Monday, January 27, 2020

2019 Color Challenge Finish

A few weeks ago we started a small project in the basement... it involved dismantling a workbench to make it smaller and moving it, and then creating a shelving unit along that wall and enclosing half of it for fabric storage. 

Sometimes you just have to make a big mess before you can get the mess cleaned up!

I had fabric in several places... the guest room closet, a cabinet in the finished portion of the basement, a dresser in the basement... and don't forget the large cardboard box and a large storage bin.  

As I moved and unpacked fabric into the new storage area I found some fabric that I pulled for use as borders and backing of this year's color challenge quilt.

Since Jen's inspiration for the color challenge centered on flowers, it just seemed like kismet that there would be fabric called "The Language of Flowers" that had not only flowers, but vintage postcards and envelopes in the background.

If you missed any of my monthly posts about these blocks you can catch up by searching for 2019 Color Challenge (there is a tag at the end of the post).  

Each month I learned a bit about each flower... as some of them I was not really familiar with... like spider mums, and glory of the snow.  And there were a several that I had no idea even existed!  Like the Bells of Ireland (that are not native to Ireland), Love in a Mist, Sundaze Ablaze and the Jade Vine.

As I shared what I learned, I also shared what the flowers may mean if used in a bouquet that was meant to send a message...  like pink carnations meaning "I'll never forget you", marigolds = passion and creativity; purple lilacs mean love while white lilacs allude to youthful innocence and let's not forget the red rose that means love.  Flowers... A lost language... See??? The Language of Flowers fabric was meant to be!!!

Since the border taken care of, I moved onto the backing...

The "Flowers of 50 states" was a panel I located while moving fabric.  Now, obviously, it was not large enough to be a stand alone backing, nor was it square enough...  I returned to the new fabric storage cabinets and located some fabric that had words printed on it... words of encouragement and positive reinforcement...

It made me think... we often speak words of encouragement to our children or spouses and family and friends... but what sort of words do we speak to ourselves?  Are we as encouraging?  Are we as kind?

Often times, sadly, the answer is no.

I recently I was putting SEW into houSEWork and made a new ironing board cover using some "word" fabric that I found during the recent fabric move... more encouraging words!  I spend a lot of time in my studio alone... I could use these reminders!  Keep a thankful heart... gratitude... start the day with a song in your heart... take courage...

     I finished off the backing with a little more word fabric and got it sandwiched... it sat for a few days as I pondered how to quilt it.  

As a sampler quilt I thought that I might quilt each block separately, but I wasn't really excited about that... It sat some more...  

I considered straight line quilting... but that is so S L O W... I really wanted to do some free-motion quilting.  Stippling?  Yes!  But then Dave was starting another project... this one in our bedroom... **sigh**  and I just couldn't focus like I needed to for stippling... Loops it is!

I really do love it!  And that two color binding offers just enough of a break...

I don't have a recipient in mind for this quilt, but whoever happens to get it will be wrapped not only in love and prayers, but words of kindness and encouragement!

Leave a comment about what sort of encouraging words you need to speak to yourself!  I'd love to hear from you.

Smile often and quilt happy!


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  1. A man giving up space for fabric is a sure sign of love.

  2. I need to remind myself that I should slow down to enjoy the process and not worry so much about self imposed deadlines. And maybe not to start so many projects

  3. Isn't it amazing what we can find when moving around fabric??!! I love the encouraging words fabric and your new ironing board cover, as well as your quilt. Curlies and swirlies seem to be my go-to free motion designs, so I think it's perfect!! I have difficulty with stippling - isn't that crazy??! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This past Christmas I gifted my grand niece her quilt. It was a sampler done in Kaffe and the backing was "blessing" phrases. I wanted it bright and positive. She suffered great traumas for most of her life, and in 2019 she started a non-profit to help and support those who'd been through similar traumas. She LOVES it! Now my sister and I are going to make quilts for those she is helping. We're all so proud of her and want to help her in her mission.

  5. That was perfect fabric for the border and a great finish.

  6. What fun to find the most perfect fabrics for your quilts!!

  7. I'm back to thank you for linking up to Put your foot down.

  8. I have enjoyed this journey with you! Lovely quilt. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.