Thursday, February 14, 2019

2019 Color Challenge - Carnations - Pink

The February Color Challenge color is Pink.  It was one of my favorite colors as a kid.  When I was allowed to choose a color for my bedroom I chose pink!  What were my parents thinking when I asked for pink... and not a light pink... something subtle... like the carnations shown in the photo to the right. >>>

They let me get bubble gum pink!

I was probably about age 9 or 10... And the room remained that way until my parents sold the house when I was in my 30s!

It was a little reminiscent of the light pink in my block. Oh my... 

As I watched a story on the CBS Sunday Morning show about singing telegrams I recalled how student council, or maybe it was show choir, would hold a fundraising event on Valentines Day where students could order a singing telegram, along with a box of chocolates or a flowers, to a person in a specific class period.  

It was a way to "declare your love" for someone or just embarrass the tar out of them.  I don't ever recall being on the receiving end of one of these singing telegrams.  I was, however, embarrassed beyond  belief when my boy friend who attended HS in a neighboring town publicly declared his love for my by having a Valentine message printed in the town paper.  **Ugh** 

I mean, I liked the guy, and may have been on the verge of admitting some form of teenage love for him.  His message of love was supposed to be somewhat discreet... he claimed...  Supposedly, my name was not to be printed in full, nor his name... only initials.  He apologized profusely.  I must have forgiven him... we continued dating for a few more months.  He was going to go off to college in Denver and I would still be in HS.  

It was an awkward situation... I became painfully aware that he was much more in love with me and his public proclamation of love for me magnified the fact that I was not able to reciprocate the feelings.  I eventually ended the relationship... after Prom.  After all, a girl had to have a date to attend Prom and it was the social event of the year!

(Edit... Actually I remember getting this picture and being quite excited that we looked "so cute" together.  But somewhere between prom and his graduation, I wasn't comfortable knowing he had stronger feelings for me, therefore, I ended it.)

It is obvious to me now that he was never meant to be the love of my life.  Through that young relationship (and a few others) I was able to get a glimpse into what love really is and I definitely found that with Dave!

For better or worse... In sickness or in health... Until death do we part.  Thirty-three years and counting!

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a singing telegram???

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Happy Valentines Day!

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  1. Hi Melva! Happy Valentine's Day to you and Dave! That whole prom experience and boy set you up for knowing what you wanted in your relationship with Dave, and allowed you to recognize it for what it was. Your block is very pretty! I am a huge fan of carnations, and I think your block represents well. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Hi! Nope, never got a singing telegram, and fortunately, NEVER a newspaper ad. :D :D Poor guy.

  3. I never had a singing telegram. However, my junior high/HS/college boyfriend worked at the college radio station. He would play songs for me on the FM station. He used to play "Symphony for Susan" for me. I went to the University 100 miles away and I could sometimes pull that college radio station in and I'd hear him play it. Of course, there were no announcements on FM. We dated off and on even after I moved to PA which was 250 miles away. Then when I moved to OK, it was over. Most people thought we would get married. I was crazy about him but he had decided in HS that he wanted to go out with someone else while he had asked me to go steady and forgot to break up first. I don't think I could have ever have trusted him with the way he wanted to date me and others, too after that event and the way it had transpired. We had gone to the junior prom together and that was great. Then he pulled that trick at the end of our junior year. Then he asked me to the senior prom and then tried to tell me that I really didn't want to go with him. My mom already was making my dress. I knew he wanted to take the girl he had taken out when he did that fiasco and I wasn't going to let him out of it easily and I didn't. We all went to church together, too. I had his mom for homeroom and personalized typing that year and he had my mom for Algebra III and Analytic Geometry. Actually, I was in Algebra III class with him. That's the joys of one high school in a county. His parents much preferred me to the other girl so it was a real mess. I had my first child baptized in the church where we grew up. His mom acted like that should have been her grandchild. It was embarassing. My 50 year class reunion is this year. I have no desire to see him either. I doubt that I go and I doubt that he goes either. My cousin has asked me to stay with her. If I get better, I might go. There were 276 of us in that county. I have no idea how many are planning to go. They have been dropping like flies lately. I have no idea how many of us are left now to even go. My mom was still alive and went to the family luncheon after church on Sunday when I went to my 15th reunion. I think most of our teachers are deceased now. Some of them were parents of classmates. We had a few youngsters though. I love your story.