Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Scraps... of a different kind

I had spent weeks preparing for the Farmer's Market and  was looking for a bit of a "change in scenery" when it was done.

I pulled out my collection of scrapbooking supplies and rummaged through the brochures, maps and souvenirs - things I had saved over the last four (yes, 4!) years.  I pulled out stacks of pictures - which, thankfully, had been sorted and placed in chronological order (at least for the first few years) and I started creating pages...

In 2013 our life changed dramatically when Dave left the college and we became self-employed.  It was a tumultuous time full of emotions and hard decisions... but going back through the pictures reminded me that, though it was difficult at the time, we are much happier (and healthier) than we could have imagined.  

I didn't spend a great deal of time embellishing the pages... I pretty much wanted to simply get them in the book.  But once I had 2013 "In the book" I took a bit more time and care with 2014.

It too was filled with emotion, but much more joyous events!

We celebrated our oldest daughter's wedding with family and loved ones by our sides and we welcomed our little "Sweet Tater"

She earned that name while her Momma was in labor and asking for a Baconator from Wendy's and sweet potato fries from Carl's Jr. for dinner as soon as Emma was delivered.  You see, it was late in the afternoon and she hadn't had anything to eat since dinner the night before... and she was HuNgRy!  Thus, the name "Sweet Tater".

With 2014 completed I was prepared to carry on and get completely caught up... I had it all out and was ready, but was unable to locate the pictures for 2015... Ooops!  It seems I didn't take the time at the end of that year (as I have in previous years) to do a giant order of prints. {{I did have photos of all my 2015 quilts, though.}}

So... it was time to pack it all up and set it aside, and place an order for prints (**and double check that I had 2016**).  

I had a pleasant break from the frenzy of sewing that took place in June and I am ready to return to sewing. In fact... I have completed the alterations of the wedding dress for my daughter's best friend (she requested pockets!) and I am ready for some projects that involve turning some vintage quilts into some decorative items - a pig and a cat to be exact.

Come back and see how they turn out.  

What do you do when you need a break from you sewing studio?

Thanks for joining me!



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