Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Quick Check-in

Hey everyone!

Just a quick check-in...  We've been having a great time.  Wish you were here LOL!

We've had some great adventures so far... We've camped near two different lakes, explored some ancient cliff dwellings, enjoyed some sun, civilization and a pool in AZ as we visited with a couple good friends.  

We've had lots of long walks with Shelby and we have listened to one audio book, so far.

We were on the side of a mountain on the east side of the Organ Mountains for two nights.  What an experience that was!  The winds were ferocious as they came over the needle-like spires.

I'll sshare more pictures and details after we get home.

For now, here's the Sew & Tell party.  My apologies for the tardiness!

Keep Piecing!



  1. Have a lovely vacation! You can schedule posts ahead of time so you don't need to break into your time away.

  2. your 5th wheel about the same size as ours