Thursday, July 27, 2017

Under The Sea

Last week we found out that we would have the opportunity to reunite (though for just a few hours) with some friends that we love spending time with - The Mercado family...

When they left Trinidad four years ago they were a family of four and have since grown to a family of six.

I had the great honor (while they live in Trinidad) of offering part-time childcare for their first-born, Caia from the tiny age of just 6-weeks old until the time that their second, Zoey, was born about 16 months later.  My husband Dave always enjoyed his lunches with Caia just as much as I enjoyed the days with her.

Even after Meghan and Ivan decided that Meghan would be a stay at home mom I got to entertain the girls (or was it them who entertained me?) when Meghan participated in a weekly Bible study... on these days I had as many as seven, yes - 7!, little girls.

That was always a morning filled with joy and laughter when I got to be with them!

So when the family had the opportunity to return to Trinidad for a weekend we were blessed to spend time with ALL of them.  

I headed to my sewing room with the intention of whipping up a quick baby quilt for their youngest - Gabrielle Grace.  All of the older children have have quilts - yet I let the birth of this sweet gal sneak by... I was determined to remedy that!

I pulled out a pattern for a really quick quilt... One I have made before...

I should have been able to get it together but rather than follow the original pattern I played... 

I was using some fun fish fabric and did some fussy cutting to feature two fish in the center squares - and then instead of making large flying geese, I made fish... This took waaaay longer than I had anticipated and did not get it done before our time together with them...

Oh well... a care package will be going out soon!

 This quilt was not only fun to piece, but I had some fun with the quilting as I created the "current" of the water... Dolphins border this quilt and the backing is the fish fabric... believe it or not, not a single piece of fabric was purchased - all from the various scraps and discarded "stashes" from others.  It measures 38" by 46".

How large of a quilt have you been able to make using only the fabric you have on hand?

We had great fun playing with the kids (and talking with Ivan & Meghan). Take a look...

Until we meet again...


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  1. The quilt is so cute Melva. I know the child will love it. I am glad you got to spend time with your friends.

  2. The fish are so sweet. Sometimes a care package in the mail is more exciting to receive out of the blue, anyway! I think the largest quilt I have made entirely from my stash is around 72" square.

  3. How sweet that you've made baby quilts for the whole family! Your new quilt is wonderful. They will be so happy when they receive it in the mail. Thanks for sharing this on Wednesday Wait Loss!