Friday, September 29, 2023

Wild Fans

I snuck in a finish!  In between the craft classes, phone calls and household chores.  I snuck in a few minutes here and a few minutes there... and this is what I came up with.

With orphan blocks from the collection of Mary Margaret Smith, this quilt is like a step back to the 90s with the wild prints ~ all silky fabrics but pieced on to stabilizer so they didn't move too much.  Her choices of fancy embroider stitches in bright, contrasting colors added to the wild.

Over-sized Baptist fans make up the quilting. The lines are spaced 2" apart.

A light green binding finished the edges and a 90s print with forest green background and pink and blue flowers is on the back.

In it's "ready for a new home" state, slightly shrunk and wrinkly soft, it measures approximately 44" square.  It is a nice size for a lap quilt or perhaps a baby quilt for one of Mary's great-grandchildren. 

These blocks are not my go-to style.  But as I worked on this quilt, I could not help but think of the love, labor and pride that went into making each one.  And to have the honor to finish them is something I do not take lightly.

I'll be turning my attention to the custom t-shirt quilt that is next in que... it happens to include a few shirts from the 80s (a great era, in my opinion, since I graduated in 1983).  I'll be jammin' to 80s hits as I work on the quilt this weekend.

What will you be doing?  
Do you like to have music playing when quilting? 
Or do you prefer to watch tv? 
Or maybe listen to a book?

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear from you!

Keep Piecing,


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  1. What an interesting crazy quilt with the embroidery stitches! Yeah for the finish!!! It's funny how a little time here and there can make a difference!

  2. Love the quilt as well as your stitches! Nicely done, and the backing is pretty too.
    I don't care for music while I'm in my room, but sometimes I'll turn on the TV. Hub's office is not that far away and he is not quiet! He is either listening to music or talking (sometimes loudly) to himself, so my room is my sanctuary. I like peace and quiet. ;)

  3. How kind of you to finish these orphan blocks into a quilt for the quilter's family! The backing fabric takes me back to when I was a young mom, making quilts for our beds. I love listening to music when I'm machine quilting, and to the news on the radio in the morning when I'm piecing.

  4. Wow! the quilt is awesome ~ such creative work!

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  5. Depending on my mood and how much I need to concentrate I listen to books with the help of my library's app, or I listen to music with no words or that I wouldn't know the words. Occasionally I listen to pod casts if my sewing involves no thinking such as crumb piecing. There are a few times when I must concentrate as in measuring or turning pieces in the right direction I must have silence. I don't understand how folks watch TV? I have to look at my work.
    Love the stitching done on the quilt. The Baptist Fan quilting was a great choice.

  6. I never quilt or sew alone, I've always have quilting or sewing videos going on You Tube 🤣 the quilts turned out great,congrats on the finishes!

  7. Lovely quilt, I love these bright blue silk pieces! Fun embroideries, and the big fan quilting designs are great!
    Thank you for sharing this pretty quilt, and linking up.

  8. Such a beautiful crazy quilt, Melva. I am sure that was a fun quilt to work on. I love to listen to music when I am working at the sewing machine, but when I am hand quilting, I usually have the TV in the background.