Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Heart of the Home...

In most homes the kitchen ends up being a gathering space for all that are present... It has been that way for generations.  

Below is my dad with his parents, obviously admiring the feast that lies before them... 

And an after-dinner visit with my cousin's baby... in the kitchen!

It still holds true for many households today.  As the meal is prepped, the conversations and laughter ensue...  the food is placed on the table and family and guests gather together... some may offer thanks and some may just dive right in and dish up.  

It matters not, but conversation seems to flow much easier when there is a meal involved.  

Defenses are dropped and everyone becomes a bit more honest and real.

Conversations, sometimes heated conversations, ensue.  The recounting of the days events are given.  The good. The bad. Even the ugly.  Laughter is shared... Tears may be shed... Bodies are nourished... Energy is renewed...  Opinions are shared... Jokes told... Milk is spilled... and how many of us cried over spilled milk??? And then were told "I'll give you something to cry about." ? ME!

The table is where games are played... where cheaters get caught... stories are told...

The kitchen table is where memories are made.

This table cloth, I am certain, holds many memories.  Just imagine the stories it could tell... 

And when I was asked by my customer to turn the table cloth (that had been embroidered by her mom) into a quilt, I was more than happy to oblige.  

The table cloth was made from flour sacks...  
you can see there is still a light stamp "Bakers"

It was well worn, but patched with love...

I would have loved to have done some sort of "whole cloth" design on it with a wreath of feathers, but my customer requested an overall lattice design...

And when the quilting was done, it was obvious to me that it needed a pop of color so i pulled from the flowers and did a flange binding...

It has a cozy flannel backing as well as flannel for the batting...

Just imagine the memories that will be recalled when my customer Terre gives this quilt to her sister in October... until then, I think Terre may enjoy it herself. **wink, wink**

What memories do you recall when you think of your families kitchen table?

Happy Thoughts,


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  1. Lovely written post and very well-done on the tablecloth quilt. I really enjoyed reading this post. As kids, we each had our assigned seats at the table and there was no sitting in someone else's spot, even if they were gone to a basketball practice or sick in bed. I sat next to my dad on his left. Then came the next oldest, my brother, and then the middle child, another brother. My mom was next and my baby sister sat between my mom and dad. Isn't it funny how after ALL these years, I still remember the order. There was comfort in that. But funny thing, I didn't have assigned seats for my own kids except the baby who seemed to always sit in my lap.

  2. Thank you for sharing the story. You really made the right choices on this quilt and the binding. Well done!

  3. What a cool idea! It's wonderful that she decided to preserve that family treasure in this wey. I love it! Thanks for linking up to Wednesday Wait Loss.