Saturday, February 27, 2021

Purple Charm Quilt

Am I the only one that recalls the "chain letters" that were ever so popular in the 70's?  There were many that were for recipes or hand or dish towels.  And then in the 90's, just as I had a growing interest in quilting, I had received one for purple fabric squares.

I did as the letter requested and sent off the the proper number of purple squares but got nothing back.  And that is the very reason I have passed on the "secret sister" things that were oh so popular in November and December on facebook.

Now, here I am in the "roaring 20s" and I got another request for purple squares.  This one from our friend in Nebraska.  I actually received it in November... the letter states that if I want to participate I should follow through with all the instructions within a week.  Ooops... my bad!

Perhaps the problem with these "chain letters" ("quilt tree" as the letter called it) is that the recipients of the letters are not asked if they want to participate.  So I bring this question to you...

Do YOU want to be a part of a quilt tree with the potential of receiving 72 six-inch squares?
I am in search of four quilting friends that are willing to participate.  You will need a total of ten 6-inch squares of purple fabric to send off, as well as five envelopes and stamps.  Here's my selection of purple squares.  They are actually 7" square (pre-cut and part of a "souvenir" that my girls brought back from their  Hawaiian Girl Scout Trip. {17 years ago??? no way!})

If one really does receive 72 squares, you can make a quilt that is 8 blocks wide by 9 blocks long and will measure 44x49-1/2 inches.  With a border added, it would be a small lap quilt or a great baby quilt.  It would be a great charity quilt...  purple is the "color" for Alzheimer's... and since my Dad spent 4-1/2 years in the nursing home because of it, that is where my quilt would go. 💜

If you were to make a charity quilt with the blocks you receive, where would your donation go to?

Interested in participating?  Send me an email with subject line of "Purple Quilt" and your US mailing address in the body of the message to me at

One of the primary reasons I have chosen to be a part of this activity is because of who the request was from.  Our friend Susan was married to my husband's college room-mate.  Though we were never really all that close through the years, she reached out to us when her husband, also named Dave, passed away unexpectedly nearly two years ago from a heart attack.  

She doesn't do much with technology or social media, but she is a GREAT letter writer.  In fact she and her husband wrote letters to each other for months before ever meeting in person.

Last fall when I had participated in the postcard swap, I sent her one of my extra postcards.  She was excited to be the recipient of one and had stated that she had just heard of quilted postcards at one of her jobs ~ JoAnn Fabrics.  Just a few weeks ago, just prior to Valentines Day, we received one of her creations.  
Isn't it great?

It is time to send her a hand-written note so that we continue to stay in touch.  In this electronic age, getting "real mail" is a treat!  You should surprise someone with a special note...

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear of the organizations other support with charity quilts.

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  1. This is too funny, last month when I was cleaning out a tote I came across this same letter still in the envelope with 2 purple squares inside and on the outside the list of names of the friends I had sent it to. I never received any back either. I brought this idea up with some of my quilt club members but they didn't seem interested, so I threw the letter away and put the 2 squares into my stash. If you do this count me in Purple is my favorite color. I would keep this quilt for myself as I already make quilts for Foster Care, Quilt's of Valor, and lap quilts for nursing homes. I would also need the instruction sheet since I threw mine away.

  2. Hi Melva! I do recall chain letters and also the bitter taste in my mouth when others didn't follow through. It was the exact same experience just a few years ago in a Bee Hive group for quilt blocks. I would be more than happy to send YOU purple blocks for your charity quilt. I think you have an excellent cause and charity idea and support it wholeheartedly. I've been a fart in a mitten as far as charities go! I have sent quilts or blocks to many but have yet to find my passion. This year I'm trying QOV for the first time. If you are really short in getting your friends together, please just say the word. Happy Sunday and many blessings. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Years ago I was invited twice to participate in the purple square exchange. PURPLE IS NOT MY COLOR! So I declined. WHY PURPLE? Why not a PRETTY color instead?