Friday, August 12, 2016

Five Things Friday - #1

I am jumping onto the Five Things Friday bandwagon!  Amanda over at Gypsy Moon Quilt Co. had a great idea of sharing 5 "best moments" of the week... 

It is really pretty simple. Share five things (a list or pictures) that made you happy during the week... Even in the worst of weeks, there is always something to be thankful for and I can so appreciate the positive outlook on life!

This week's Five Things

1) Hearing stories from our oldest daughter of the things our two year-old grand-daughter is doing and saying - like she was talking on her toy phone and called "Kampa".  She said "Come here. You pick me up. Play, Shelby, pool!"

She had such a fun time a few weeks ago with us, obviously... and she wants to do it again!

2) Relaxing in the mornings for a few moments as I enjoyed a large cup of Chai tea.

3) Remembering the enjoyable time with my youngest daughter as I repaired a quilt that we made when she was 4 years old and a pre-school drop out.

 Using fabric crayons I drew and she colored one picture for each letter of the alphabet.  I then ironed them onto the fabric.  Our budget was extremely tight so this quilt was made with two sheets (second hand) and an extra blanket for the batting.  I had used an old bed ruffle instead of binding (the ruffle was short about 6 inches on one side - it was always on the wallside of the bed so it didn't show.)  I did a proper finish with binding this time! and since the quilt was originally made in 1995 it only seemed only right that the binding was "Lisa Frank Style" with brightly colored hearts. :)

4) Making a table-topper with hand-dyed (painted?) fabric from Africa, sent to me by one of my husband's customers while on a safari hunt.

5) Celebrating 31 years of living life as a married couple, facing the challenges we have faced as well as the many joyous occasions... basically living life together as a team!

So, what are your five things? Please share! I'd love to hear from you.



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  1. Great list Melva! your grand-daughter is so cute!

  2. Wonderful Melva! That quilt is a treasure, beautiful and full of memories. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Happy first Five Things Friday, Melva! So many wonderful things to be happy about! Your daughter's quilt is fantastic. I used to love using those fabric crayons with my mom as well. And good call on the Lisa Frank inspired binding... weren't the 90s great? 😋

    Thanks so much for linking up - have a beautiful weekend!