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Sew & Tell ~ January 29, 2024

Well... another week has passed and we are peeking around the corner towards February!  Wow... 10 days of water restrictions or no water are now a thing of the past.

The mountain of laundry is becoming manageable a few loads at a time.  I certainly don't want to contribute to a problem with water over-use should the pumps not be able to keep up. No, no, no... that would be very bad!

You may be wondering, what was your first load of laundry?  It was a load that included two quilts and a few towels.  A quilter has to have her priorities in the proper order, right?  I needed one of the quilts to be gift wrapped and ready to deliver to the 15-year-old boy!  

All-in-all, I have realized that we have more than enough clothes!  Ten days... and we still had the daily necessities of socks and underwear to last a few more days.  The second load was made up of jeans.  While the stack of jeans in the closet was declining, we still had a few more.  Shirts were getting slim, but we managed, and linens were aplenty in the closet.  So, just why do I do laundry so often???  Probably because I don't like the baskets overflowing... or maybe because it just became a habit when the girls were still living here.  I had to do a load or two every few days to stay ahead of the overflow.

Should I purge?  Nah... that would just take time away from my studio. LOL!

And I have had plenty of time in the studio.  As I waited for the water service to be restored, I quilted a sweet Valentines table topper and hosted the weekly TGIFF party.  Did you see/hear my informal announcement for my new Sew Along event?  

The Bride's Quilt II will begin in a few weeks... I don't have a firm start date, but for now, you can begin a fabric pull.  

Recently, I have been influenced and inspired by and her single colorway quilts/kits. Go check her out on Instagram. :)

I have always been drawn to the Wedgewood and Currier & Ives blue dishes.  Several years ago, 2011, I made these two quilts for couples that had invited us to their weddings.  

I am drawing from Amanda's influence and will be making another "blue work" quilt.  These patterns are the same blocks that were part of the Pieces in the Garden quilt in 2022... but a larger size.

Since publishing that announcement, I am tempted to go with an optional layout that would require 16 blocks 12" blocks and eight 6" blocks.  It is a non-typical layout that I could see being done as a Quilt-As-You-Go in 4 larger main sections like the picture below.

What's your preference?

Traditional sampler quilt layout?  Or a non-traditional layout?

No matter your decision, I will likely offer directions for both layouts.  

This would be a beautiful quilt in any color... purple would be like a field of lavender (I'm thinking that I will make the traditional layout in this scrappy colorway) or yellows (with a little blue/green) could be like sunflowers and daisies... or a variety of pinks would be like a rose garden... greens could be like a beautiful meadow. 

There are so many options!

Which will you choose?  Will you plan on joining the sew along?  Watch for more details!

It is now time for this week's feature... Not Afraid of Color's Feathered Star block is part of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and is absolutely beautiful and the "star of the party."  Her choice of background fabric will be fabulous when all of her blocks are put together.  Go show her some love!

Keep piecing,


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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing what blocks are in the sew-along. I don't see a link for Sew & Tell.

  2. I'd go for a non-traditional setting. There are so many great ways to lay out sampler blocks.

  3. awe, thank you so much for the showcase! I am still smiling. I prefer the non traditional setting, just my opinion!

  4. With just hubs and I, I end up doing a couple loads every few days--even if they're not full loads. (I ran out of patience years ago for starching his business shirts so those go to the cleaners!). I actually HAVE been purging and would love to do the "minimalist clothing" thing where you have only so many outfits and things all mix/match...but there are all of these things that I love and can't get rid of! LOL. For now, I just take one thing out a day. It's a much more manageable way to do it and doesn't cut into the quilting time at all!

  5. Quilt making is pretty much on hold for me. I just don't get the sewing time needed for them.

  6. Looking forward to seeing what the new sewalong is! xx

  7. Doing laundry is such a time waster...but a necessity! LOL Glad your water situation is getting better. As for settings, mostly I go with traditional, but sometimes I like a nontraditional setting too. I guess it depends on the day! LOL Have a great weekend!

  8. Love the vintage girl in your Valentine's quilt!