Monday, August 15, 2016

On Point - Getting It Right


Along with your memory quilt, the message your Mom & Dad want to sent to you is to remember that "Amazing People do amazing things!"

Below you will find my thoughts and ideas as I made your quilt.  Be blessed and be amazing! ~ Melva

I recently delivered a new t-shirt memory quilt for a young lady that will soon be headed off to discover the world on her own.  Now I have done many of these type of quilts, but this one came with the special request that the squares be placed on point...

At first I was intrigued and excited by the idea.  As soon as I started pulling shirts out to be cut I realized that the top point would end up flat... 

Below you can see (at the arrow) where the neck line falls...

and that there was just no way I could cut some of them on point and not lose a large part of the graphic on the shirt...

Like this one...

So I made the best out of the situation, accepted that the "top" of many of the on point squares would be supplemented with fabric and moved forward.

Figuring out the layout was a bit mind boggling for me... since typically the blocks are laid out in rows - across & down - but these needed to be in rows diagonally and my mind and eyes kept trying to "square" them up!  Perhaps it was just the end of the day... none the less, I needed to just pick them all up and call it a day.

Once I was happy with the arrangement (the next day)

I needed to figure out what size filler half-square triangle was needed to fill in...

My 12-1/2 inch ruler filled the space perfectly to I went to my cutting table and laid the square on point, determined how wide I needed to cut it so that I would not have a biased edge on the outside edge of the quilt.  
(I added and extra 1/2 inch to allow for error, and trimmed off the excess.)

I had three blocks extra that just didn't make it to the front.  So I pieced the back, showcasing these blocks in the center of the back.

The finished quilt... Front


and Label...

You may notice that the label has a QRC on it. It is from Story Patches. I am awaiting a special message to be written to Shelby from her parents... What sort of message would you want to be included with a memory quilt for a young person headed off to college for the first time?

Be blessed!


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  1. What a great solution to getting the TShirt blocks on point. It turned out wonderfully!

  2. What a very cool fix for the on point problem. And I love that her parents will be able to leave her a message that she can scan from the label. Have you used them before on your quilts?

  3. Well done on the problem solving! The quilt is lovely. Love the story label.