Thursday, November 24, 2022

Thanksgiving Tea with Tressie & Forrest

Welcome to teatime with TT... Tressie Teegarden.  Today, we chat with Tressie (and Forrest) about their memories of Thanksgiving... grab a cup of tea and settle in.

Grandma, how did your family celebrate Thanksgiving when you were young?  Did you have guests?

We had big dinners.  Turkey, pies and the works.  There was always a big group of relatives.  Mom did most of the cooking.

Grandpa, what about your family?

We always had a big turkey dinner and sometimes there were 30 people there.  A lot of the time it was in Stonewall at Auntie Bob's.  My mom and sister (Viola, aka Bob) were the ones that did all the cooking.  We always had really good rolls, pumpkin pies and my favorite, mince meat pies.

Did you ever host a Thanksgiving meal after you married?

Tressie: I cooked one Thanksgiving dinner.  A 30-pound turkey, rolls, pies, etc. Lots of relatives came to the house (on Prospect Street in Trinidad).  Kids ate lots of olives and put seeds in flowerpots, ash trays and lots of other places.

Here is the Werden family's dinner roll recipe:  

And this is another recipe for bread... It is written on what seems to be the inside of an old Mode O'day envelope... no scrap of any sort wasted!

I have my own childhood memories of helping to make the dinner rolls.  I was allowed to help shape the small balls  and carefully place three in each muffin tin.  The three balls would join together to form a "clover leaf" as they baked.  As they rose in their pans before baking, they echoed my excitement as they baked, and the delicious aroma filled the kitchen.

It was always a treat to grab one, still warm, pull it apart and spread butter on it... it was like a little taste of heaven!  Oh, the turkey was ok, mashed potatoes were nothing special and I didn't like stuffing/dressing or gravy.  

Cranberries were always another favorite side dish of mine and was one that I insisted on having once I joined Dave's family.  I still make them and we will have today- though I sub in coconut sugar for the cane sugar.

If you are celebrating Thanksgiving today, may it be a blessed holiday and lest you forget... we should offer our thanks each and every day.

Our "official" family dinner is planned for Friday.  Family, food, fun, love and laughter... I have so much to say thank you for. 💗

What are you thankful for?

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. I absolutely love these hand written recipes. There's something so personal about seeing the special person's handwriting.

  2. My grandma always made cloverleaf rolls. Good memories.

  3. I love how those recipes look so well used!

  4. That's such a nice post. When I was growing up we always had huge family dinners for every holiday. If was fun and I sure miss those. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us and thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  5. Not sure my comment took, I hope it did.

  6. I am grateful for family, friends, health and community -- the things that make my life worthwhile.

  7. Hi Melva, I love those old stories and memories. I have quite a few recipes written on old envelopes - it was what ever was at hand to write on! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Among other things, I am very grateful that you link up to Free Motion Mavericks. :-)

  8. How lovely to have those old recipes! Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  9. I have a theory that our Thanksgiving gatherings are getting smaller because families both spread out more and are more complex. Also, families tend to be smaller. How wonderful to have recipes passed down through the generations and still used today. Thanks for sharing your family's memories.

  10. Tressie and Forest are so cute! A 30 lb turkey - wow! The rolls recipe sounds like Granny's old recipes with the "lump of butter" and "let raise". I've saved both photos to try and decipher. Ah, mince meat pies - as a kid I used to hate anything with weird fruit in it and would carefully pull out all the fruit and eat the goo with the crust. Good memories Melva! :D

  11. What a treasure -- hand written roll/bread recipe. We quit serving bread at T-day because of all the other carbohydrates we serve. I don't remember anyone making homemade rolls for a family dinner. But we always had black olives that I still put out. Only my two kids and I like them. None of the grands or spouses. Sigh. They just don't know what they are missing.