blossoms" by Jen Shaffer at Patterns By Jen...  the pattern is available in four sizes.  I tested the baby size that is 36" square.

The borders and the backing are from some fabric that my sweet sister-in-love so kindly shared with me after I expressed my love for it (read that as I was drooling over the luscious goodiness of the flannel tie-dyed stuff.)  It was the inspiration for the color choices of this quilt. 

I selected a solid purple, but used random scrappy teals and turquoises for the contrasting color.  I chose to do a "big stitch" binding to finish the quilt.  

At the current time, this quilt is hanging out in my "inventory" until the perfect recipient is revealed.  

It may be for the new grand-baby that we are expecting in May.  Look at the adorable "announcement" 🠊
Finish number 3 was another t-shirt quilt.  It was another graduation gift and was just delivered this week, via USPS.

And here's how it looks on her bed... Perfect!  She loves it, by the way. πŸ’—

Last up is another pattern test... though it is not a completed quilt, it IS a completed flimsy.  The Shattered Star was designed by Shannon at Shannon Fraser Designs.  In fact, she just kicked off at Shattered Star Sew Along!  
Recently my husband requested a quilt to sit atop the work table in his shop.  Ok, his work generates a lot of dust, metal chips and various oils and cleaning products... not the ideal place for a quilt to live.   

But what he requested was for one side to be a solid grey with the business logo on it with the idea that it would be used for photos of the various projects he works on. This Shattered Star top will be the reverse side of the logo.  It has been placed on the To-Do list and is working its way to the top.

Well there you go... my big finishes that can finally be shared!  There is one more that was another pattern test but has not been released yet.  Here's a little teaser...

Happy Friday!


Have you ever, like me, delivered a quilt and then realized that you didn't get any photos of the finished quilt?  What do you do to remedy the problem?  

Most of the time I let it go, but I am so thrilled that I didn't "let it go" with Papa's T's.  Leave a comment... I love to talk with my readers. 

Melva Loves Scraps - Home of the Pieces From The Past Sew Along
that features vintage Kansas City Star quilt blocks!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Check-in of Tuesday's Two

 Has it really been only a week since I last posted???  It flew by!  Yet there was so much that went on...

My To-Do List consisted of...

❧ Piecing the top for the third memory quilt in a month. 

❧ Write the last Kansas City Star quilt block pattern.

Did I meet those two goals?  I can answer with a resounding "Yes!"

Though there were plenty of distractions along the way, I completed both tasks just yesterday... well, last night.  For me to continue working of "quilty" projects into the evening is unusual, but the daunting task of that last block pattern was staring me in the face since I put it out there for the world to read.  I still need to proof-read and send off to the testers, I can confidently say "It is DONE!".  

As I considered why I had been putting it off I realized that while the Pieces From The Past Sew Along continues into March of next year, writing that final pattern drove home the reality that it is 2/3 complete. 

It is like reading a good book for many... when the final pages of a book are read and the back cover closed and set aside, there is a brief time of mourning.  I know this is the case for me, anyway.  Missing the characters of the book I usually have to pause for a day or so before picking up a new book with a new story-line and characters.  But now is not the time for that pause...

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my ever-increasing audience, the various participants of the sew along and pattern testers as the series has progressed.  You have all become special friends to me!  And I am not ready for it to be over.  So, with resolve, I will continue to pour my heart into the writing of the stories and history featured in the series and savor each moment along the way.

The t-shirt quilt offered a good distraction from the pattern writing as well.  I participated in the Saturday Sew-In over at The Inquiring Quilter and was happy to share that I had the top pieced and ready for borders by the end of Saturday.

So, the pattern writing and the pieced top were completed between Saturday and Monday... what happened to the days prior to Saturday???

We ran away!  We ran to the mountains and the San Isabel National Forest.  

Our view was spectacular!  The same view as when we were there in May, but in the full glory of fall colors.  The golden glow of the aspens was nearly blinding when in the center of a grove.  The reds of the scrub oak or oak brush was stunning.

Last year we had hiked the road toward the top of the mountain, but gave up before reaching the top.  Dave was insistent that we could make it to the top... I was game for a long day's hike with a packed lunch.  He preferred the idea of making the journey in the truck using 4-wheel drive.  

I was unsure and bit of a nervous wreck inside, but simply stated "if you really think we can make it safely, ok." **gulp** πŸ˜–  

We did indeed make it to the end of the road.  There was not a big open meadow as he had suspected.  Instead, the road just ended.  There was a small campfire ring made of stones that had been used sometime in the past.  We contemplated setting up camp and making the journey down in the morning... Dave decided it was better to make our way down after enjoying the view and our lunch.

We began the journey down the hill and the screaming in my head was deafening.  Dave was carefully and slowly maneuvering our way back down the trail and I was shocked to realize the journey UP was less scary than the going DOWN.  **whimper**  We were through the worst of the hairpin turns and rocks when suddenly there was a strange sound... a rock had punctured the side wall of the right rear tire and losing air fast.

Dave calmly climbed out of the truck and began the process of changing the tire with even thinking about it or grumbling.  Which is a good thing because there was plenty of grumbling and whining going on in my own mind for the two of us. (I can laugh now, but it was not funny at the time.)

When we returned to our campsite it was only about 3:30 but I needed a small glass of wine to help me loosen up and relax. I grabbed one of my Camping Journal postcard blocks and within a few minutes I felt better.  Dave had commented "well, that was fun!"  I just looked at him and he was like "wasn't it?"  I replied with "it was an adventure.  I'm not sure I would call it fun!"  I kept stitching... 

Here are the two blocks I finished... the palm tree is representing our visit to Pelican Island while in Galveston, TX earlier this year, and the Canyonland is for one of our nights at Mills Canyon in April.

The time for camping season is drawing to a close, but we are hopeful that we will be able to head south (maybe to Palo Duro near Amarillo, TX) for a few days before the camper comes off the truck for the winter... Oh, but wait... Dave and his buddy may be headed out for a deer season at the end of October.  Hmmmmm.... maybe we can sneak another trip to the south in November. I can be hopeful anyway.  I suppose the season has to end sometime.  **sigh**

Time to head to my studio and get something done.  What will it be?

❧ Ten postcards for the second postcard swap hosted by my friend, Mark Montano.  These cards will feature some quilted fabric scraps with words of affirmation and quotes from Anne of Green Gables.  The cards have to be in Mark's possession by November 1.

❧  I'll be writing again... the next letter and pattern for the sew along will be published October 22.

❧  If the red flannel backing for the t-shirt quilt arrives, I'll be quilting that as well.

There you go folks!  You were the precise motivation I needed to meet my goals.  By my simply putting it out there for the world to see gave me focus.  Thanks for holding me accountable!

What are YOU working on this week?  

Leave a comment... I love to hear from you.

Piece Happy!


Melva Loves Scraps - Home of the Pieces From The Past Sew Along
that features vintage Kansas City Star quilt blocks!

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Monday, October 5, 2020

Letters - Present and Past


A few weeks ago I received a "soft package" in the mail, unexpectedly.  It was from our friend Susan.  Dave and I were honored to be able to assist her last summer when her husband, Dave's college roomie, passed away suddenly.  She was left with a basement full of tools and equipment that she didn't know what to do with or what their value was.  

We made a quick trip to Lincoln, Nebraska to create an inventory list with actual values as well as realistic re-sale values.  But while there, Susan, who is also a quilter, and I managed to sneak away for an afternoon with a third friend from a nearby town and visited the International Quilt Museum.

The entire story of that trip is told over on "In Memory Of".

In August, Susan and her daughter had taken a vacation road trip to Colorado to visit one of her husband's sisters and we had planned on making arrangements for a meet-up somewhere in between where they were staying and where we live, but the timing and our schedule simply did not allow it.

She shared in her letter that while with her sister-in-law they had visited several quilting shops during the "shop hop" week and that she thought of me.  Upon her return home she had once again visited the "First Friday" event at the IQM and recalled our visit the year before and purchased a fat-quarter that "caught her eye" with the museum's logo on it.

What a sweet note... It certainly brought a smile to my face!  Now I just need to have some sort of great and inspired idea to use it.

Speaking of letters...

Last week I published another POW letter and Kansas City Star quilt block.  The author of this particular letter had been featured in a magazine article in 2009 telling of his parent's fleeing East Prussia during WWII.  

The article was discovered by my letter translator, Amy and it states that the testimonies of the war and post-war events were typed up by the Grandsons of Walter Hesselbarth - Klaus' sons.  I had expressed my desire to locate the Hesselbarth family...

And just a few hours after publishing the letter/pattern I had a message from a reader stating that she had located an obituary for him from 2012, but it included the son's name and mailing address.

In hopes that he has not moved, I wrote a letter telling him of his father's letter requesting assistance with cashing a check and receiving some provisions - Tobacco and cigarettes, specifically.  

With fingers crossed and a little prayer whispered, I sent it off.  

How long does it take for a letter to make it from the United States to Albstadt, Germany???  According to my quick search, the average delivery time is 12.9 days.  Is this total days?  Or is it business days?

I guess I need to keep busy and a bit distracted for at least the next 10 days.

I have had some recent finishes and some secret sewing with pattern testing.  But I will leave that for another post...

My To-Do list this week will include:

❧ Piecing the top for the third memory quilt in a month.  This one features some college shirts from football and dance team events.  I have the blocks backed with fusible stabilizer so piecing it shouldn't take much time.

What else???  Sadly, I think I will be spending less time in my studio than I would like, but sometimes there are simply tasks that MUST get done... 

The Sew Along posts and stories do not write themselves... neither do the patterns.  

I have just one pattern left to write and I have been putting it off because... well, there are just a lot of little pieces to it and I really have not been in the mood...  Piecing is much more fun than writing... BUT I MUST GET IT DONE.  Quit procrastinating Melva!  So I am putting it out there... 

❧ Write the last Kansas City Star quilt block pattern.

I probably should clean house... and I hope that we can sneak away to the mountains before all of the aspen leaves drop.  Wasn't it just a few weeks ago I was feeling really ambitious???

I think I have asked this before, but... 

What do you do to get motivated to tackle a task that you have put off long enough?

Leave a comment... I love to hear from you!

Want to help me stay distracted?  Search your archives for some quilts that you completed during October of any year prior to 2020 and link up photos or blog posts in my Throwback Thursday Linky Party.  Show me some eye candy and let's celebrate some fantastic finishes from years gone by.

Piece Out,


Melva Loves Scraps - Home of the Pieces From The Past Sew Along
that features vintage Kansas City Star quilt blocks!

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Friday, October 2, 2020

Throwback Thursday - October

We have turned another page on our calendars to yet another month and somehow we have arrived in October!

Welcome to the October Throwback Linky Party!

it is time to share some of your October finishes from prior years...

Here are a few of my favorites.

The Harry Potter quilt was a gift in 2019 for our youngest daughter, who is a BIG HP fan and her husband, who really isn't... My compromise was to make one side for her and one for him. ;)

Magical Harry Potter Reversible Quilt

This well loved quilt was in need of some major repairs... 
Major Quilt Repair
follow the link below to see what it looked like when it arrived in my studio in 2016...

Time for you to share!  Don't forget to come back throughout the month to see what others are sharing as well.

Quilt Happy!

Melva Loves Scraps - Home of the Pieces From The Past Sew Along
that features vintage Kansas City Star quilt blocks!

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Pieces From The Past - The Rolling Stone

Klaus Hesselbarth
Gut Wierlauke
(21?) Soest Land

Dear honored Mr. Schleich!

You will surely be very surprised to receive a letter from me.  I worked at your farm when I was in the POW camp in Trinidad.  I belonged at that time to the Ruhr Group.  As we left and said goodbye to you, you told us to write to you sometime.  Especially if it went bad for us and we needed something, we should feel free to turn to you.  If it would be possible, you would help us.  I now come today with a question.  If you are unable to help me, I would really like to hear from you.

Certainly you would have heard that here in Germany there is hardly anything to buy.  I have a $99 dollar check from a bank in Denver for my work in America.  I want to ask if it is possible for you to cash the check and to buy for some things that are badly needed.  I would especially like some cigarettes and tobacco.  Please write me sometime and let me know what you think.  I would then send you my check and my wish list. 

After my discharge as a prisoner, I have been in middle Germany working as a farm hand since I lost my homeland due to the partitioning.   Thank God I was able to find my relatives, who had to flee from the incoming Russian troops.  

I wish you and your family everything good for the future I would be pleased to hear from you.  My address is on the other side of the paper in the upper left corner.  Best regards to you and your family.

Klaus Hesselbarth

If it is not possible to answer in German, send it in English.  I have enough knowledge for reading and translating.  

This letter was one of the last letters to be translated and I was quite excited to have a message from my translator, Amy... well here's what she had to say...

As I translate each letter, I've been googling the name just in case I find something.  Well I finally did find something:  an article from 2009 written in a German magazine about the flight out of East Prussia.  Like he says in the letter, his family had to flee the  Russians and the area was annexed.  The article says that Klaus was not with his family when they fled because he was in a POW Camp.  It says after the war he studied agriculture, he met his wife in his place of work, and he was able to reunite with his family in the Family Reunification Program.  The farmer he was working for told him that if he didn't mind having everyone in his one room, then he should go ahead and bring his parents over.  His oldest son was born on the teaching farm, where he took his training.  He would later become director of a research institute for livestock farming.  Even though he wasn't there for the flight out of East Prussia, he has a lot of artifacts and is in contact with lots of survivors and is dedicated to keeping the knowledge of the event alive and to pass that knowledge on to future generations.  

If you happen to be interested, like I was, here is the link to Klaus' entire story.  The picture of Klaus reveals that he was quite proud of his collection as well as his efforts of keeping the story of his parents and many others fleeing their homeland for safety.
Oh, how I wish I could contact Klaus' children!  Oh, and to read the memories of Klaus' father, Walter... "If my report is such that my son and his children see through what a hard time we have gone, the purpose of my story is fulfilled."

I have reached out to the magazine editors, with no response, as well as an individual on social media that I suspect is a descendant, again with out any response.  

I wonder... Did Mr. Hesselbarth ever get his check for $99 cashed?  Does it remain in his collection of artifacts?  This inquiring mind wants to know.

A photo from Walter with a young Klaus...  Sorquinces - Walter Hesselbarth was the manager of the Count's Sorquitten (Polish: Sorkwity). He had accepted the post on the condition "that I get a free hand", as he had explained to the then owner - Baron Bernhard von Paleske. “The estate had around 5000 hectares of usable agricultural area,” recalls Klaus Hesselbarth. The village of Sorquitten was founded in 1379. The estate was a former fiefdom of the Teutonic Order and changed hands several times over the centuries. Today's castle is located in the former Sensburg district on a headland between two lakes in a landscape park that is now a natural monument. In the course of time seven outworks belonged to the estate. In the Sorquitter Gutsforst with particularly dense pine and spruce stands, there was a good population of game. Sorquitten was famous for its deer hunts. After the war, the castle was used as a family vacation home for the “Ursus” tractor works under Polish sovereignty. Later it was a castle hotel that has since closed again. – 

If you have any suggestions or ideas of how to locate/find or contact the Hesselbarth family, I welcome them... 

I will leave no stone un-turned.

Block #13 is called The Rolling Stone... (see what I did there?πŸ˜‰)

It is an easy block that should come together quickly for you... four Square in a square blocks and some strip piecing and you will find yourself ready to link up for an opportunity to win a free fat-quarter!  Don't forget to tag me in your photos - instagram, @MelvaLovesScraps and use the hashtag #piecesfromthepastsewalong or share over on my facebook page, Melva Loves Scraps.

Quilt Happy!


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Monday, September 28, 2020

Link-Up Opps... All In One Place and Announcing THROWBACK THURSDAY PARTIES

 I have been blogging for seven years and it has been a learning curve for sure, and as technology changes and adjusts the social media platforms do the same and the learning curve is continually changing.

Once upon a time, blogs were all the rage.  Readers followed closely, the audience was vast and then social media stepped onto the stage and bloggers had to adjust.  Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest stole a bit of the spotlight and have become a form of micro-blogging offering a snap-shot or advertisement for what might be on the blog - the place where you can get "the rest of the story."

To support others and "share" an audience of readers link ups or linky-parties act as a sort of "central hub".  One blog can direct you to many other projects, tutorials and inspiration in abundance.

Here is my current list of linky parties that I have been participating in for a while... these are just a few of the parties I have found... I am sure there are many more.  If you host one, and would like to have it added to the list, leave a comment.  I'll be more than happy to add it.  If you participate in other parties that are not on this list... leave a comment.  Again, I'll be happy to add to the list.

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Throwback Thursday party at 
Melva Loves Scraps

And just recently, I have started a Throwback Party.  We celebrate and share each quilt finish as they are completed with pride... and then the quilt is gifted or donated, or tossed on the bed or couch and loved on...  

My goal for this linky party is to revisit some of our favorite finishes that may have forgotten about.

On the first Thursday of each month (or close to the first Thursday of the month) I will open a link up.  Details of the party are not overly difficult or strict... Link up a finish from previous years in the same month that it is currently.  For example, if the current month is February, any finishes that you had in February of previous years are welcome.  The Throwback Thursday linky party will be available all month.  

However, if you really, really want to celebrate a previous finish from a different month, you are welcome to do that as well... I won't kick you out of the party. πŸ˜‰

This month, September, Maggie F and Gretchen shared several fantastic quilts!  Take a peek at them by clicking on the logo above... It is fun to see the changes in pattern styles and fabric choices over the years... and to see where we were and how much we have grown as a quilter.

Start to search your archives for your October quilt finishes from last year or before and be sure to come back to share and celebrate again.

Piece Happy!