Thursday, December 19, 2019

2019 Color Challenge - Purple - Crocus

Jen's 2019 Color Challenge block for December was inspired by the Crocus.

The crocus is one of the first flowers to emerge in the spring and has a reputation as a symbol of cheerfulness and glee as it brings the landscape alive with color after a long winter and has long been a symbol of youthfulness and cheerfulness.

"The crocus is a genus of flowers that derived its name from the Latin word crocatus, which means saffron yellow. Saffron is a spice derived from the saffron crocus (Crocus sativus ). It is one of 80 species of the genus crocus, says The Flower Expert. While not all crocus species produce saffron, they are all similar in appearance and share the name."

I had no idea that saffron was derived from this flower!!!

Now if I had researched this prior to this writing, I would have sought out a recipe that called for Saffron.  But since I did not, you get a story about a Girl Scout trip that our daughters took to Hawaii.

How is is possible that their trip took place 15 years ago???

They worked for two years to earn the money for the trip... they held bake sales, sold GS cookies, washed cars and more.  And most of the time we were alongside them acting as chaperones... yet WE didn't go.  Oh, don't get me wrong... we could have... and we would love to visit the islands... just not with a bunch of Girl Scouts!

There were other parents that stepped forward for that job.  

When we cashed in our coin jar for spending money for them the only thing we stipulated was "bring us something... but not something knick-knacky"...  The rule was that it had to be "consumable"... or fabric. LOL!

The girls politely obliged with bringing macadamia nuts, some chocolate covered nuts and.... a big ol' stack of fabric squares!

Now, I'll be honest... I don't know what the "twin size" is supposed to mean.  

Does it mean that if you sew all the blocks together you will have a twin sized quilt top?

Probably... but I couldn't do just that.  And what FUN is that???  I wanted contrast!  I wanted patchwork...

But, hey!  What a deal!  Only 13 bucks!

I have used these fabrics for a wide variety of projects...

Quilts for each of the girls and one of their friends... quilts for us... quilts for the Alzheimer Walk event held at my Dad's nursing home... table runners, even tablet covers!  

Here is a small sampling of the quilts I made...

I even traded with the GS leader for a third style of print^^!

Yet I still have a large stack of them!

The gift that keeps on giving!  You can bet that the macadamia nuts and chocolate didn't last that long!  LOL

I just love the idea of fabric as a souvenir.  Whether it be a scarf, shawl, a hanky or even a t-shirt!

What sort of souvenirs do you like to receive or purchase?

One of my favorite commercials  that made me giggle was a Disney Resort ad... A family was in the elevator at the resort with a young child and a baby in a stroller when someone asked the child if this was their first trip to Disney... the child replied with "Not for me.  We were here two years ago.  But this is my baby sister's first time.  Mommy and Daddy call her their little souvenir."  Bahaha!

Leave a comment and let me know... I'd love to hear from you!

Merry Quiltmas!


Plan to join me for a fun sew along that will feature vintage Kansas City Star quilt blocks!  Fabric requirements coming soon!

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  1. I used to buy place mats for souvenirs. Then I graduated or downsized to magnets. Now I'm content most of the time to just collect memories. When Tu-Na Helper and I were in Hawaii in 2012, we stopped at Hilo Hatties where your girls purchased that bundle. I sure didn't see any fabric or else I might have bought some, too. I do enjoy reading your posts as you relate some great stories to your projects.

  2. Hi Melva! Your December block turned out so nicely - I love those prints from Hawaii. Gee whiz. I have visited twice and never did pick up any fabric. I have some cross stitch patterns but no fabric. Darn it. Next time I hear someone I know who is visiting, I'm going to ask them to look for some. Merry Christmas to you and your family. It won't be long and the sew along will begin. Woot woot! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Well, I definitely wouldn't want a baby for one. =) I usually collect fabric wherever I go, and photographs. I always thought either thimbles or those silly little spoons would be fun, but then you have to have a place to put them.

  4. T-shirts for me. Great story and beautiful fabric. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down.

  5. Too cool!! I love that the fabric keeps on giving!!! And Purple - oh beautiful!

  6. You just reminded me of the fabric squares I purchased on our trip to Hawaii. Wonder where I put that little package? Must find it and get stitching.

  7. Fabric on vacation? Why, yes. I do buy fabric while on vacation! T-shirts, tote bags, you name it. In Hawaii, I got both a T-shirt AND a tote bag... PLUS... a cotton sarong that can be used for a beach cover-up or for quilting! :o))

  8. Those girls were certainly ambitious. Glad to hear they succeeded. We loved our military stay there from 1986-1991. Tickled me to see the Hilo Hattie tag on the twin quilt bag! Hahaha! I wasn't even quilting yet. Now, though, fabric is always a great souvenir from a vacation. Either that or a skein (or two) of yarn!

  9. Grammie took me to Hawaii December 1970, I bought a cloth swim suit, a dress pattern and fabric to make the dress. It was a Hawaiian style dress and fabric. Oh how I wish I were still that slim, fresh from High School, nearly (one year in college by that time)! I keep wanting to make a small Hawaiian style quilt too, have some patterns for that too.