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Sew & Tell ~ December 11, 2023

We are in the midst of the season that gets busy... schedules filled with plans for Christmas or holiday gatherings with family, friends or business associates, special concerts, decorating, baking and more.

Most of last week's to-do list items were completed with ease... The t-shirt quilt was delivered and received with joy.  You can read about my customer's reaction here.

Mini-quilt #49/52, that I shared on Thursday, the first evening of Hanukkah came with a brief history lesson that I found on-line.

Today, I back-track to mini-quilt #48/52... A Modern Christmas Sampler.

It is 5"x7" and features a small sampling of some Christmas fabrics from the stash. 

Our business Christmas greetings are in the mail and our family letter is nearly composed.  We are waiting (as usual) for our oldest daughter's portion.  If you are not familiar with our format, we each write our personal summary of the year.  Dave, the stock maker, has "The Stock Report".  Mine is entitled "Sew Much More" since I usually fill in any blanks that were missed in the other's highlights and... well, my quilting!  Our youngest is a PTA and has "The Tranquil Life" and our oldest used to have "The Lab Report" since she is a Medical Laboratory Scientist.  But with 4 children and the chaotic schedule they live with I changed it a few years ago to "The Wild Life".  She is notoriously late with it each year, which is why I always give a deadline 2-3 days early.  Shhh... don't tell her. LOL

This format began when the girls were in Jr. high and high school.  One year was especially busy and I enlisted their help.  Back then it was only one page.  It has since grown through front & back of standard paper, to two-sided legal and now 11x17.  Everyone enjoys it very much.  It is like a bonus!  Not just one Christmas letter, but 4!

Once the letters are mailed, I will be finishing a batik quilt for a customer... all over stippling was her design choice.

I'll try to stay up with the Star Tossed Mystery Quilt and one more Christmas mini.  Those wonky stars are in all sizes, from 3" to 12".  They were a little tricky for me, but I have a method down and am having fun.  I chose a nice easy pace, with one block a day. If I get a little behind, it is easy to catch up.

Have you seen my progress with my advent calendars on instagram and fb?  It's been fun seeing the various sew-in tags.  I think my favorite, so far, is the "stinkin' love you". 

And the statement is true!  I stinkin' love you all.  From all that read MLS and my sometimes-rambling thoughts, to those that comment and those that join the weekly party.  You are all the best!  Mwah!

Now for this week's feature...

Marsha's Spot has been working at making gifts... her fabric bowls, a scarf and a rug were items she made for a sale and chose to keep her gifts "hidden" until after gifting.  

She asked if anyone else has been making gifts.  Just this week, I had an order for three potato baker bags... they ship out Monday morning.  They are not gifts from me, but gifts that I made for a customer to give. :)  

How about you?  Are you making gifts?  What are you making.  

Time for Sew & Tell!

Keep piecing,


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  1. I no longer do cards and haven't done them in years, I also don't make gifts I want my Christmas to be totally stress free with no deadlines - I do what I enjoy -- decorating and making cookies!

  2. I send a few cards and a Christmas letter. I give amaryllis bulbs (in ready-to-grow pots) to neighbors and friends. We send food (this year from Usinger's in Milwaukee) to our out-of-state relatives.

  3. Hi Melva,

    It sounds like you've been all kinds of busy finishing projects, sending cards, and getting your family letter on the road to finished. I'm lower key this Christmas than I sometimes am. Our family has drifted away from doing gifts as the family has gotten bigger. I didn't start the volume of things to finish for Christmas that I usually do. I hope next year to be in a more Christmas mood and to return to the tradition of making more gifts and sending out more cards, whatever the rest of the family does. This year I spent a lot of time making crocheted baby blankets and will be donating them later this month.

  4. I think your family tradition of a Christmas letter is delightful. I am curious. Do you save a copy each year to put in your family album? What a delight it would be to revisit the years' past letters. Enjoy working on your lovely quilts. I just adore the newest mini.

  5. After a break of many years, I decided to write up a short blurb for our Christmas cards. Like your kids, one of mine had to be prodded to get their part done. It's all good, though! All your projects are so creative!

  6. What a creative way to share your family news each year! I made a few hexagon ornaments and am working on quilting a quilt. It's not likely that it will be finished in time, but it could easily wait for another gifting opportunity. . .like a birthday. . .--TerryK@OnGoingProjects

  7. I love your idea of the family letter and smiled at the fact that your oldest daughter is perpetually late. Hope your Christmas will be great.

  8. Just to add, I apologize if I should've read between the lines that your mention of Hanukkah means you are Jewish and therefore don't celebrate Christmas. This is my first visit to your blog.

  9. Wow! Thanks so much for highlighting my post.

  10. Lots of projects happening! Such a busy time of year, isn't it? Thanks for sharing on my weekly show and tell, Wednesday Wait Loss.

  11. Hi Melva, those are two great minis. I love your sashing and border fabrics for your t-shirt quilt. I've almost done mine. I'll be happy to be working on something else! Take care.

  12. I love those two minis, Melva!! The T-shirt quilt looks great too! Thanks for sharing on Monday Musings.