Friday, November 17, 2023

Colors of the Wind ~ 43/52


As I stitched this mini-quilt, #43/52, I embraced the colors, and feel of the autumn season I had a flood of memories of when our girls were young... and the Disney movie Pocahantas.  The scene of leaves swirling as young Pocahontas sang the words of "Colors in the Wind."

The tiny pieces of fabric confetti were stitched under a piece of red tulle cut into the shape of a maple leaf.  The addition of some fall leaves cut from another piece of Thanksgiving novelty scraps makes a nice footer for the mini, don't you think?

The quilting depicts the movement of the wind.

It's been a few weeks since I have done any "slow stitching" and it felt good to have that quilty texture form under my fingertips.  

As I stitched, I watched a documentary about Lilias Trotter who was an English artist that was studied under John Ruskin.  After giving up the likelihood of a career as an artist, went to Algiers in North Africa as a mission worker.  It was an interesting story and I plan to explore her life a little more.

Do you know of any other "little knowns" that might be interesting to learn about?  

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Your autumn mini is beautiful. Sounds like you really enjoyed stitching on it. I love autumn colors so much and grew nostalgic on our drive home from errands yesterday, thinking about fall during my childhood. How little I thought about it back then, but now I want to go back and enjoy that beautiful time.
    Regarding "little knowns", I am drawn to cemeteries, especially those small, older ones you see from time to time. Reading the stones, wondering about the lives they led, that is both fascinating and comforting to me, and there always seems to be such a feeling of peace there. Kind of hard to describe, but I'm guessing that you "get it". ;)

  2. I love how confetti makes the leaf, and looking at the quilting, it really looks like the leaf swirls in the wind. Very pretty!
    Thank you for sharing this sweet mini, and linking up!

  3. I'm always looking for yard flag ideas, especially those that use bits of scraps. Thanks for the idea. Beautiful.

  4. What a fun mini and a terrific way to use tiny scraps! You have the best ideas!--TerryK@OnGoingProjects

  5. Thanks :) It can be fun making all of the confetti ;)

  6. I just love your Autumn mini--such evocative colors--I noticed during las evening's sunset the leaves slightly
    altering in colors as the sun went down--just beautiful" rusty oranges, yellows, browns and even some mauves. So, your piece really reflects those beautifully. Well done--hugs for a super Thanksgiving Julierose

  7. Beautiful - I like that - the colors of the wind!