Wednesday, May 8, 2013

He Makes Me Lie Down in Green Pastures

Loss has been a large part of our life recently.   I had commented to a friend that I feel like I am living in a bad country song... Dave lost his job, I lost my Dad, I've "lost" some babies that I love dearly because they are moving...  Our daughter, Rebecca, even compared us to Job and all that he lost.  I replied "Well, I certainly hope that I don't lose our children!"  She agreed.  :)

However, we have come through the past several weeks bruised and beaten, but with our faith and our love for God and praising Him for His provision. 

Last week, as we planned my Dad's service to celebrate his life, the Pastor suggested that the 23rd Psalm be read as part of his service.  We followed the suggestion and as the Psalm was read I had a picture of a quilt come to mind - Green strips of fabric - scrappy, of course!  No border - representing God's unending love for us.  And quilted with the words of Psalm 23 written in script lettering.

The idea of using words/script as the quilting has long been an idea of mine for several years, but I was afraid to actually try it.  Since Dave and I seem to be in a "new season" I figure I might as well try to learn something new... thus my sudden interest in free motion quilting.  Much like the "Oasis in the Desert" quilt, the stitching isn't perfect, but it has improved.  And I have learned that my stitches remain much more even if I do not drop the feed dogs as the owner's manual suggests.  Below is a close up of part of the script.

Again, much like the "Oasis" quilt, this "Green Pastures" quilt offered healing for me.  I'm not really sure what I am going to do with these very personal quilts... We certainly don't have a NEED for them, but I don't think that I can sell them.  They are too imperfect and too much of a "bandaid" for me.  Perhaps one day they will offer comfort and/or healing to someone who may need one of them as they journey through a rough time in life, much like we have.  

In the meantime, I will snuggle up under them as Dave and I wander off to "Walton's Mountain" each evening.  (We have found it a safe hideout as we unwind and watch the Walton's on INSP each night.)  Good night, Johnboy.

I happened upon a quilt blog festival and decided to enter.  Here is the link where you can vote starting May 24th.  Follow this link... I am entering the scrap category.