Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Keep Calm and Check Things Off

Life, after a month of disruptions and distractions has happily returned to quiet and calm.  For this I am so, so, SO grateful.

I happily ticked things off of last week's to-do list, including some items that I knew were on there, but did not share last week.  One such item was the last Pieces of the Past block of the month "class" at the LQS.  One quilter is caught up and ready to tackle her sashing strips and borders and two of the quilters are scrambling to get caught up so that they can participate in the quilt parade that is scheduled for December 7th.  Having in-person feedback on the stories, blocks and the patterns has been invaluable... and it has been fun getting to know the ladies that have stuck with the BOM.

✔  Other items at the top of the list that I did share... Quilted slippers!  Warm and cozy, perfectly non-matching and comfortable.  Though I have to say that the hand-sewing to attach them to the soles and to sew the binding on them made my fingers ache.  However, in the end, completely worth the trouble.

✔  Pieces in the Garden pattern release and photo shoot.  I took several photos.... this is a sneak peek.  More to come with some detailed shots. I thought that since it is a "Bride's Quilt" I would use the small chapel/storage shed that is down the road from our house for the backdrop.

The Broken Dish block and story of Tressie's art classes are available here.

Quilty mail was received and sent...  Two wishes on their way!

Dave's very first customer recently had a hunt in Africa.  He and his wife were with us at a show in Dallas at the beginning of this year.  I was keeping my eyes open for some unique fabrics (think scarf or tablecloth) that I could use in a quilting project.  Many of the booths had such items, though only for display purposes.  Though that did not stop Dave from making an offer to purchase one.  While traveling to one of their safari hunts, they made a special stop at a market.  They specifically chose these two pieces for me.  

I made a wall hanging and purses with the last items they gave me.  I can't wait to make a few projects with them! 😍

As I look forward to working with these, I will try to stay focused and work on these items on my list...

❧ Quilting the Sticks & Stones Quilt from my first retreat.

I will be doing chain-like quilting in the stones and feathered wreaths in the sections where the sticks come together...  Vines and leaves will be in the first white border surrounding as well as the white section of the off-set border.  Feathers will be in the piano keys border.

Making a table topper with the embroidered "Bridal Veil" that was supposed to be done for my Mom's birthday on November 1.

This one should come together quickly... watch for a finish later this week!

As I am working on these two projects, I'll have plenty of time to entertain different ideas for the fabrics from Africa and would love to hear from you!

What would YOU make?

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear from you!

Keep piecing,


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  1. Those slippers are just too cute. Pieces in the Garden turned out so beautiful! That is the perfect spot for your photo shoot. A table topper with that beautiful embroidered piece will be stunning. Thank you for sharing your beautiful projects with us at To Do Tuesday!

  2. SO many fun things in this post! Those slippers are absolutely adorable. Great photo shoot at the chapel. That African fabric - wow.