Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The Adventure Quilt - Final Frontier

The Adventure Quilt Along of the Road Trip Quilt has been a fun journey.  Kate and Tammy did an amazing job with selecting the blocks, pattern instructions and placement.  The only detours I faced were because of my own inability to read and follow directions clearly... 

I failed in reading the instructions carefully back on block 10, the trees, when I carefully trimmed the blocks to the finished size, not the unfinished size, allowing for the seams.  **sigh**  I did the same thing on all three trees, but because of the placement of them, I was able to add an extra 1/2" on the side and/or bottom of the blocks without messing with the look of them.  So... I only needed to remake one block.  Yay!  Just a minor detour due to a road block. LOL!

The Final Frontier assembly instructions clearly stated which block and what size blocks went where... 

However, because I am more of a visual person, the pictures (that I greatly appreciated) weren't always enough for me to follow.

Like when I grabbed an 8"  block instead of the 9" block as stated in the written instructions.

<<< It caused such a fuss!  

I decided it was best to put the quilt in a time-out while I dealt with the laundry that had piled up over 10 days as I waited for a new washer and dryer to arrive.

When I returned to my studio the next morning the 8-inch block (the green and orange block) stepped forward and admitted to impersonating the 9-inch block (the blue and yellow block)that had been distracted when I asked for it!  And because of that error there was a disruption in the 9 patch block placed next to it.  

Jack and and I had a visit and after he left, I was able to calmly get all of the blocks back in their proper place and complete the top.  Woohoo!  It was time for sandwiching!

Last year I had purchased some quilting templates to be able to learn some stippling.  I have struggled with the timing and spacing of the technique and thought that the template would help me to learn the skill.  

I felt like a kid with training wheels on my bike and I felt ready to take those wheels off and give free-motion stippling a try!  I was very pleased with it!  Like, over the moon excited!

I love this quilt and I have enjoyed the journey that it has taken me on.  

More than once I was reminded that life is a journey... it is not a race or competition and it is not just the destination that should be focused on... it is the fact that the journey should be enjoyed.

I appreciate the fact that many of you and traveled along with me with each block as I shared about...

The log cabin blocks and the thoughts of getting ready for a road trip, the various mile markers (of life) and the spring break trip that reminded me of poppies in Arizona.  I shared my dream and what to do when facing a great divide.  You were there with me as I was thinking of the traveler with wanderlust and the tumble weeds in panhandle of Texas...

I'm sure some of you giggled as I shared about our first experience with a round about in Gettysburg... before GPS devices (lol) and our California beach vacation with the Ocean Waves blocks... and our interest in navigating the roads less traveled.  I recalled some childhood memories with the Woods at my elementary school and about the open spaces we passed by when we moved to Colorado. 

As I wrap up this adventure, I am ready to take a big next step in a new adventure...  I am preparing to announce and advertise for doing custom quilting for others.  

If you have some quilt tops hanging around in a closet that need to be finished, why don't you shoot me an e-mail with a couple photos and dimensions...

I'd be happy to discuss your project with you!  

I will soon have more details on a new tab at the top of the blog, but until then... wish me luck!

Have you done quilting for hire?  
Do you have any tips or suggestions in avoiding some pitfalls?  

Please share by leaving a comment or send me an e-mail message... I would greatly appreciate it!

Remember... enjoy the journey,


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  1. I have never seen templates like that for freemotion - how cool! I tend to just wing it, but I know my mom would definitely love something like that! I also really love the colors and "motion" of that quilt.

  2. Your finished quilt is fabulous! I like every single thing about it, and don't even see the errors you mentioned.

  3. Beautiful finish. I'm still a newbie longarmer and have quilted a few for my sisters. The only thing advice I can offer when quilting anothers top, "make sure the quilt is square before loading and beginning to quilt". Otherwise you may end up with a lot of extra fabric in one of the lower corners. Not everyone squares their blocks, some just pleat their blocks to make them fit. Yes, my sisters do that,grrr. I learned the hard way after only quilting for myself. Good luck.

  4. Oh my goodness, you had quite a struggle there, but it was worth it. Beautiful finish! Thanks for linking up to What I Made Monday.

  5. This turned out beautifully!! And such a pretty location shoot.
    And yes, I do quilting for hire - contact me quiltfabrication at gmail dot com if you want to talk more.

  6. Your quilt has turned out magnificent. And the location for your photo shoot really does it justice. Good luck in your new big adventure, I hope it brings you and your clients a lot of joy.

  7. Every quilt is a journey, and this one sure fits the bill! I enjoyed reading your adventures. Good luck on your new adventure--quilting! Meanwhile, thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.