Thursday, July 13, 2023

Wild & Crazy Quilt Finish

Last week, you may remember, I was in a holding pattern as I waited for fusible interfacing to arrive so that I could move forward with my customer's t-shirt quilt... The "Ask Me Anything" episode was fun.  To those that asked questions, thank you!  

I am still in that same holding pattern but grew bored with all of the other small things I filled my time with (household chores)... and it has finally reached the point of summer that we HAD to install the window AC unit in the living room... which means it was too hot for any kind of cooking or baking...

For my own sanity, I needed something to sew.  I dug out the box of assorted quilt blocks that came from my customer earlier this year (recall the 8 quilts, including the fancy ribbon & lace quilt?).  I had played with a layout several months ago, so it was a quick task to sort them into the rows and join them together.  Once I located a piece for the backing, I press-fused and pin basted the sandwich and started quilting.

I used a hanging diamond pattern, with 1-1/2" spacing and plan to hand sew the binding this weekend.  

We are headed to my uncle's property for a long weekend of "cabin camping" with our girls and grands.  Dave and I will be in our camper, along with our youngest daughter, while our oldest daughter with 4 children will occupy the cabin.

Lots of camp-like activities are in the plans.  In previous years, the kids enjoyed  tie-dye projects.  This year, Rebecca will be leading us all in reverse tie-dye.  I have purchased some solid fabrics for them to dye... one 3 yard cut I want to use in a quilting project, maybe as a backing, but maybe as a whole cloth.

The 1-yard cuts are for the kiddos... The two older girls have birthdays coming up very soon, and I will make something for them with the fabric they dye.   Maybe some summer dresses, or maybe pillowcases.  I'm not sure.

I am open to suggestions... Leave a comment telling me how you would choose to use the fabric.  I'd love to hear from you!

I have got to run to get the binding on the Wild & Crazy quilt.

Keep Piecing!


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  1. I think I might make a tote bag!

  2. Your quilt looks amazing, Melva. You always have something fun going on. It sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun to reverse tie dye- gorgeous solid colors that you chose.

  3. Hi Melva, I really like your quilt - very wild and crazy :-)

  4. Melva that quilt looks beautiful, your quilting looks spectacular on it! Have fun camping, hope your weather is nice. Like Anonymous, I might make a tote bag or maybe some kind of bag they could use for school supplies?

  5. I guess I would wait and see how the dye jobs turn out! Layers for a skirt, a shell top, pillowcase, tote, or even a closet organizer?