Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Technical To-Do Tasks

I was hopeful that November would be a calmer, quieter month than October was as I dealt with shingles... And that I would happily and blissfully enjoy ample time in my studio.  

My to-do list looked something like this...

Pack and prepare for my first ever quilt retreat!

Begin quilting the Pieces in the Garden Row Quilt!

Make Pajama pants and new slippers (to be worn at the quilt retreat).

However, that must have been a pipe dream because November greeted us with a technological nightmare that is overwhelming and beyond our knowledge and "pay-grade".

You see... our web page's content has been stolen and is being held ransom.  GRRRRRRR!  Seriously...  The hacker has requested $3K bitcoin.  (We don't even know what bitcoin is and we are not going to.)  We'll be contacting the local Sherriff's office about this cyber-crime and see what we can do.

This whole thing has us questioning our need for technology at all... Do we need the website anymore?  When we started our business we paid for and utilized google ads so that if someone searched for "gunsmith" (and many other related terms) our site would show up among the first results.  Since Google Ads changed their policy 18+ months ago about advertising anything related to guns our ad campaigns had been denied... we then decided that that particular account was not needed anymore and was deleted.  Most of Dave's customers are referrals now and we have no shortage of them. Fortunately, there has NEVER been any client info related to the page... no newsletter lists, no payment info... nothing.  All they stole were the pictures and price lists...  All of which can be restored by us by reloading the content. 

I could ramble rant on and on, but I really don't have time since I need to go through every vital on-line account we have and reset passwords.  😠

I'll still be packing and prepping for the retreat this weekend, but I won't have new slippers... and the row quilt will have to wait.  I have made one new pair of pajama pants, and another is cut out ready to sew together.

This is the Sticks & Stones quilt that we will be making.  

I purchased a jelly roll of Civil War and French inspired fabrics to make my quilt... be sure to return on Monday for Sew & Tell to see how far I get.

Have you ever been to a quilt retreat?

Any additional supplies/items I should plan on taking?

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear from you! 

Keep piecing,


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  1. So sorry about your troubles! If it's not one thing it's something else. On the plus side, everything has been restored and that must be a relief! I've been to many retreats and find that it's helpful to set up a mini pressing station by my table since the irons are often in constant use. Precutting is helpful too, so you don't have to cut at retreat (I get easily distracted by being sociable at retreats and so miscuts could be frequent). A lamp of some kind is helpful too as conference rooms have general lighting but nothing bright enough for sewing. Make a list and check it twice! You don't want to leave something important behind. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  2. I go to two retreats a week and I do love to go. Your own pillow does help. Don't take any medications you might be taking. The foot pedal and cord to your sewing machine. Rulers and rotary cutter. Snacks? I have a check list I can send you of what I try to remember to bring. On the other hand I admit I frequently bring too much. Also a cushion for the chair. I second precut your fabric. One big part of retreating is socializing. If the group sets up ironing and cutting stations do they have risers to raise it higher than the normal table height? Plan on having a lot of fun and maybe not as much sewing getting done as you could at home.

  3. I always bring more projects than I think I will have time to do and usually get some of them further along.

  4. Wow that's crazy to have your website stolen. I hope someone will be punished for it! My husband used to have a federal firearms license and would register and sell guns. He loved it, but stopped doing it in 2017. We visited a couple of gunsmiths during that time and he always enjoyed talking with them. I have never been on a retreat but they sound like fun. I hope you have a wonderful time and thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday!

  5. One item that is valuable at a retreat is an extension cord that allows multiple plugs. Years ago, I bought a heavy-duty outdoor extension cord that is attached to a wheel shaped carrier, it has 4 plugs and has never over-heated. I think I bought it at Lowe's. Other attendees also had them, which was wonderful, as the camp didn't have enough single plugs for all the equipment quilters bring. Have a good time!

  6. Hi Melva, I hope that you have a great quilt retreat. They are so much fun!

  7. I hate hearing this! And Google's policy stinks, too, but you know everything I could say about that already. I really like the row quilt! And the one for your retreat is lovely. I haven't been on a retreat in probably 20+ years, so I can only suggest snacks you can eat or drink, if you have dietary issues, and a pillow for your back or to sit on.

  8. Ugh! That sounds terrible! I hope you're able to get it sorted out and I'm glad that it sounds like it won't affect the business much. I hope you enjoyed your retreat, too!