Monday, February 22, 2021

Two To Bind

I did it!  The commissioned t-shirt quilts are ready for binding... and I thought I was going to be hand-sewing them in the car on the way to our friends in Texas...  I am giving up.  

Once again, postponed, this time because the weekend was just too much fun with the grand-daughters.

The day of sledding (well, two hours of actual time at Cuchara Mountain Park) wore the girls out!  

We were lucky enough to find snow pants and boots in the right sizes and sleds at the local thrift shop, all for $21.  They made good use of them as they played in the snow on Friday after arriving at our house and again on Saturday at the mountain park.  They even ventured out again for a short time on Sunday afternoon.  

There were giggles and squeals and a few wipe outs and then laughter again.  There was some huffing and puffing on all our parts as we we hoofed it up the hill and some whining by the littles.  We just encouraged them to stop and catch their breath and that it wasn't a race to get to the top.
They were happily reunited with their Mom last night after her 12-hour shift at work and we returned home to the quiet that was nearly deafening, yet so pleasant.  Dave and I laugh all the time about how wonderful it is to see them arrive for a visit, but also nearly as wonderful to see them leave.

As I catch up with cleaning and finding all the little hidden treasures that were left out (tiny barbie shoes and accessories) and laundry, I look forward to binge watching one of my favorite Netflix shows and some much deserved slow stitching time.

What are some of your shows to watch while stitching?

There is a significant difference in the weight of these two quilts.  The two-sided, with light-weight denim is 5-3/4 pounds!  The pink/grey "dance" quilt is only 3-1/4 pounds!  I am glad I went with the flannel sheet in the two-sided quilt.  It was still heavy, but I no issues with tension while quilting it. :)

Leave a comment... you know I love to hear from you!

Stay calm and piece out,

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  1. Melva, the quilts look amazing! Congratulations on getting them to the binding point. It does look like there was a lot of snow fun in your weekend. =) Though I have a TV and Roku, it hasn't been on since sometime in the fall of 2019. I thought I would miss it, but I don't. I should probably stop paying for services I don't use, like netflix!

  2. Yeah, and they are fabulous, congratulations! Looks like the girls had a lot of fun!
    Thanks for linking up today ;)

  3. I am still quilting on the T-shirt quilt for my friend. I wish I had thought to just do straight lines! But I am trying to get in FMQ practice, so that would have been cheating. LOL Thanks for having the strength to link up today! Bwahahaha! But sledding sounds lovely.

  4. There's nothing like having kids around to help us grownups appreciate snow! Your t-shirt quilts look great!

  5. Hi Melva! Great job on the t-shirt quilts. I'm sorry you don't get to go to Texas and visit your friends but it sure sounds like you had a better offer. The giggles and squeals are so worth giving it up, aren't they?! What a deal for the snow pants, boots and sleds! I know exactly what you mean about looking forward to the visit and then being slightly relieved when they go home. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. I've been watching our neighborhood kids playing in the huge snow pile on the island on our street. They spend hours digging, sliding, throwing, etc. Such fun for them! The t-shirt quilt I made last year was also very heavy but my girls were pleased with it.

  7. Melva - great t-shirt finishes!

  8. The t-shirt quilts are looking good. The day of sledding looks like fun! I listen to music some times while I sew but never podcasts or films as I would become too easily distracted. I have tried listening to books, too. but feel I miss too much. I guess I can accomplish only one thing at a time. Thank you for linking up this week ... :) Pat

  9. What do I watch? well we have found TUBI instead of YouTube, and Sue Thomas, FB-EYE is very good. She is a deaf woman who lip reads and joined the FBI. It is humorous and includes life lessons. Another is Mysteries of Laura, a cop show with gorgeous redhead, Debra Messing. Both are series from some time in the last 20 years, when we did not have cable or other means of getting regular TV, like now as well.

  10. What fun with the littles! The tshirt quilts are great as usual. Man, that one is heavy! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.