Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Not Much Quilting Going On...

I haven't had much time quilting lately... Oh, I have been busy with quilt-related projects, but not much time at my machine since I finished the Scrap Dance Minuet, 2019 Color Challenge and A Time For All Seasons quilts.

What HAVE I been doing???  A lot of pattern writing for the Pieces From The Past Sew Along.  Because the patterns are vintage Kansas City Star patterns that offer only templates for the blocks, not cutting sizes or assembly directions, ( sometimes they allow for the seam allowance, but often times, not) I have been making the patterns more modern by offering cutting dimensions and assembly instructions.  It is my effort to make the piecing of the blocks an easy and enjoyable experience for everyone participating in the sew along.  I have about 10 of them ready to go and could use some help testing them and proof-reading them.  Interested?  Leave a comment and be sure to let me know how to contact you via e-mail.

By the way... the first block - The Signature Block - is still available and the second is scheduled to be released on Thursday - February 13th. 

There is nothing more frustrating than having a block that doesn't come together right, or end up the correct size.  One of the biggest challenges I had was figuring out if the template printed in the paper actually measured 2-3/4" or should it be 2-5/8".  Some of the pieces really are unusual sizes.

One other thing I could use some help with is translating a church record of some sort.  I believe it is in Russian and am curious about what it says.  Again, if you are willing to help me out, leave a comment and way to contact you.

Moving on.... Last weekend I was supposed to be away for a "girls weekend"... it was to begin late Friday afternoon... but it snowed overnight on Thursday and continued in the morning... and the roads were a MeSs!  

I had planned on taking my scrapbooking supplies and pictures to work on getting caught up by completing 2016 and 2017.  When the announcement of the delay arrived I decided that I would start scrapping then... 

In just 3+ hours I had six months of memories assembled in a storybook fashion.  Yay!  Progress...

The next morning the announcement arrived that the weekend hostess would be ready for guests at the cabin by 10:30 a.m.  I loaded up my bags and eyed the mess of scrapping supplies spread out on the cutting table in my studio... Ummm... no that is not going to happen!

I grabbed my "go bag" of hand sewing projects that I had started for our upcoming road trip.  It consists of the National Parks Postcard blocks designed by Rachel Lee at Fiona Sandwich.  

As seven of us that braved the sloppy road conditions and threatening weather forecast for more snow on Sunday enjoyed conversation, wine, laughter, snacks and meals for just 24+ hours I stitched...

I completed the blocks needed for the first section of our Camping Journal Quilt - 2017.  It was the beginning of our love relationship with a truck camper.  

We were actually only borrowing the camper from a neighbor to decide if we wanted to purchase it from them.  We spent a few days at a KOA Kampground in Ouray, CO, headed to the Mesa Verde area and then to Pagosa Springs.

I had several of the blocks already done and just needed to fill in a few blanks...

A Teepee, squash blossom, some colorful mountains with a grey sky and a campfire.

I can now assemble the first row!  I also have 16 other blocks in kits and another 8 that are ready to be prepared for the kits.  I love the versatility of these blocks as they can be used for various National Parks, as well as State Parks and camping in general.  

So, as you have seen, there has been some quilting related stuff going on, but I just don't have much to show for it.  As I stated... the Signature block is still available AND you have a few days to link up for the give away drawing of the first fat quarter.  Go grab your pattern and head to your sewing machine.  It is a really easy (and quick block) that you can have done in about an hour.  Tag me in your photo on instagram and use the hashtag #PiecesFromThePast, share to my facebook page or email it to me - MelvaLovesScraps@NolanQualityCustoms.com if you aren't sure how to get linked up and I will take care of it.  

What have you been up to?  
Leave a comment... I'd love to hear from you!

Quilt happy!

Melva Loves Scraps - Home of the Pieces From The Past Sew Along
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Monday, February 3, 2020

A Time For All Seasons Finish

My most recent finish was the block of the month from Sew Incredibly Crazy and Friends...  A Time For All Seasons.

I had a layout but I was in a quandary about how to finish it... sashing strips or not???  Seasonal fabrics?  Just a neutral fabric?  Checkerboard? 

And then I was in the shower thinking of what I might do in the studio when I got out... and an idea hit me!  

I had a batik charm pack and there was just enough to be able to make sashing strips and make it a gradual transition in colors to the next row...

You may notice that some how I managed to get a few out of order... Ooops!

The purple, orange and green on the left got mixed up, but I put them in their proper places before it was quilted.  

Life (well, house projects actually) got busy and crazy with a need to (my husband's need) paint the master bedroom... 

But in between needing my help, I did find some celebratory fabric (in my stash) that featured balloons.  I thought it would great!  Despite auditioning the fabric as a border... when I had a 4" border on the top, I hated it!  **Ugh**  

I cut it down to 2" and placed a soft blue as an outer border.  All better... it toned it down and calmed it down like magic... Whew! 

I did my "go-to, no-brainer" free-motion loops for the quilting and fell in love with it even more with every loop completed as I grew closer to it being completed.

I had thought (several months ago) "what  fun to use seasonal fabrics as the binding."  I pulled out scraps from the many seasonal scrub tops that I made my daughter and found all that I needed.

I had snow flakes, hearts, shamrocks and more!

And then I called one of my besties who has a skillful eye and a love for photography.

It was a COLD snow covered morning but we bravely headed to the public library and she snapped away!

Just look at some of the shots she captured!  

This one is my absolute favorite 💓

We had such fun driving all over town looking for brightly colored/playful back drops...  It was nearly as fun as all the random thoughts and memories I recalled when making the blocks!  

Thoughts of conversation hearts for Valentines day, the shenanigans that my hubby and his brothers pull when together and topsy turvey Easter baskets when our girls were little...  the poignant memories of pinwheels at the Alzheimer walks in honor of my Dad, fun in the sun as we camped at the Great Sand Dunes... and so many more!

Dave and I enjoyed a few nights of sleep under this beauty since we slept in the guest room while we had our room torn apart.  She is well broken in and I can attest to her warmth and comfort.  😉

What do you do when you are less than thrilled with the look of a border that you think "would be perfect", but isn't?

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear your tips and suggestions.

Quilt Happy!


Have you grabbed your copy of the first block in the Pieces From The Past sew along?
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