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Let it Snow ~ Sew & Tell - December 4, 2023

Indian Summer seems to be done... the temperatures dropped and we have had a trace of snow a few times since Thanksgiving. Which is what has inspired this mini-quilt, #47/52. Winter is my least favorite season and if it has to be cold, I would prefer to have snow. ❄️ 

The snowflake was machine appliqued into place and then hand quilted around it, as well as some hand-quilting following the movement of the words "let it snow".

When it gets cold out, I tend to do more cooking and baking. As I was planning dinner for a busy day, Dave asked me why I haven't made any of the freezer crockpot meals lately. I told him that I had grown bored with the variety of them.

I pulled out a few of our favorites, made a list and did a quick shopping trip.  Smothered chicken, Chicken and wild rice soup and Creamy chicken tortilla soup would be on the menu.

And just in the nick of time since I traveled to meet a friend that gave me shirts for a custom quilt and to visit with the giftshop manager at Bent's Fort about selling my Pieces From the Santa Fe Trail book.

Visiting Bent's Fort was like taking a walk back in time... As I walked the 1/4-mile path to the fort, I recalled one of my first school field trips.  It was in the early 1970s, prior to the restoration of the historical site.  All that remained were small mounds from the adobe walls that melted over the decades since being abandoned.  I recalled the excitement of the restoration of the fort and the big celebration and dedication in July of 1976.  I recalled the filming of a movie at the Fort, the call for extras, and my begging my parents to allow me to participate.

Sorry about that rabbit trail... There was interest in carrying the book in the gift shop, and the possibility of a book signing event.  Knowing that dinner was taken care of, I enjoyed the day and didn't feel rushed.

Knowing I had a few other meals on hand I was able to then focus on the quilting of the most recent t-shirt quilt.  No Guilt::Go Quilt!  It is ready to be trimmed.  soon the binding will be done and then I'll spend some time hiding the thread tails.  

The backing is pieced, allowing for the overflow of the small t-shirt logos to be included.  And since it is red fabric, I will be including about 6 of the color grabber sheets.

That is at the top of my To-do list.  Followed by a few more mini-quilts, sending out Christmas cards from our business and compiling our annual family newsletter to send to the print shop.

We have discussed with our girls the idea of not doing a gift exchange for us, just the children.  Dave's family, for 7 years now, have made a family contribution to a charity or organization.  The choice has been made by a sibling in descending order of birth.  Since there are 8 siblings in the family, the "baby" will be making her choice next year, and then start over.

None of us really have a need for anything and if we do, we usually NEED it immediately.  I think something small for the Christmas stockings would be fun to do.  We'll see...

It is now time for this week's Sew & Tell feature! Karen, from Karen's Quilting shared her progress on three projects... her hand quilting caught my attention.  I am always in awe of those that hand-quilt larger projects.  I have done only one large throw quilt... it took me a year to complete it.

I do find it very relaxing, but I like to finish a project, admire it for a short time and then start a new one.  I have very few UFOs... In fact, I don't have any.  I DO have a works-in-progress - Our Camping Journal quilt.  Though, I have to admit that I am beginning to get anxious about getting enough blocks completed to get it sandwiched for quilting.  I digress...

Be sure to head over to Karen's Quilting to see her hexie project and her Christmas pillows. 

It is time now for the party to begin. :)  Join the fun by sharing a link to a blog post or a public social media post.  But before you go...

What is the longest on-going project you have worked on?

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Good evening, Melva. Your latest mini is adorable. I hope you are able to sell your book at the gift shop Bent's Fort. We visited the fort a couple of years ago and found it to be one of the most interesting forts that I have visited. The gift shop was so nice and I bought a few things from there too. Your Pieces from the Santa Fe Trail would be a perfect addition to the gift shop. Have a lovely day.

  2. I can't imagine life without UFOs - I was a great starter LOL MY oldest is a quilt I started in in 1986 for my daughter as a baby. She is almost 40

  3. I don't remember what year it was that we came across Bents Fort in Colorado in our travels but I recognized it immediately as having been used in several scenes of the old mini-series from the late 80's (?) called Centennial which we had loved. We went back and visited it again about 5 years ago maybe? not sure on the years we visited but did so love it - thanks for featuring my hand quilting.

  4. Your mini for the week is adorable, Melva! I like how you made the snowflake. Up here in Loveland, we got somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 inches total in the two days after Thanksgiving, and it's still trying to melt! Good luck with your progress on selling your book at the Bent's Fort gift shop, too.

  5. your snowflake mini is just perfect!!
    Too cool about Bents Fort - we have only been by it once - I'd like to go inside! Cool if you can put your books up for sale there!!!!

  6. Thanks for the little field trip! My longest UFO will never be finished. My mother began two cross-stitch kit tablecloths, back when those cloths were beautiful quality linen. I'm sure she bought them at Marshall Field's when she worked there (secretary to the vice president). She left when I was born. In the 1970's I found them in a trunk in the basement and took them, unbeknownst to her. I finished the stitching one and gave it to her for Mother's Day. The other one had a lot less done. I worked on it a little here, a little there. It's been in a bag for years, now in my basement. I will probably never finish it. A UFO for my estate sale! (P.S. I did get the first tablecloth back when our parents passed away in 2002. I've used it a couple of times.)

  7. We are usually knee-deep in snow by now. This morning we had a little dusting, and then tomorrow we are supposed to have temps in the high 40s. Your little mug rug is a good reminder of the beauty of snow. My longest UFO currently is my Moda Blockheads II quilt top (I think they are Moda Blockheads 5 now?). Although if I don't get my Pieces of the Santa Fe Trail quilt done soon, it will be in the running, sadly!

  8. We have no snow here yet this year which is very unusual for eastern SD. My longest UFO is an applique wall hanging that I began in about 2000. The applique is done, and I began hand quilting it but got frustrated and packed it away. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to get it out and put it ON my UFO list for 2024.

  9. I enjoyed your little field trip, Melva! Love the snowflake mini too. That Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup sounds great. I may have to give that one a try. We love soup and cornbread meals!

  10. My longest ongoing project was the hexagons. I finally gave up and sold all of it.

  11. Hi Melva, that's a cute winter mini. I like the idea of putting on some of the t-shirt labels on the back. Thanks for the linking party.