Thursday, January 4, 2024

The Dust Has Settled

We survived!  We had a grand time with the grandkids... (sans the two meltdowns from the toddler) We did a train ride from Trinidad, CO to Raton, NM. We enjoyed two different parks for them to run and play, slide and swing.  There was a visit to Grandma Carol's (my Mom). There were a few movies enjoyed, baseball games, crafts made, card games played and food consumed.

We sent them home with clean clothes and kiss and then collapsed in our chairs with a celebratory beverage as we finished watching the movie they selected for that afternoon's sleeping entertainment - Night at the Museum. 🍷🍺

After a good night's sleep with no toddler in the middle, we were refreshed and enjoyed the quiet... Shhhh... don't disturb it. LOL.  I did a little more laundry and mopped the floor (Note to self::popsicles are an outside treat) and then pulled out a project that I located as we waited for the grands to arrive on the 30th.  I was anxious to start and had to practice extra restraint and patience.

This scarf was in with a stash of hankies that belonged to my Grandma T.  I have no idea where it would have come from, but I think it is silk.  I thought it would be a fun "slow stitching" project. I pulled out some wool batting leftover from a quilt 2 years ago and decided that would be perfect for it.  I chose a backing, also from leftovers, of my Mom's rail fence quilt.  

I spray basted the sandwich.  I wasn't completely satisfied with the way it was sticking and decided to baste the sandwich around the edges.

I did some quick research and learned that elephants are known to represent happiness, good luck, loyalty, power, or stability. It was also stated that they often symbolize power, royalty, and wisdom, but numerous meanings are associated with this majestic creature. "Elephants represent many positive influences, ranging from strength and good fortune to health, happiness, and spiritual well-being," says Johanna Aúgusta.  "They are loyal companions that remain determinedly protective over their families, never forgetting the bond which ties them together," she adds.

It sounds like the perfect project at the start of this new year. 🐘💗

In other quilty goodness news, I am working on a t-shirt quilt for our grandson.  He will be turning 15 this month and is a basketball player.  His 8th grade team won the championship play-off between the two Pueblo School Districts.  I thought he would like to have a Denver Nuggets quilt.  I don't have many pieces for the top... only 5, but I am creatively adding pieces to expand the size.

The snow is falling outside, and I am happily warm and sewing/quilting.

What is your first project of the year?  

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Those elephants are very pretty. I wonder where she got that scarf? It will make a wonderful table runner. Love all the meanings of the elephants--they will bring an extra specialness to this table runner once it is finished. I hope you had a lovely New Year! Thanks for sharing on my weekly show and tell, Wednesday Wait Loss.

  2. Glad you survived...made me laugh! I am working on an Ultimate Travel Bag and hoping to have it done early next week! Then on to some baby quilts that have been requested.

  3. Happy New Year Melva! It looks like you had a grand time with the grand kids. With all of those activities, you deserved some post-visit down time, LOL! Ooh, that scarf is pretty and quilting makes everything better. Thank you for the elephant iconography info --- my mother had always loved elephant figurines although I never asked why. I think I will put one out on display because I can sure use all of what it represents in this new year. My first projects were finishing up and rebooting old projects in the hopes that more things get done this year than get started for a change!

  4. Hi Melva, so happy that you survived the grandkids and that quiet is now back! Love the scarf. Looking forward to seeing its progress. Thanks as always for linking up to Free Motion Mavericks.

  5. yay for survival - Sounds like the kids had an awesome time!!!
    I like your elephant piece - that is really pretty - those colors are cool!

  6. My first project this year was a small coin purse (about 5"x7") made with cotton and velveteen - gifted to my neighbor in exchange for a gift of collards.

  7. Sounds like you had a great visit with the grandkids! The elephant scarf is very pretty and will be wonderful to have on display.