Sunday, October 2, 2022

Sew & Tell ~ Halloween Finish

I have been enjoying all of the show & tell links!  You all are some pretty spectacular participants!

Sara at My Sewing Room showed us a fun Halloween wall hanging in progress...

Maggie at Making a Lather showed the progress on a Rainbow heart that is part of a group project...

With my finish of the Halloween quilt for my customer it was time for a photo shoot!  With the autumn colors ramping up I took full advantage of our maple trees "showing their true colors."  

The backing is pieced... thanks to the fact that the local walmart has reduced their fabric selection and carries mostly pre-cut lengths of fabric, especially seasonal fabrics such as Halloween... so I made the best of the situation and chose some fun fabrics...

Quilted with large hanging diamonds, and bound with a scrappy, spooky binding, it was a wrap!

Which means that it was time to turn my attention to some improv mug rugs/hand-sewn hello postcards.

The request was to have a Fishers Peak scene with a cross... I added a flower to one and a bird to the other... along with a scripture quote.

During my search for "the perfect fabrics" to be used in these hand-sewn hello mug rugs, I realized just how much of a mess I have in my fabric closet!  

I'd share a picture, but I am embarrassed to show right now... I'll be sure to include one for a before and after comparison though.  

What sort of sorting/storage system do you have for your stash?
How often do you reorganize?  
Do you put everything away (in its proper place) when you are done?  
Or are you more like me... toss in a pile wherever it might fit, and call it good?

Leave a comment... I want to hear your tips!

Keep Piecing!


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  1. To answer one of your questions...I finally took time to put away 3 good size piles of fabric yesterday that were taking up valuable floor space. Sometimes I put stuff away right away and sometimes it just sits around. I have a nice closet that I keep orange, gold, black, gray and greens in. They are folded around a 6" wide ruler and stacked on shelves, although it looks a bit ramshackled right now!

  2. The colors in your Halloween quilt are so pretty, and the pieced backing turned out great. Love your improv cards! The colors and stitching are beautiful. Looks like a lot of fun.
    A few months ago I bought some acrylic bins on sale and have some of my fabric stored in those. I keep looking for another sale, because I like it for storage, all I have to do is pull out the bin from the shelf and look through it. Scraps are in 12x12 craft paper bins. I organize fabric every few months and scraps maybe once a year, and I rearrange furniture probably once a month - lol! I try to keep my cutting table clean because it helps motivate me when I walk into my space.
    I just finished a quilt yesterday and am going to get it photographed and posted on your linky today!

  3. I like halloween quilts - ooo the colors - I am a tosser and I reorganize when I can't stand it anymore. And as I get older my threshhold gets higher and messier. I have tried everything and more than once. It may not be possible to get it under control LOL

  4. What a great Halloween quilt! I usually put away my fabrics as I finish with them. The habit was necessary because I didn't have a sewing space and worked on the kitchen table. Now that I have a studio I can relax. But I work best in a neat area, so it stays mostly organized.

  5. Wonderful Halloween quilt, Melva and great fabrics for the backing. Such sweet mug rugs that you have been working on. You are staying busy. Happy quilting.

  6. all your projects are sew cute! hurray for your creative piecing of the halloween back!

  7. My stash has been accumulated over a number of decades. I've organized it by how I use my fabrics. Purchasing 15 gallon bins with the fold together tops . A couple bins for 1930s reprints. western themed, at least 5 for 1800s reproduction prints, landscapes, oriental, Batiks, solids, etc, you get the idea. These are housed on shelving and grabbed as desired. Next to my cutting table is a bin for the odd triangle scraps/strings that happen when new fabrics come home, get washed and ironed and straightened. I need to begin making a bunch of string quilts soon! That bin is overflowing!