Monday, January 20, 2020

Scrap Dance Minuet Mystery Quilt S L O W Finish

Last yearI joined in on my first Mystery Quilt - Scrap Dance Minuet - hosted by Carole over at From My Carolina Home.

It was a scrap buster and easy to follow along.  The clues were offered at an easy pace and the steps were beginner friendly and came together quickly.

Once the blocks were pieced I was stalled... 

I had the idea to use sashing strips between the blocks.  

I like the way it looked on the design wall and when someone commented that the sashing strips would take away from secondary pattern that was formed when the blocks were joined together my initial response "my quilt, my choice".  

I moved forward ignoring their opinion...  But once it was sewn with the sashings and a border I snapped a picture... and immediately... I did NOT like it.  At. All...

I ripped it all apart (while binging on Heartland over on netflix) and started over with sewing the blocks together sans sashing strips.  Okay, so they were right.  

Once I got the first border on it I was stuck again...  I was busy too, with some pattern testing and camping excursions.

When I finally returned to it in about September or October I had settled on doing a checkerboard border and using a printed double wedding ring backing for the quilt.  I got it sandwiched but lacked any great ideas on how to quilt. so  it hung in the closet until I had inspiration for how to quilt it.

Carole helped out with that as she revealed what she was doing.  I was in love with it, but I was bogged down with commissioned quilts and quilting for customers.

A few weeks ago I prepared my year in review and plans for 2020 at the end of December, and I had determined that this mystery quilt would be my first finish of 2020.  I was determined!

As I had it laying on the floor to consider marking for the quilting when my husband passed through the room and took a look and commented that he really liked it.  I asked him what he liked about it... it reminded him of an older scrappy quilt.  My response was "I'm glad you like it but, it's not really one of my favorites."  

That was before quilting!  Once I got it quilted and the binding on it... with big stitches with variegated floss... 

... it has really grown on me!

The timing of this finish is a little funny in that I am currently reading the last of the Patchwork Mystery books... I mentioned a few of them as I shared about the different steps of making this quilt.

There were many times that I related so strongly with statements made... such as in this conversation between Sarah, the main character and quilter with someone who was considering the purchase of a valuable antique quilt.   

Sarah::  "The artistry is in the color and pattern choices.  As well as the quilting pattern.  The maker of this quilt created a complex design in the spaces in between the calico pieces."

The potential buyer responded with "I feel that the artistry is lacking."

Sarah countered... "I think that quilters find the structure and simplicity soothing.  The construction of the quilt is full of passion and creativity, but the result is meant to comfort and bring peace."

For over a year I have become familiar with the characters of this series and I will miss reading about the various stories that unfold as Sarah repairs old quilts, researches quilts to determine who the maker may be and makes her own quilts.

But the good news is that once I am done I am willing to pass on the entire set (27 books) for just the cost of shipping.   (Actual cost has not been determined because of the distance that they may travel via UPS {the closer the location, the lower the cost than shipping across country}, but could be calculated quickly.)  Are you interested?  Let me know...

Just like Dave and I have differing opinions of quilts, colors, layout and more, we can always agree that the quilts are meant to comfort and bring peace to those who use them.

Happy quilting!

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  1. I would love to read the books but shipping may be prohibitive.

  2. The quilt is a beautiful finish. I've never seen binding done that way, and I think it's lovely. I have to say that I liked it with the stripping, too. =) I would be interested in the books, if there isn't someone close to you who would like them. It's a series I've thought about reading. I'd be willing to pass them on when I finish, too.

  3. Really like this quilt and the sashing and borders. Congrats on the finish.

  4. I would be interested in the books. I'm an avid reader - last year I read 120. I enjoy reading series and quilting stories. I live in Santa Fe NM 87507, so you could let me know the shipping cost. Media rate will be far less costly. Thanks

  5. I have made almost all of Carole's Mystery Quilts and have enjoyed each one. The Minuet Mystery Quilt that you made is very pretty and I do like the border you chose. I made my quilt and sent it to one of my family members who really enjoyed it. Are you doing this years The Twist Mystery Quilt? The clues just came out. Thank you for sharing your lovely quilt and the details you shared of making it! Have a great day!

  6. ...and if Kay changes her mind I'd be happy to pay zip is 24918. Thanks....

  7. Congrats on your first finish!

  8. Beautiful quilt!!! I'm interested in the books.

  9. That is a beautiful quilt that is just crying out to cuddle someone! Your decisions were spot on. I'm glad you found the time to make them; sometimes a quilt needs a little time in construction to reveal itself. Congratulations on its finish!

  10. Love the finished quilt!
    and you can ship books pretty cheap with media mail as long as there in nothing in the package except books :)

  11. I would love the book series, but have no idea where you are. I am zip code 97839.

  12. I always enjoy reading the back story behind a quilt. You came to the right decision in the end which is justified by your lovely quilt, well worth the time you spent ripping seams. It looks soft and cozy, as a quilt should be. I’m in the UK as you know but I will check out the books on kindle. Happy Quilting