Thursday, June 30, 2022

Thankful and Thought-full Thursday

As I wrote and tested a pattern this week, I contemplated some thoughts that have been floating around in my mind...

Recently I read a devotion about the Dead Sea...

"There is a body of water 50 miles long, 10 miles wide and 1,300 feet deep.  With the sun dancing across its waves, it looks refreshing, as though its vast depths must be teeming with life.  But fishing in these waters would never yield a single catch because nothing but a few bacteria live beneath the surface.  Located at the lowest point on earth, the Salt Sea contains the highest concentration of minerals and salt of any body of water in existence, making it unsuitable for sustaining life.  No wonder it is also called the Dead Sea.

As Christians, our lives can sometimes devolve spiritually so that we feel we are living in the Dead Sea.  On the surface everything may look fine, but underneath we seem to be shriveling, not growing.  This can happen if we only relate to Jesus as Savior but not as Lord.  

In short, we need to want the healer, not just the healing...

I believe this "Dead Sea" appearance can be true for Christians, but even more... I feel this can be true for the Church.  As we continue our Sabbatical from Ministry and observe the direction of the church we left due to burnout, we are deeply saddened.  Not once in the 4-1/2 months has the Pastor or his wife, or any member of leadership reached out to us to see where we might be in our lives... not just our Spiritual life, but even on the surface, "what have you been up to?".  It has been oddly silent... We (thought we) left in good standing and were offered a blessing as we departed for rest and renewal... and, to be honest... The silence... It. Hurts!  💔

Similar hurts I (we) have had have been assisted healed and worked out through quilting... I have only one project currently in the works (the Pieces in the Garden Row Quilt) and progress has been slow on it.  Six patterns (plus one bonus) have been released and there are still six more to come.  Patterns 7, 8 & 9 are complete and ready for release... I'm getting there! 

I believe my favorite quilting customer from Texas has been taken a break from her sewing room because of the extreme heat they have endured... They've had 100-to-109-degree days with little relief with cooler overnight temps only in the mid 70s.  YUCK!  I don't blame her. 🌞

I think it is time for me to begin a brand new quilty project... I have been considering a whole cloth quilt.  It was on my 2018 and 2019 goals for the year and both times, it was skipped over because I simply ran out of time.  NOW is the time!  Enough of the wallowing and whining!

I am thankful that I have an outlet for my thoughts (a few "listening" ears right here) and a way to process them that brings forth, not only healing, but something beautiful & productive.

Here's a sketch of what I am considering for the quilt...

I'm thankful that we have the means and ability to escape to the mountains when we spin wheels and seem stuck... We have just returned from a two-day, one night retreat.  Isn't the view magnificent?!?  We spent time soaking in the view, singing some love songs to our Lord as well as sharing a time in prayer pouring out our hearts.  The above sketch was a product of our time away.  The feathered hearts representing growth, the cross-hatch background is the static that the world feeds us, the closely connected circles to represent how we connect with others and a final vine with leaves showing growth again... because we don't want to be like the dead sea!  

Now I need to find some fabric. 😀  I would like to use a light-colored fabric, possibly a batik. Something other than just a muslin or white as is traditionally used... I will probably wait and make a purchase when I visit the LQS for the next Pieces of the Past BOM class.  Stay tuned!

I'm thankful for the recent rains we have had (two days!).  It started on Saturday and continued through mid-day on Monday.  We had 3/4" of moisture.  It was a soft, gentle rain and the ground soaked it up!  You could see the ground cover in the yard (I would call it grass, but it really isn't.  It's mostly weeds... 😜)change color as it absorbed the moisture.

The warmer temps have returned and the AC is running (I'm grateful for THAT too!).  The solar powered and wind powered dryer (the clothesline) reveals that we have a washer... (yep, thankful for that!) and we have an ample amount of clothing! So much to be thankful for... 

If you made it this far with my rambling... thanks for listening!

Is quilting a form of "therapy" for you, as it is for me?  
If not, what is?

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear from you

Keep piecing


Sunday, June 26, 2022

National Sewing Month, Sew & Tell, and a Mid-year Review

In December I participated in the 2022 Planning Party... When I recently took a look back at what I had planned I realized there wasn't much planning that happened. I was overwhelmed by the options and ideas that I had, so, I did what many do...  I didn't make any plans!  😜

"As I look to 2022...  I see a blank slate.  To be honest, there are many options and when I step back and look at them, I get a bit overwhelmed.

I keep considering hosting another sew along... yet I think I want to expand with the two that I completed this year.  I am partnering with a quilt shop in Raton, NM to offer a block of the month event with the Pieces From the Past patterns.  The owner also expressed interest in the Santa Fe Trail BOM when the Pieces from the Past is complete."

If you have been following along this year at all, you have seen that I did, in fact, start a new sew along - Pieces in the Garden and tells the story of my maternal grandmother, Tressie Teegarden.  Given her married name, and her and Grandpa's love for tea, the fabric I will be using will reflect the flowers often found on vintage tea sets.  It will be a row quilt, because... well, gardens are planted in rows!  The blocks chosen are based on the story of a Bride-to-be and the many quilts she would have made as she waited for her special day.

Here's a question for those participating in this sew along. I am working on a block that will be a 4" block that can be traditionally pieced OR foundation paper pieced.. which would YOU prefer?  Traditional?  Or FPP?

I have enjoyed the monthly classes at the LQS in Raton, NM.  Many of the participants are beginning quilters but all have taken on the most challenging blocks and have happily seen an improvement of their skill level and confidence.

An unforeseen project that I have started to birth will take place during September which is National Sewing Month.  Brenda over at Songbird Designs is helping to coordinate and plan with me.  It will be a month-long celebration that will be kicked off with a blog hop and a 30-day photo challenge.

Want to participate in the hop?

All you need to do is Sew something that ties into the theme and then write about it:
Your “something” could have a tropical or surf feel.  It can be clothing, a quilt, a bag, a toy, or whatever you choose! it might include some tropical themed fabric or novelty print… or not.

A hop, if you are not familiar, is like a "show and tell" online.
We offer inspiration to each other with our projects, tutorials, or patterns.
You have about two months to sew something and join in on the fun. 

Readers enjoy hearing about the inspiration of a project, how you made it and they always like to see pictures. 

The basics:  

Post on your assigned day at 12:00 am Eastern time.
The hop will be September 1st through the 7th.
Have a giveaway or don't have a giveaway. It's totally optional!
Visit everyone's blog on the list and leave a sweet comment. Make friends!!!! 
And anyone can follow along

Want to participate?

Send me an email with the following information:
Your first name
Your email address
Your blog name
Your blog URL

The instagram 30 Day photo challenge will be a simple daily posting or sharing of various sewing notions related to that day's number.  For example... Day one could be one thimble, or one pair of scissors, or one seam ripper... Day 2 could be two pins/needles, or two pairs of scissors...  Day 13 could be 13 spools of thread.  

Hashtags:  #NationalSewingMonth2022 #NationalSewingMonth2022Day1 (change the day’s date each day, ie. #NationalSewingMonth2022Day2, etc.)

Are you ready to partner with us for these on-line events?  Are you interested in the blog hop?  Can you offer a prize?  A digital pattern, a fat quarter, some thread or even a gift card discount code?  Send an email to the above email address letting us know how you want to join and support the events.

One of the other "new" things I started this year is a weekly link-up party called Sew & Tell.  Participants can link up blog stories or social media posts that show your recent progress on projects.  If you share a link, please be sure to link back on your blog post and if you are using social media such as instagram or facebook, please use the hashtag #MLSSewandTell 😊

One last item... Has anyone else noticed that bloglovin' has been out of commission?  For over a month for me!  What's the deal????

Leave a comment on any of these topics... I adore hearing from you and having conversations with my on-line friends.  

Keep Piecing!


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Red River Family Get Away

What a fun time we had!  It is hard to believe that it has been almost a week since we were there.  For those that are interested... Here are some of the best pictures.  

If you choose to pass on the "slide show of our vacation", I understand.  One of the main purposes of this post is to have the best of the photos in one place for when I am ready to order prints for the scrapbook. (A safe back up should something happen and our computer crash... again.) 😉

View from the room 💖

Tyshan looking so proud with his fishing license

Softball Practice with Grampa

The kids were excited to play Clue
Notice the two sleeping behind them

Grandpa getting his hair combed by Hanna

Hanna loved being outside
The carrier was the most convenient way for her to enjoy it

Playing in the Park

Hanna with Grampa at worship

A happy baby with Gramma

Sleepy baby since she had not slept well

Emma with a tiny caterpillar

Maggie with Auntie Becca 💗

Momma was tired too!
Don't worry... she did not spill her drink

Emma with Auntie Becca 😍

They were ready to race Go Karts

They helped to plant a tree with Smokey Bear

Horseback riding...

Emma was more excited than the expression reveals

Heather with Hanna... in the carrier.  She LOVED the ride!

Maggie rode a horse with Grampa

Fishing... nothing was caught

The only thing they really managed to do was get the line in knots!

He spent hours hoping to catch something!

Our one mealout - we ate out at the RR Brewery

Dave... He 💓's beer
This was after he had one, but he sure puts on a good pouty face 😂

Hanna like the mechanical horse too!

Sheer joy!

Howdy Partner 

Ice Cream!  
Not a great idea for a little one that struggles with dairy 😭
She didn't sleep well that night either

Rebecca doesn't ride bikes, but we got her on this one 👍


Line Dancing at the Community House
Doing the Chicken Dance 😂

Line dance lessons

Proof they were there!

With Uncle Sam 

Out last morning there...

Time to say "Good bye" and head home

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Pieces in the Garden - Steps to the Altar - Block #6

 “Bride’s Quilt”
Once upon a time, there was a little girl, who wore a bow in her hair. When she grew up, she began a friendship with a young bachelor. As the hours and days passed, they began to look at each other with stars in their eyes, and as their love grew, they thought about taking steps to the altar. So, the young girl got out her spools of thread and made clothes to get ready for their wedding ring day.

After they are married, some of their times together will be bright as noon and others will be dark as night.  But they will try to share their happiness, their miseries and their chores – she grabbing a wrench to help with household repairs and he grabbing a towel to help with the dishes.  Sometimes they will have broken dishes, but they will try to remember that “things” can be replaced, whereas harsh words, possibly spoken about the broken dishes, could chip away love.  They will try to follow the Golden Rule as they are learning to communicate openly with each other.

They will also try to keep in mind the symbolism of Jacob’s ladder – “steps of communication” between themselves on earth and God in heaven.

Please join me for a cup of tea as Tressie tells me some of her favorite summer memories.

Grandma, what was your favorite activity in the summer?  How did you keep cool?

I loved to roller skate and play outside.  We would high jump.  I had stilts.  I had a wagon that I would use to haul ice from the ice house.

This was the first that I recall hearing about the Icehouse in Trinidad.  I had to ask Mom about it.  Several of the surrounding communities, many of them coal mining towns, have made note of (and made a big deal about) their Icehouses.

Did you have a bike?  Where would you ride it to?

I had a bike, but I never learned to ride it.

Did you ever go camping?  Where did you go?

I went camping with Campfire Girls.  Mom and Dad would take us up around the North Lake area.  The first fish I caught was in that area.  Campfire Girls would go to Whispering Pines that was by Duling Lodge.  (Duling Lodge is now a part of the Bar NI Ranch.)

We heard of Tressie's love for camping and the outdoors in the first Teatime with TT & Carol.  

Did you have a favorite pet?  Tell us about them.  What was a funny thing they did?

When we lived out on the ranch on Grey Creek Road, we had lots of pets.  This was during World War I.  Goldie was a cow; Jewel was a calf and our dog was Bob.  

We also had a cow named Pet.  Pet had died, so we had funeral for her.  My sister, Velma, played the piano.  She played a famous piece by Petroski.  Also, at the farm we had another little house and there were some old bedsprings out there and one of the cows got tangled up in the springs.  We finally got her untangled.  

We had a black horse.  We would get onto this horse by a high back porch.  We couldn't get the horse to go anywhere except the well.  Mom was very good on this horse and would go out on the horse a lot.  

After we moved back to town, we took our dog, Bob, and our cow Goldie with us (Goldie was a milk cow).  Bob was a bulldog. The dog next door didn't like Bob and they would fight.  Goldie was right there helping out her friend Bob.  Goldie's milk had TB in it so we had to get rid of her. 

After Bob, I had a dog named Kip.  He would chase Roy Simpson down the sidewalk and into his car.

Roy Simpson was the same guy that (inconsiderately) sat on the curb while Tressie changed a flat tire to take him to the train depot.  I say Kip had a good judgment of Roy by chasing him back to his car.  Good dog!  😂

Interestingly enough, Grandma didn't mention any memories related to July 4th celebrations.  She did have one memory about babysitting a niece...

It was the 4th of July and my friend, Anna May and I were babysitting Marie Louise, Velma's daughter.  Mom, Dad and Velma had gone to the West Theatre.  Marie Louise was crying and crying.  We walked her around and pushed her in my doll buggy.  She just cried and cried.  After Velma got home "Sid", Marie Lucille was born.  Mom and Dad told me the next morning and I didn't know that anything had happened.

I was expected to help around the house and in the kitchen.  I would help with the cooking.  I would help make peanut butter fudge and hot cocoa.  I had to do dishes and I helped clean house.  After high school I cleaned house and mopped the floors.  

I would sometimes go with Dad into town to check streetlights.  Since they were arc lights, he would have to report the lights that were out to the Power Company, and they would fix them the next day.  I went with him one time to the old powerhouse.  The water in the pond at Central Park ran the powerhouse.  We had to go along this walkway and down some stairs to where the big furnaces were.  I didn't really like that.  I was kind of skittish.  I especially liked going into town to check the street lights in the summer.

I have a notebook full of recipes that Tressie collected over the years... I think it is something that she started as she and Forrest were planning to get married. She needed to be ready to prepare meals for her new husband.

But I still chuckle at the statement that they had been "tried and tested... and found safe but in all instances, not savory."

What a contrast to Katie Schleich, my Paternal Grandma, who didn't use recipes and seemed to have NEVER failed at offering a savory meal.

Many of the recipes are noted to be from family members and friends. There happens to be fudge and peanut butter fudge recipes... Though I cannot guarantee that it is the same recipe that was used when she would help to make the fudge she mentioned in the story above. 😉

I don't eat much fudge anymore (my sweet tooth has diminished over the years), but I have always been a fan of nuts in my fudge!  

Now is the time to grab the pattern for the Steps to the Altar block.  It is a 6" block and you will need eight blocks.  Don't forget to come back when you have your blocks complete to link up a photo for the chance to win a prize package from Cornerstone Tea Co.  
This month Stephanie is offering a 30% discount if you place an order and use SAVORY as your discount code.  Valid through July 20th.

What is your favorite fudge flavor?
Nuts?  Or no nuts?
Leave a comment... I'd love to hear from you!

Keep Piecing,


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