Sunday, November 26, 2023

New Week = New Quilt ~ Sew & Tell ~ 11/27/23

The temperatures dropped as the week progressed and I happily snuggled into my studio. 
I played with mini-quilts and am now only 1 week behind... 

In case you missed the "Autumn Collection"... Starting in upper right, clockwise, Colors of the Wind, Thankful Pumpkins, Playful Turkey and the "Pardoned Turkey".

When I was done with the turkeys, I turned my attention to the latest custom t-shirt quilt.  This collection of T-s come from a younger (than me) gal that graduated high school with our oldest daughter.  She went on to medical school and up until a few months ago, was at the local medical office.

Our community seems to have a difficult time keeping doctors in the area.  The medical field has this thing with loan forgiveness... if you serve in a rural area for X-number of years, a good portion of the school loans is written off.  A benefit for the community... but also a detrimental situation in that when (most of) the doctors fulfill their commitments, they leave. Forcing patients to become established with a new doctor.  It is a bit of a revolving door...

This doctor, having grown up in the community, is staying, though not practicing.  She is taking some time to be with her family.  She and her husband have 5 children, three old enough to be in school, a 3-year-old and a baby.  

All this to say, I enjoyed prepping her shirts for the quilt. (Sorry about my rant) I recalled several of her shirts from high school, and I enjoyed seeing the various colleges she attended to become a doctor.

The top is complete and it is now time for me to choose a backing.  My local options are extremely limited, but fingers crossed that, I can find something that is suitable and "makes sense."

Let's now take a look at this week's randomly selected feature.  Andrée at Quilting and Learning.  She has been sharing her progress on a t-shirt quilt... I thought her idea of quilting a block that has a pocket was clever.

"I quilted loops on the sweatshirt but only FMQ around the pouch/pocket. Won't that make a great hiding place 😁"

Now it is your turn!  How are your projects going?  

Do you have special gift projects in the works? 

Tell me about them... or join the linky party.  I love to see all of the quilty inspiration you share.

Keep Piecing!


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  1. The problem with doctor shortage is all over. Our small clinic had been working with a APRN and a rotating stream of retired doctors taking turns doing one day a week for over a year before they finally hired one young new doctor to help the ARPN - any overflow needing a doctor needed to go to the next town over which luckily is only 12 miles away. With all the threats of arrest now in the OB area there will be even more shortages and women will be lucky to get medical care for their pregnancy's. Forgive my rant - we had someone in the family go through a miscarriage with very little medical care because they were afraid to treat her and might be arrested

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    2. Actually, I totally agree with your rant.

  2. You are a whiz at those Tshirt quilts. I only ever made one and that was for our son, I loved making it for him and he loved it too!

  3. Great job on your t shirt quilt. It's so hard to find doctors these days. Hubby's doc. retired early and no one has replaced him. The office I go to seems to be pretty stable with 3. Hopefully that will continue.

  4. Your minis are all great. great t shirt quilt - I hpe that she stays for a long while ;-)

  5. I enjoy seeing your weekly mini quilts! It's so fun that they each have a meaning for the week. You'll have quite a collection at year's end!

  6. It's the same thing everywhere with doctors or PAs or NPs. I don't think anyone is happy with the healthcare system these days--all of them included. Rant on! (Go Bucks!)

  7. I had not heard of loan forgiveness, but it sure would play a role in whether they stay or go. It's too bad.

  8. What a fun project to create a t*shirt quilt for someone you know!

  9. How fun to make a tshirt quilt for someone you know! It's like visiting old times, seeing those tshirts I bet. Thanks for sharing on my weekly show and tell, Wednesday Wait Loss.

  10. Your mini quilts are just too adorable, Melva, But that turkey is spectacular. How cute and clever!

  11. Love seeing all the minis and the T Shirt quilt looks great! It is sad that those docs who get their loans forgiven can just up and leave after a certain amount of time. But that's how they work. Thanks for linking up with Monday Musings!

  12. Your minis are just beautiful! I finally finished up 3 more stockings requested by my daughter, so now I can be selfish and try to finish up a Christmas quilt for me. :D