Saturday, July 1, 2017

Mid-Year Project Progress

Just in case you haven't noticed... The year is half gone!

Time flies when you are having fun!  And we have definitely had some fun so far.  

We have traveled to Arizona for a long weekend with a friend.  While there I met up with Karen from Tu-na Quilts and we visited the Tucson Quilt Show.  So fun!

And, we had a Bridal Shower...

It was a very small group which was perfect for having a painting party!

And we had a Wedding!

As I review my "Bucket List" for 2017 I see that it was a bit less ambitious than last year and that I have checked off all but two or three (depending on how you look at...)

1)  The Wedding quilt was happily received...  This was a king-sized quilt and had a portion of the "Love is" scripture from 1 Corinthians 13 quilted into the black strip near the center of the quilt.

2)  Another Psalm 23 wall hanging was completed and given to a close friend who had suddenly lost her husband in November.  It was bound in blue... her husband's favorite color.  She let me know that she placed it in her bedroom where it would be the first thing she saw as she got up in the morning and the last  as she ended the day and went to bed.

I am down to having only three left... I think I will plan to have one for sale at the Farmer's Market in a few weeks. :)

3)  The English Paper Piece kit is coming along... 

It is an open-ended project since I don't have a definite plan for them or a pre-determined number needed.  It is a great road-trip project, small and compact... I have pre-cut a number of "kits" and have them ready to go.

I have two completed (in the same fabric colorway) 

... and a third one I have turned into a Mug Rug that I hand-quilted... another great road-trip project. :)

4)  I pulled out the tie collection from the closet...

I quickly discovered that the collection was not large enough to do a quilt as I had planned...

So I moved to plan B...  Making Dresden Plates with the ties.

This is where I question... 

Does this count as one project?  Or two???

5)  You see, I used the ties, AND made some Dresden plates...  You can read all about it at my Father's Day Post.  

6)  I am scheduled to have a booth at the upcoming Farmer's Market today.  Trinidad will have special events July 1-4 so I thought it would be a good weekend to put my face out there for all of the locals that attend with their out-of-town guests.  I will soon be deciding on a second date to participate... stay tuned!

I will have a variety of items that will feature my recently designed fabric that has many of the local landmarks, including the Trinidad bricks - just like the brick lined streets of the community.

7)  A Raw Edged Teddy Bear Quilt...

I have not done anything with this project, but our youngest Grand-daughter will be turning 1 year-old in July... there is still time.

I did complete our oldest Grand-daughter's First Year Quilt where I included all of the little onesies that her Momma made for each month of her first year as well as the "first" holiday outfits.

I have done many other projects as well... they just weren't on this list.  Take some time to peruse my blog and see what I have been up to lately!

Happy Summer!


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  1. How fun that you were able to meet with Karen! You've had a productive half year and I hope the next half you have as much quilting fun. :)