Thursday, May 25, 2023

While I Was Away...

The thing about going to a remote canyon campground is that there is no cell or wireless service.  Such was the case on our recent trip to Villanueva State Park near Las Vegas, New Mexico.  Just a short 2+ hour drive for us and we were in a canyon with the Pecos River flowing next to our campsite.  

Three days of very little connection with the outside world was refreshing.  We hiked up to an overlook and found that there was indeed a little service... enough to respond to some family messages... but not enough to send a selfie that we took (which is a really bad one BTW).  Our 10-year old dog had decided she was a little tired and was going to lay down (a rare occurrence for her when we are out on a hike).  

Side Note: I don't think I let my readers know that she received a diagnosis of cancer in March. 😭 A friend had suggested a supplement that has helped some human cancer patients in their own battles with the disease and she gave us some samples to try out.  She had developed a limp that was getting much worse, very quickly and after just a few days of using the samples, the limp was completely gone.  

That was when we decided that she would get to enjoy camping with us as much as possible for this year's camping season.  Her limp has not returned, and she is enjoying life to the fullest (at a pace that is a little slower than her typical frenzy).

View from the lookout point

Back on trail... The park map showed that the trail was a loop.  However, we lost the trail shortly after the lookout point.  We turned back and tried again... shortly after, it was evident that the trail was not clearly marked, and we didn't have much interest in wandering around trying to find our way back down.  We turned back once again and retraced the trail back down.  

We did, however, encounter many wildflowers. Here's a sampling...  Notice that that little cactus is laying on its side, roots not fully in the ground... and yet, it still bloomed.  I think there is a lesson is this for all of us to learn. 😉

As we relaxed by the river, we enjoyed the birds that were around.  Lots and lots of doves.  There was even a pair of doves building a nest in the tree next to our site.  It was interesting to watch.  It was also entertaining to watch a squirrel and robin face off with each other.

Cathedral Windows - 2.0 ~ #21/52

I Found A Quilted Heart hearts... a short trail of love left for others to find

My rendition of the stained-glass dome at the Cathedral we visited in Beaumont, TX in March

I stitched on my stained-glass pieces as well as a few quilted hearts...  One of the hearts was left to bless someone at the Pecos National Historical Park.  

What a rich history we explored on day 2!  A site that encompasses many different cultures and eras... the pueblos of the Ancestral Pecos people, the Spanish conquistadors in search of gold and the friars that brought a new religion to the area, the Apache and Comanche tribes; the travelers of the Santa Fe Trail and the Civil War battle that lasted just 3 days.

It was an enjoyable stroll compared to the rugged trail we navigated the day before!

Each evening found us relaxing as we read until our eyes could no longer stay open and ended up with a book falling out of our hands... usually shortly after 8 pm.  And we would sleep soundly for 10 hours!

Were it not for a neighbor RV camper running his generator for hours on end, the trip was peaceful and restful time.  We were trying to give them grace for the disruption... but it was frustrating to have the noise of the (construction-grade) thing!  (Dave assures me that had it been a small Honda, it would have been tolerable.)  

All I have to say is that the companies building newer campers with refrigerators that run only on battery need to rethink this!  There really needs to be an option for propane as well.  We are able to go boondocking for days and days (probably 5 days) before needing to consider charging our batteries.  A propane fridge really is the way to go... and no microwaves! (Rant over)

Upon our return, I have assessed the projects I have in que... The Rail Fence quilt will be a quick top to finish.  Mom is not wanting it heavily quilted so it may even be done by the month's end.  I have two more memory bears to sew together and a beautiful red Dresden Plate quilt top for a customer.

Vacation is over... time to get to the studio.

Keep Piecing,


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  1. Sounds like an awesome time away but I love your scraps and stained glass additions
    I visited you via Little Things Thursday!
    If not already part of SSPS, and are interested, find my entries: 21+22
    You will find the linkup information (1) In the Top bar under Blogging: Weekly Senior Salon Pit Stop (2) In the sidebar: Click on 2nd image; (3) under the “Recent Posts
    We hope to meet you there virtually.

  2. The scenery there is beautiful and so are your quilts. I'm glad you had such a good time but yes, that generator running would have bugged me too, so much for the peace and quiet of nature. Prayers to your sweet pup too. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  3. Your version of the stained glass dome is amazing. I hope you'll post more photos of it

  4. That is sweet about the supplement helping your puppy's limp, and how wonderful that she is with you on trips. Was the second day spent at Glorieta Pass or Fort Union? I had a history professor from Las Vegas who taught us Southwest history with a strong emphasis on the Las Vegas area and on that 3-day battle! He was one of my all time favorite teachers, and he really deepened my love of New Mexico.

  5. Hi Melva, that sounds like an amazing trip - I love the desert, probably because it's so different from Ontario! I'm glad that you were able to bring your dog - that's wonderful. Thanks for linking up to Free Motion Mavericks. Your Cathedral mini, hearts and Dresden plate piece are lovely.

  6. It sounds like you had a lovely time, aside from the generator! We had a nice morning here spent thrifting at the local shops and enjoying a cup of coffee. It was the first time in ages that we had been out just moseying around, and it was so refreshing!

  7. I think I need to "unconnect" a little even at home. Somedays I'm always reading emails, news or playing games. I enjoy it but it does cut into stitching time. Your version of the cathedral's dome is beautiful.

  8. Wonderful holidays and trip! I'm glad that your dog is doing well and enjoy the trail all together. Beautiful little hearts, these are great gifts on the road.
    Your projects are lovely, enjoy being back home and on the sewing room!
    Thank you for sharing and linking up!

  9. Sounds like an amazing time! and so glad to hear your dog is living life to the fullest - that makes a heart happy!! I am with you on the generator thing. I love just the quiet... and you miss a lot if you can't hear that ;-)

  10. I am so sorry to hear of your dog's cancer diagnosis. We lost two dogs to osteosarcoma and it was just heartbreaking. I am glad you were able to take her on your trip and it looks like you had a wonderful time!

  11. What a nice excursion, Melva. You did some sweet stitching, too! So glad to hear those supplements have helped your pup's quality of life.