Tuesday, October 11, 2022

When You have Scraps...Make Quilts!

Haven't we all heard the saying... "When life gives you scraps, make QUILTS!" ???

Much like the turning lemons into lemonade saying... sometimes we simply have to accept what is and make the best of it.  Sweet prayer and meditation times have helped make life a little sweeter and has also helped to keep me focused and centered... SO

As we C O N T I N U E to wait on word regarding our two insurance issues (trying to transition to a more affordable health insurance and getting the requested records actually sent to the new company for review and trying to find out why there have not been a variety of preferred customer discounts applied to our homeowner's policy as has been the case for the past 5 years) last week I sought solace and thereapy as I cleaned my fabric closet.

While cleaning and sorting I uncovered two collections of pre-made units.  The pink/green 4-patch blocks were remnants from when a group of ladies made pin cushions for a women's retreat a few years ago.  With the small addition of pastel pink and green "frosted glass" fabrics I have the makings of a small throw.  It could be a quilt for a baby girl.

I didn't spend a great deal of time with the layout other than making sure the printed pink squares were all in a row.  The rest of it has a tossed confetti look.  

I don't think a border is necessary... I'll do a quick inventory of what might be a good backing for it and get it under the needle.  

I could use some "practice" with stippling... Do you have a different suggestion for the quilting?  Maybe something that could be featured in the solid 4" squares?

The second set are black & white two patch units that can easily become 4-patch blocks and were passed on to me by a fellow quilter that was down-sizing her stash. 😊

What would be a good pairing with these blocks to add a pop of color?  Just one color?  Or several... like primaries ~ red, blue and yellow?

I'll give it my best effort to have two finishes this week!

Other things coming up... A new block in the Pieces in the Garden Sew Along will be released on October 13... but there is still time to get your Noon & Night blocks pieced and linked up for a chance to win the prize package from Cornerstone Tea Co.

Don't forget about Sew & Tell!  Show off your recent projects or progress each week.  The link up is open Sunday evening through Friday evening...

Leave a comment... I'd love to hear your ideas for the 4-patch quilts.

Keep Piecing!


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  1. Lovely tossed confetti look there Melva. You always use your scraps in interesting ways. Happy Stitching!

  2. I'm always a huge fan of yellow with black <---personal fave; just the right aqua/teal color is fun too. Good luck and we'll be watching for the finishes!

  3. I love to pair red with black and white. It’s classic and makes a baby quilt that babies really respond to.

  4. I love meandering/stippling for fast movement - you could meander to the solid squares and quilt a heart in them and keep right on moving ;-) As for black and white.... oh fun!!!

  5. Like Cheree, I tend to like yellow with black/white, but a bright aqua would be fun, too. Or a hot pink!

  6. Red is a great color to pair with black and white, or my favorite Lime! Love the little quilt top you made from leftovers. That will make someone very happy when you get it finished. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  7. I'm with Cheree on the yellow or teal. I also like lime green with black and white. That baby quilt is gorgeous!
    Quilting, well all I do is stipple so I'm no help! Thank you for sharing with To Do Tuesday!

  8. Apologies in advance for going heavy on the links in this comment:

    Regarding that lovely cotton candy colored quilt, my first thought on all the strong diagonal lines was to cross hatch it. The Double Lined or Hanging Grids demonstrated on this post came to mind:

    The quilting on this baby quilt is also cute and suits your design. However, I admit doing cross hatching in the alternate squares would definitely be a big time commitment:

    Regarding your black and white bits: My (admittedly biased) vote is for multiple colors added to the B&W. There is a pattern called "Colorplay" that I've longed to make. You could use your bits to make a variation of that design:

    It's always fun when you find the beginnings of a new project in your stash!