Friday, May 17, 2019

2019 Color Challenge - May - Lime Green

Jen at Patterns By Jen chose lime green as the color of the month.  Her inspiration for the color came from the Spider Mum.

When I headed to my fabric closet I quickly learned that I had a very limited supply of lime green fabric... and NONE with large enough pieces to get 7" squares cut from them.  I vowed to NOT purchase fabric for this challenge, so I set the pattern aside for a week... 

maybe in hopes that some would just reveal itself??? 

... or maybe in hopes that I would receive a random gifting of fabric from someone cleaning out a closet or stash of their own. It has happened a few times now, so it isn't completely out of the question.

As I finished some  other projects and blocks of the month, Jen's pattern soon arrived back at the top of the pile again.

I once again headed to my stash of lime greens... Nothing new had come forward, but as I looked at them I thought of the All About Strings blog hop that I participated in back in March.... and the inspiration hit me!  Like a coconut on the head!  String piece the blocks! 

As I prepped my 7" string pieced blocks, making two light and two dark, I had the silly little song pop into my head... 🎵You put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up 🎶

When our girls were teenagers and involved in youth group they had some very creative and energetic youth leaders who would plan fun activities like scavenger hunts.

They once did a photo scavenger hunt where they had a list of things to photograph and a disposable camera.  They were to find as many things on the list, snap a picture and then drop off the camera to the local photo developing place for one-hour developing.  

Another time they did a video scavenger hunt with similar rules of having a list and a time limit.  When everyone had returned to the church they watched each team's videos to determine which team successfully filmed the list items.

The teams had to be really creative... I mean, how do you capture John 3:16 in a photograph?  Well, the team with the youth named Jon had it easy... they placed him in front of a store front with the address of 316.  

How do you film a re-enactment of a miracle as told in the Bible?  You look for a shallow puddle and have one of the youth members walk in it.... giving the appearance of walking on water!  Lol!

The team that Dave and I chaperoned had three girls and two guys and they were quite a hoot!  In between all of the stops of the video scavenger hunt they were singing...  any guesses???

My hunt for lime green fabrics was a little like that youth scavenger hunt... I had to find the appropriate shades... AND I think it really captures the narrow petals of the flower.

Now, the idea of lime and coconut together does not sound appealing to me...  Key Lime pie sounds good... and Coconut Cream pie sounds good as well.  

And if you google the meaning of the lyrics you get quite a colorful, as well as a variety of meanings and descriptions.  One stated that in Jamaica the combination is used to lower blood pressure!  Who knew???

But, the scavenger hunt thing got me thinking about how fun a Quilter's Scavenger Hunt would be during a shop hop or even a guild meeting.  

Now, since my community doesn't have a guild and the LQS is Wally-World,  it isn't really something that I would be able to participate in.  And I have seen some scavenger hunts in a few magazines where you visit assigned websites and search for a particular item...  it just doesn't seem as much fun as participating in a hunt with friends and other quilters in person.

Have you participated in a Quilter's Scavenger Hunt?  
What sort of items would you include in the hunt list?

Let me live vicariously through you... leave a comment telling me about your scavenger hunt fun!

Piece Happy!

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  1. One year during the Quilt MN Shop Hop, one store gave us a picture of Babe the blue ox pasted onto a tongue depressor. We were to take pictures of Babe during our travels and post them on their Facebook page to be entered in a contest to win $100 to spend in their shop. Tu-Na Helper and I gave it the ol' college try. Babe was photographed dancing in a field of wildflowers, standing next to the Canadian border, and about 50 other places. We didn't win but it was memorable.

    I have a good scavenger hunt story. About 12 years ago, Tu-Na Helper and I were helping one of our sons renovate a house that him and his wife had just purchased. They had lots of things to put in the trash which were piled into the garage. They figured if they paced it out in the weekly trash pick up, eventually it would all be gone. A couple of months later, we were back to help again. "What's left to get rid of?" I asked. "Just the microwave and a large piece of carpet," my daughter-in-law replied. "We've cut up all the other carpet into small pieces and it's now gone. "We need a miracle," my son said. "I'm getting tired of this." A knock came at the door. "We're from the Lutheran church next door and we are on a scavenger hunt to bring back the largest thing you no longer want," said a group of kids about 15 years old. They happily took the microwave. We couldn't believe it until we heard another knock, "We're from the Lutheran church next door and want to win this scavenger hunt," said another group of kids. Do you have anything large that you don't want?" It took everyone n the group to carry the carpet away.

    1. Hi Karen! That is such a fun scavenger hunt story!! And how fabulous that it's a win/win all around. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I love the scavenger hunts you related. Children are so creative! The idea of a quilter's scavenger hunt is great, and we have 12 shops in our hop, but I can't say they ever have done such a thing. It would be fabulous! Your block is creative interpretation, too, and looks wonderful!

  3. I love lime green! It's always my choice over yellow.

  4. I like the idea of a scavenger hunt shop hop. I also really enjoyed this post. I was just at a sew day with my two friends and for dessert I brought Daiya brand Ke!y Lime Cheese has a mild lime flavour...and as it is dairy free it's made with coconut milk. Yum! We eat it with blueberries. I like how you coped with your challenge.

  5. Hi Melva! Well, isn't that just the best and very clever. I adore this solution - way to use your noggin. Although, I have to ask why, or why do you not have any lime in your scrap stash?! And then after a whole week, none presented itself. Rude. I think you solved the issue in fine fashion, and now that you have some lime fabric will find its way to the top of the green pile. I'm sure of it~ ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. I love the idea of a scavenger hunt, but I'd like it to be a STUDIO hop and check out everyone's sewing spaces! Thanks for linking up to What I Made Monday, and thanks for the earworm!

  7. I love lime green, so this month's challenge is a favorite. Love your solution! Thanks for sharing it on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  8. I have zero lime green, so I think your stringy solution was a great way to approach the challenge. : )