Sunday, October 29, 2023

Sew & Tell ~ On the Road

On the road again ♭... Our visit to Palo Duro State Park was perfect!  There had been rain predicted, but it turned out to be fabulous.  The temperatures were in the mid 80s, with a slight breeze.  We enjoyed bike riding, hiking, and the leisurely relaxation of just enjoying the outdoors.

This canyon is the second largest canyon in the United States, second only to the Grand Canyon.  The colors of nature are an incredible source of inspiration. And it seemed that as the lighting changed, the colors did as well.  

The 5.6-mile hike to the Light House formation was interesting and filled with nature.  We saw deer and turkey, a lizard and a praying mantis.  The contrast of the green foliage against the red walls that faded into other colors such as brown, mauve, and yellow captured my attention.

Alas... I'll share aaaaaaaaaaall of the details when I get home at the end of the week when I have more time and a faster computer. ;) (The laptop doesn't want to load anymore pictures. I can't even get my Sew & Tell logo up...)

Today is cold and rainy in Seymour, Texas and we are hunkered down in our friends house with cheesy potato soup simmering on the stove and prepared to play a serious round of dominos...

You know what that means.  The Sew & Tell Party is open and ready for you all to share.  

Keep Piecing,



  1. Sounds like a beautiful place!!! and cheesy Potato soup sounds wonderful for a chilly day

  2. Looks like a great place to visit!

  3. So glad the weather was good! Yum on cheesy potato soup. We had regular potato soup yesterday, and our bellies are still full - lol!

  4. We camped in that canyon in 1965. We were traveling and sleeping in a VW bug. The back seat was out so the whole car made Into a bed. Just after we drove out we heard on the radio that there was a flash flood trapping campers.

  5. You are in such a beautiful area to enjoy nature. Have a very lovely trip, Melva. Look forward to hearing more about your vacation.

  6. Seeing many trips this week. Looks beautiful.