Friday, December 8, 2023

From High School Teen to Doctor ~ A Friday Finish

When your customer admits to you that she is not a huge fan of quilts but LOVES the custom t-shirt quilt and states that "not all quilts are equal" and "this one is exceptional, and I love every detail of it!  From the red, to the music note fabric and muted colors of the leaves in between the shirts"... well, I was deeply touched and it made my heart sing... and may have needed a tissue to wipe a tear away as she pulled out of the driveway.

A "skipped line" quilting design

A close up shot of one of the shirts that has her name on it

The label... and if you look at the top of the photo you will see
a few small logos that didn't fit onto the front of the quilt

I don't often get to see the reaction of a customer when they see their quilt for the first time.  

This one was extra special! 

Have I ever mentioned that I love being able to preserve the memories of another's life for them??? 

Whether it is a quilt or an heirloom gift like a memory bear or something entirely different, it doesn't really matter.  

Leaving a legacy for others to recall loved ones or special moments is a part of my love language.

Everyone has a love language... what is yours?

Keep piecing,


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  1. Hi Melva, what a great finish. It's so wonderful when clients love our work! Hope you'll share it on Free Motion Mavericks. Have a great weekend!

  2. Guilty as charged. I'm the proud owner of this beautiful custom quilt, and I'm showing it off to ANYBODY who'll bend the ear! I just love it!!

  3. What a fabulous quilt and how gorgeous! That is one lucky person to have this fabulous t shirt quilt.

  4. Oh how sweet - I love that she loved it!!!!