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Sew & Tell ~ Winds, Furs and Freezer Meals ~ March 4, 2024

Everyone turned their calendar pages so fast that they created a horrible swooshing wind... Ugh! It sounded like the big bad wolf was trying to blow our house down with the high gusts overnight.  

The seasons are definitely changing.  The grass is greening, and the juniper trees are developing their buds... pollen is starting to fly, and allergies are getting ready to kick into high gear for many.

I love the smell of line dried clothing and the temps have been warm enough for that but have learned that it is best to avoid that for a month or 6 weeks.  All it does is bring the pollen and dust inside.  

Alas... I'll stop whining about my spring fever and move on to Sew & Tell. I'll mix it up a bit with the feature first. ;)  Maggie at Making a Lather is churning away with her scrappy churn dash blocks of varying sizes.

This is an excellent leader/ender project as well as a good stash buster.  Well done Maggie!  

I was successful with my list of To-do items from last week...  The second set of curtains have been hung in place (sorry, no picture, you'll just have to trust me on this) and the final two sections of the Pieces of My Life quilt are together and joined with the Sections I & II.  I shared this step with my young quilter friend, Joella.  She asked some great questions! 

I've started adding the borders.  Not as easy to do as one would think... The quilt math was giving me a headache... oh wait, that was the wind that did that, but the math didn't help it. The formal announcement for the sew along was made last week... Did you see it?  If not, hop over there and spend a few minutes reading over fabric requirements and such.  If you want to be included in the newsletter that will have the pages of questions send me an email... That bit of info is in the story as well.

I have nearly 1/2 of the patterns and question pages finalized and will set the remainder of them aside until after our trip.

In other news... It has been a long while since I made up any No Guilt::Go Quilt freezer meals.  I've been using my "quick cooker" (instapot) for meals and have enjoyed the change in routine and schedule.  I purchased a large bag of frozen chicken breasts and set to work in getting meals prepped for the freezer... Just a 90 minutes later I had one meal in the quick cooker and 5 in the deep freeze.  I'll be using them for the coming weeks as we get ready for our trip.  What's cooking?  Chile Relleno Chicken Soup, Chicken Fajitas, Cool Ranch Shredded Chicken, Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup, Dijon Chicken and Monterey Skillet Chicken (recipe has been adapted for a slow cooker meal that I will share another time).

I have enjoyed a few evenings doing another paper embroidery page...  The colors of this one are soothing, and the lavender flowers are fun to make with the stitches.  It is such a slow process, and my right index finger has a split on it making it difficult to do for very long or for several nights in a row.  
Lastly, we had a box arrive on our porch.  It has been a year since the initial conversation, and we've been waiting and anticipating its arrival.  Our friends needed room in their closet, but these fabulous soft and fuzzy furs needed a new home!  They sent them to me for an opportunity to repurpose them in whatever manner I desire.  

I don't have time right now to begin anything with them, but will be collecting ideas... Dave says teddy bears. Thinking back to last year when I made 10 memory bears from shirts, I'd rather not... I'm leaning toward a bed runner... not that we would use one, but I think it would be an easy transformation for the full-length coat that someone would buy.

What's your suggestion? 

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Cute vintage March 1st card!!! You got a lot done this week! It seems wrong to cut those beautiful fur coats up. And making teddy bears out of them is a thing, but I'm sure it's not easy! Give it to a young person to wear? I wore my grandma's when I was in college. Make mittens? I don't know how it would be done, but make earmuffs? Sell it to a fur dealer? Maybe they would restyle it. Just some thoughts...

  2. Great job with all that freezer cooking! I'm going to check out some of your recipes... No idea what to do with those fur coats!! I'll be looking forward to seeing what you turn them into! xx

  3. I had too many occasions this winter to break out the fur coat. I look forward to your stories

  4. It sounds like March came in like a lion in your neck of the woods. It is so nice to hear that it is warming up in your area. Maggie's quilt is gorgeous as is your new quilt in the works. Great idea on preparing the meals ahead of time. I know you are getting excited for your upcoming trip. Have a lovely day.

  5. I'd suggest selling the coat and then giving part of the proceeds to your friend, or donating to a cause she supports.

  6. I would vote for Teddy bears, that would be so cute.

  7. IF you do decide to make teddy bears use an interlining to help support the leather and keep it from splitting at the seams.

  8. Wow!!! Those are fabulous furs and will definitely make something nice. It does seem wrong to cut them up, though! The card looks great and is certainly soothing. Your recipes sound great. I'm going to check them out! It's nice to plan ahead when you can. I do good just to make it day to day! LOL