Monday, June 17, 2019

2019 Color Challenge - Orange

This month's flower inspiration for June's 2019 Color Challenge by Jen at Patterns by Jen is the Sundaze Blaze Starflower.

It is bight and sunshine-y and cheerful.  

And the Card Trick block captures the essence of the flower wonderfully!

Once upon a time... I used to love gardening.  It was something my Dad taught me.  

He grew up on a farm and enjoyed the outdoors and cultivating not just farm crops but helping his Mom with the garden.  He learned to operate heavy equipment during his time in the Army and that eventually became a large part of his work history.  

When he retired after his first by-pass surgery in 1990, he needed something to keep him busy.  He and his brother started a lawn care business.  It offered exercise to both of them as they push mowed their client's yards.  He also had a very large garden.  It was much larger than he and Mom really needed for just the two of them.  Much to Mom's chagrin... but Dad was willing to assist with any canning or freezing of the the produce and he was happy to share the excess with his brothers and sister and others.

As I stated, I used to enjoy gardening.  When we lived in Illinois we had a very large garden.  I would can quarts and quarts and QUARTS of tomatoes - enough to last us for the year, bags and bags of green beans, potatoes, cabbage and zucchini.  We had a small section for salads that included carrots, radishes, lettuce and spinach.  

And salsa... let's not forget the salsa!  We grew everything required, the tomatoes, of course, jalapenos and a variety of peppers and onions.

After moving to CO we gave up the garden.  We had been too spoiled with the rich black dirt and the ease of which the garden grew in the mid-west.  The growing season here is too short for tomatoes, the nights too cool and the soil too hard.  And we had a fixer-upper of a house to be concerned with.  

So my dad helped me plant a few flower gardens.  I would get up early and do the weeding and watering before it got too hot and before the noise of the day started (ie, children demanding attention).  It was my quiet time... and the plants flourished.

As girls grew older and they slept later, the early hours came later and more convenient... and the weeding happened less frequently. 😕

Now I can barely be bothered with weeding...  I'd rather quilt!

When you started quilting what activity got pushed to the wayside?

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear that I am not the only one to give up one thing or more so that I can quilt!

Quilt Happy!


P.S. - We actually purchase all of the produce to make our salsa now... it is SO much better than purchased salsa and worth every penny!

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  1. Your card trick block certainly reflects the flower, beautiful rich shades. What activities got pushed by the wayside for quilting? EVERYTHING!!!

  2. Fun block. I gave up cross stitch when I started quilting. Only time for one time consuming hobby.

  3. I love your block -- it's perfect to reflect those flowers! I too have noticed that I'd rather quilt than garden. I was just wondering the other day how did I ever get to weeding all my gardens before.

  4. Your challenge block looks wonderful. I enjoyed your gardening story, too. I've always liked flowers, and vegetables, but working in the dirt is not really calming for me like it is for some. I'm happy to grow pots of stuff, and I don't have vegetables any longer, just herbs and flowers. It has nothing to do with quilting time, though. I started quilting so early in life, that it never pushed anything else out, though when given a choice of quilting or housework, I always pick quilting. LOL

  5. That's an easy question to answer...housecleaning and ironing. Great looking block and enjoyable post!

  6. Great interpretation of the color of the month!

  7. Cute block! These color challenges each month are so interesting. Thanks for sharing them on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  8. Funnily enough, quilting largely replaced gardening here too. Although gardening went by the wayside due to drought and other reasons and the quilting kind of filled the gap. Love your orange block.