Thursday, October 12, 2023

Baby Steps

This week had challenge after challenge... A visit to the ER for myself (I'm fine now), news that a work situation for a son-in-law had not been resolved and the opportunity of something new missed, news that our daughter's dog had a seizure and that the pastor of our last church home had suddenly offered his resignation (effective immediately).  Our minds were swirling, causing both of Dave and I to sleep poorly.  I tossed and turned... Dave got up and read. And then commenced the tossing and turning when he returned. Teamwork makes the dream work!  LOL.

I had been up most of Monday night with back pain and upset stomach.  I was concerned about a kidney infection.  After the walk-in clinic said I had to wait 4+ hours to see a doctor, we walked-out and went to the emergency room.  Lab results came back with no blood in the sample and no indication of infection.  

Aspirin helped to relieve the pain.  I had an appointment with my naturopath/chiropractor on Tuesday.

He thought it was a weird "perfect storm" of a reaction to a supplement I've taken for years and having a vertebra out of place.

After two days of rest, I was able to make it back into the studio to get borders on Gina's Journey Quilt.  It will be sandwiched and marked for quilting and soon be under the needle!  

It felt good to feel the fabric in my hands and to hear the hum of the machine as it stitched and I prayed... and processed all of the news and events of the week.  There is just something therapeutic about it.  

Feeling under attack can be daunting and exhausting... but with the full armor of God properly adorned and in place... and prayer warriors at work...

We can make it. And we did make it!

It is Thursday, late afternoon, and I am ready for the week to be done.  I'm gonna get a glass of wine and start dinner... 

I've changed my mind 4 times because I am limited on what ingredients I have on hand.  Since I was down for 2 days and Monday was lost to the bathroom remodel, I haven't been to the store.  But I have settled on one of our all-time favorites... PIZZA.

Comfort food at its finest.  The toppings may be a little different than my typical pizza, but I. don't. care. It will feel good to have a quiet evening in front of some mindless tv.  I'll stop my whining now. I have a pizza crust to make.

Don't let life get you down... Keep Piecing!


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  1. Yum pizza - I have some dough in the freezer and looking forward to our next one. Glad you didn't have an infection! Your news about the pastor reminded me of news we received on a Saturday night about the male senior pastor and female associate pastor of a church where my husband worked (he was the church administrator and CFO). So two ministers gone, just like that. We had the unique opportunity to try to minister to others who were reeling with shock.
    We are riveted by news of the horrific war in Israel and praying for the hostages and those devastated by loss.

  2. I'm sorry you have had such an awful week, Melva. I'm glad you are feeling better though...and you won that battle! The quilt is lovely. Love all the pinks. Take good care of yourself and have a great weekend! I love the Ephesians meme. That's a great visual!

  3. I'm sorry your week has been so rough! On the positive side, t-shirt quilt? Amazing! 😍

  4. Ugh. . .I'm glad that week is in your rear view mirror! Pizza is one of our comfort foods too! I hope next week will be smooth sailing. --TerryK@OnGoingProjects

    1. Thank you Terry for your sympathy. ;) Things are rolling off my back like water on a duck.

  5. Sorry for the rough week, bad stuff always seems to happen all at the same time! I'm glad you're feeling better now. The quilt is lovely, and it is nice to have something positive to focus on. I hope next week will be better!

  6. Life can be rough, and I'm sorry for this week, I hope that the one to come will be much more peaceful. Sewing and quilting is such a great therapy.
    Thank you for sharing, and linking up.

  7. Oh man - that is a rough storm - and you notice that it all comes at once... thats tough!! Glad you could make pizza and hope it was just the perfect remedy!!!!

  8. Sorry for the tough week. But oh that tee shirt quilt is really looking good. You inspire me to get working on mine. (I'm hoping Thursday will be an all day tee shirt day.)

  9. Glad you are feeling better. Hope this week was more pleasant.