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Quilters Through the Generations - Lala Teegarden

Welcome back to Melva Loves Scraps and Quilters Through the Generations...

This week I feature Lala Teegarden - in my family tree she is my Great-Grandma - the mother of my Grandpa Teegarden, Forrest, and the Mother-in-law of my Grandma Teegarden, Tressie.  

From a memory book of my Grandpa's, he shares...

My mama's name was Atchafalya Davis.  She was known as Lala.  She was born on October 14, 1876 in Ray County, Missouri.  Lala bore the lovely Indian name that her family shortened to "Lala".  Mama was a seamstress in town (Trinidad, CO).  She also cooked meals at the Christian Church once a week.  They served complete dinners there for 35¢.  I would help serve the ice cream.

“Lala” Teegarden (on the left) was a member of the Trinidad Christian Church.  There was a group of ladies (pictured above) that quilted at the Teegarden’s.  My mom, Carol recalls, "there was always a quilt set up in the east end of the dining room. The ladies quilted every Tuesday.  Of course, whenever she had some time on her own she would be sitting there quilting.  Lala would piece blocks and when she got the tops put together, place them on the quilting frame ready for the women to quilt.  Any one in town that wanted a quilt could order a quilt from them. The money raised from the sale of the quilts went to the church.  Lala’s daughters (Luna and Viola) quilted from time to time.  Tressie Teegarden quilted some with the ladies.  Everyone was welcome to sit and quilt with them.

This appliqued quilt floral wreath was made by Lala in the 1950’s.  It was found in her cedar chest after she had passed away.  Carol had a group of quilters in La Junta (CO) hand quilt it in the 80's.

Lala made many quilts... These are just a few...
                       The Acorn Quilt

Irish Chain

Ocean Waves

We know that she taught many how to sew and quilt... her daughters (Luna and Viola) and her grand-daughter (Carol) are just a few that we know of personally...

Carol shares...
As a young girl I would sometimes spend the night with Grandma and Grandpa.  Grandma would curl my hair, forming ringlets on her finger.  One time Grandma had accidentally sewn her finger on the machine - and that was the finger she would use to form the curls in my hair.  Every time she pulled her finger out of the ringlet the loose, injured skin would catch... OH, it gives me the shudders to this day when I think about it!

And let's not forget the story from my original post...

Everyone was welcome and encouraged to join in on the quilting. She had been encouraged by her Grandma and the other ladies though she knew that her stitches were uneven.  After leaving the house and returning shortly afterward because she had left something behind, she walked in to see her Grandma picking out her stitches.  Ooops!

Now guess who the lucky gal is that has two of her thimbles as well as an assortment of threads?  ME!  Just imagine the number of hours these thimbles were used, and the countless number of stitches and quilts they graced...

OH, the stories they could tell! Just imagine the number of friendships strengthened as the quilters sat quilting... and counseling... and comforting... and mourning... and celebrating... and maybe even a little gossiping...  Celebrating birthdays and marriages and babies...  

Are you part of a quilting group or guild?  
What sort of projects do you work on as a group?

Does your family have quilters throughout the generations? 
What stories and memories do you have of quilters or quilts from your childhood?  

I'd be more than happy to help you document those stories... just let me know by leaving a comment and I will be in touch ~ you can include your e-mail address in the comment.


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