Wednesday, October 16, 2019

2019 Color Challenge - Red

The October Color Challenge is RED. The inspiration for Jen over at Patterns By Jen was the Rose.

A single red flower instead of a bouquet is taken to mean that the giver is in love with the recipient. So it is really not appropriate to give a single red rose to someone who is just a friend because you would be giving them entirely the wrong message.  For a romantic occasion, it would be perfect to present the person of your dreams with a single flower and make them aware of your feelings.
While red is not one of my favorite colors, roses ARE one of my favorite flowers.  Wild roses more specifically.  They are small, they are pretty and pink and they are fragrant and remind me of my Grandma Teegarden.  She had a rouge or some sort of face cream that smelled like them... and she could pain them like a BOSS on china!

But, one of the most memorable times of receiving flowers was after dating Dave for just a few months.  It was like he had read a page out of a textbook about the meaning of flowers!

I hadn't been all that serious in our relationship... we were in college... I had a boyfriend back home... said boyfriend had told me he didn't want to keep me from having a "real college experience"... "go ahead and date, I'll be here when you come home"... and then a girlfriend back home told me that she had seen him out with some other girl.  What a loser!  
Dave was far more serious about US than I was, but he didn't give up on me.  One day he said that he was buying something for me but wouldn't tell me what it was or why.  

I had made several guesses of what it might be... all were wrong.  The next night after dinner he presented me with two long-stem roses... representing the two months since we had met.  Come on... a collective "ahhhhhhhhhh, that's so sweet."

I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I didn't realize it had been two months... or that he was quite so serious!  Though I'm not really sure why... he did tell me just two weeks after meeting that he would marry me someday.  Pffffft... Yeah, right! I blew it off. He also told me that the last thing his dad told him when he pulled out of the driveway was "No girls!  You are going to school to study.  You don't need any distractions." Bahaha!

When I realized he really did mean that it didn't take long for me to get on board... I got a sweet little promise ring that he had to borrow money from one of his sisters to purchase for Christmas about six weeks later.  I still wear that ring... nearly 36 years later!

Finding reds in my stash that didn't clash was a challenge...

Those that I had plenty of fabric for a 2-fabric block didn't play well together and those that complimented each other were too small...  

So... I have a scrappy red block!  Not all of the reds wanted to be right next to each other because of an orange-y hue to them, but I was able to position them so that they didn't cause much of a disruption or distraction.

My block is filled with hearts... little teeny-tiny hearts to big hearts... and they all make me smile!  And the memories of those two roses make me smile as well.  💓

The article at Crafty Marie explained that "these beautiful buds and blooms come in all shades of red from bright crimsons to deep wines and burgundy. Red rose flowers are synonymous with timeless and lasting romance, enduring love and also the flames of a burning passion.  

You can also change the symbolic meaning of red rose flowers by combining them with other color choices. For instance, combining red with white is a symbol of enduring, lasting love and unity which is highly appropriate to present to a partner that you have been with for a long time.

Combining with yellow stands for joyous love. Any color bloom that has red edges around the petals has a special meaning as well; these mean that friendship is now changing into love."

I have mentioned before that I used to really enjoy gardening... and then I learned to quilt!  I hear that roses can be a little temperamental and difficult to get to grow and bloom...  BUT, if could magically have a garden I would have a garden full of roses!  

I so enjoy watching the movie "An American President" starring Michael Douglas and Annette Bening.  All the president wanted to do was send his girl some roses.  In the end he finally found a way... He got them from the rose garden at the White House.  Cute, romantic, predictable.  That's the way I like my movies.  I am a sappy lover through and through.  My husband has learned to enjoy them as well.  So much less drama and tension. There is enough of that in the real world...

What is one of your favorite movies?  
What is your favorite movie genre?

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear from you!  

Piece happy!

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  1. Your block is lovely, especially after reading the back story....I like all kinds of movies, mostly "chick flicks", Christian movies, animal movies or historical movies that celebrate unknown women/minorities. The Help, Reckless are two that come to mind. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful article and block!

  2. So true about the red rose. Hubby and I exchanged them at our wedding ceremony, and give them to one another every anniversary. Pretty block to honor the red rose!

  3. Love that movie! And yes, it's sappy but just the right amount. Wonderful story. Love your beautiful red rose block! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  4. Very pretty block, love the tiny hearts and an interesting story.

  5. That was fun! Not what I expected when I came here, but I really enjoyed it. Because I play a florist on a Star Trek sim, I have studied the language of flowers and really enjoy all the messages you can send ... which are lost on almost everyone. LOL Your courting story is SO sweet, and he must have been serious, because ... well 36 years for a promise! =) Lucky you.

  6. Sweet story, thank you for the smile. And thank you for linking up to Put your foot down.

  7. I love your story and your block.