Wednesday, January 31, 2024

The Old Becomes New and Something in Blue

I've been feeling the blues lately... not in my mood, but rather, it seems that all current projects are in shades of blues.  Maybe it is a "winter" thing?  The cold temperatures, etc...  I have been piecing blocks for my new(ish) Brides Quilt II in a variety of blues.  I have one section of the "non-traditional" layout ready for quilting.  

I have also been admiring blue dishes and remembering the summer mornings when I would wake at my grandparent's house in Tucson and have a bowl of cereal in their Wedgewood style cereal bowls... 

A card that came from an aunt before Christmas featured some paper embroidery... I picked the book up and looked through it.  

Last week, after seeing @imfeelincrafty add some embroidered balloons to a b/w photo I thought I might jump in! And that is what I did.  

I finally gathered the courage to pull out a book that I picked up from a deep discount clearance sale.  I mean, why would anyone pass up a book for $1.70???  "Embroider the Psalms" includes 12 different photos and instructions so that you can add embroidered embellishment to create a lovely and delightful photo that you can frame. Paper embroidery is so different... but I like it.

The method of paper embroidery is much slower than traditional embroidery because you have to carefully handle the photo taking care to not bend or fold and take each stitch completely individually.  

To begin, using the very tip of a sharp needle, you perforate the paper where you want to create your stitches.  I am taking one small section at a time.

Is this something that I will continue to do, beyond this one photo?  Perhaps... it may be a camping activity when I complete our Camping Journal Quilt.  I can keep a variety of thread colors on hand with the book and it won't take up much room.  It definitely is not as easy to do while riding in the car/truck, but then again... it is a slow-stitch project... so what's the rush?

Since my supply of blue thread was lacking an ample supply of a deep dark blue, and it called for several medium and light shades (which I do have) I opted for the use of a variegated blue for some of the details. I am pleased with the look.

Dave gave me skeptical look when I started the process... he asked questions about what I was doing, why and... "what are you going to do with it when you are done?"  

Why do we have to have an answer to such a question???  

Sometimes a project just satisfies the "create drive" that we all have.  How it manifests will vary.  Some will design clothing or do interior design...  Others build guns or guitars...  Some design buildings, roads or lego villages... Still others will use a tractor to move snow (or dirt so that when the snow melts, it goes where the designer wants it to.)  Some will cook, some will draw, others will paint.

Why does the result of a creative session have to have an actual use or purpose?

My apologies... This actually turned more into a rant than an expression of creativity... Apparently his questions struck me in an odd way... Sorry :( 

Keep Creating,


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  1. The cold temps brought about some beautiful blocks. Thank you for sharing in Put your foot down.

  2. Well, those shades of blue are very appealing and calming. I'm always in awe of those like you who have so much talent. Thanks for joining Angel Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  3. I think I'm drawn to blue more in the winter as well. Love what you are doing with paper embroidery! Thanks for sharing on my weekly show and tell, Wednesday Wait Loss.

  4. I love this reminder... "Sometimes a project just satisfies the "create drive"..."

  5. LOL I think some of us are just practical-minded and can't help it? I generally only make things for a purpose I guess. Much of that can be attributed to how I was raised for sure!