Sunday, November 13, 2022

Sew & Tell ~ 11/14/2022

Welcome back to Sew & Tell... the place where you share your recently completed works of art or progress on a project.

I finally had a more normal routine of time at home and in the studio!  YAY!  It always does my heart good to have some good therapy sessions as I pet the fabric...  And I had plenty of time with my honey... (which also does my heart good!) venison bratwurst has been processed/mixed and made and currently reside in the freezer ready for our enjoyment over the next year.  

During one of my therapy sessions, I made myself the quilted slippers I have been wanting to make... I pulled out a quilt that had been passed on to me for "completion".  It was missing 3 or 4 hand-quilted wreaths, which I did and then placed in the closet. 

In May of this year I pulled it out and made some covers for our patio furniture...

There were two rows of the quilt remaining and with a little fussy cutting to position the stars on each piece of the slippers, made my slippers!  The fact that they don't match makes me love them even more. 😍

Last week's Sew & Tell had two wedding quilts included.  They are both lovely and both projects that required much love and time.

Linda's wedding quilt was for her great-nephew and his new bride...

And Kathy's was for her daughter and son-in-law... and the most impressive thing about the Welsh Wedding quilt is that is hand-quilted!

Beautiful job ladies!  👏👏👏 Be sure to visit their blogs to see even more amazing photos.  💗

I'll leave you with a funny message from my oldest daughter... Heather is a Medical Lab Scientist who works in the blood bank of a hospital and shared this humorous slide and some of the comments... 

 One saying, "Wow! Someone is really into quilting.  You might say it is in their blood.  I'll let myself out..."   However, funny as it may be... you do NOT want a culture of your blood to look like this my daughter went on to explain... This person was septic, and the red "quilting stiches" were bacteria. 😨  Bad stuff!

My response was then "just don't bleed on the quilt!"

Time to share!

Keep Piecing... and don't bleed on the quilt. 😉


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  1. How wonderful that you have gotten back into a routine at home. Your quilt and cushions look amazing and the booties are the bomb! Love them! How interesting to see the slide and the "stitching/ bacteria" . I hope the patient gets better very soon. Have a great week, Melva

  2. You’ve made so many pretty things from that one quilt! I love your house shoes. So cute! As former medical lab scientist myself, I appreciate those slides. But I never put together how those bacterial strands look like quilting stitches. I’m still giggling.


  3. Glad you are back to your routine. Love the slippers you made - so fun. That bacteria is scary so I will stay away from it! Thanks for the linky party!

  4. Oh I love the covers and slippers you made! Your patio is looking gorgeous, and when you sit out there with your slippers you will match nicely :) Have a wonderful week and thanks for joining in on Monday This and That! xx

  5. I love the idea that you took an older quilt and used it to create two new projects--patio covers and bed slippers! That old quilt lives on in these new things that you are enjoying every day. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing on my weekly show and tell linkup, Wednesday Wait Loss.

  6. Love the slippers! They look so cozy!!