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Sew & Tell ~ 6/19/23

Welcome to this week's Sew & Tell party!

Aside from the "day camp" activities last week, I only have two small projects to share... and one short story. 

First up is the mini-quilt, #25/52... graced with a free-motion "twisted ribbon" peace sign and the words "It is well with my soul" and peace.  It was mailed off to my friend Linda who has been undergoing treatment for breast cancer since last October.  About a month ago the test revealed that the treatment was not as effective as they had hoped and have changed their plans.  If you feel so led, please remember her in your prayers. 💗

Second project... a second small needle case.  Yes, a second was needed and given to our oldest granddaughter, Emma.  You see... she brought a pillow that had a tear in it and asked me to help her fix it.  I happily did so.  I chose a small fabric square that made a nice contrast and pinned it in place and showed her how to take small stitches to hold it in place.  

We had the discussion about safety and keeping track of pins and needles when we started.  When she was done with the running stitches, I pulled out the bright blue thread to do the buttonhole stitch as an extra, fancy stitch.  That evening she tells me that there is something pokey in her pillow.  Dave takes hold of it and started squishing it up... not really believing that there was anything in there.  Suddenly, he yells "OW!"... pulls his hand away and has a long needle sticking out of it. 

As we are looking at her wanting some sort of explanation of where the needle came from she admitted that she had tried to fix it herself before coming to our house... and tucked the needle in there so that she would have one to fix it while here.  🙈 Oh, Emma...  shaking my head...

That needle needed to be returned safely and I emphasized, once again, the importance of keeping track of pins and needles.

Have you ever stepped on or sat on a needle that was lost or forgotten?

I, personally, have not... but I know others that have, and one even required surgery to extract a broken off needle piece from her foot.  YIKES!

This week's feature is from DonnaLeeQ... she shared two small projects from leftovers of a charity quilt.  I love the soft colors of the butterflies and flowers.  They remind me of vintage photos from an illustrated nature book.

That's all for this week...  Be sure to join the party below.  Invite your friends to join the party too!  Isn't that what happens when the parent host is away???  LOL!  Party it up!  

Keep Piecing!


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  1. My husband can find any missing needle or pin….with his foot. Never fails!

  2. welll on the bright side - she did keep track of anything she used at your house haha!! Oops!!! That is not a soft place to put your head!! sounds like you all had a great time!

  3. Hi Melva, that was a lesson your grand-daughter will probably remember! I must have thick skin because I often find pins that way but the others in the family are much more picky about my pins and needles, so I try to keep them safer, especially when not in my studio. My son bought me a lovely wooden pin holder with magnets that works really well that I use in the living room. Thanks for the party. Love your Peace mini. All the best to your friend.

  4. Oh, that is quite the story. My father said that when he pulled up the rug in my old bedroom, there were needles/pins flying! I guess I was luck I never needed have one removed. I am careful now, and I am sure she will be more careful in the future!

  5. Oh no Emma - lol! And poor Dave. :( The "It Is Well With My Soul" quilt is beautiful.
    Our grands were here briefly yesterday and wanted to sew, but we really didn't have time. They are scheduled to come stay Friday night, so I need to get some projects ready.

  6. Wow, poor Dave! I'm sure she will remember this lesson, especially now that she has her own needle book! Love that new mini, Melva!

  7. Poor Dave. Emma must have been so upset to have caused him pain. Sweet little finishes Melva. Than you for hosting us all and for linking with To Do Tuesday.